You Don't Owe Your Parents Shit! Your Kids WILL NOT Take Care of you when you get old. And if you have them, you're a stupid f***
I'm an antinatalist. An antinatalist is a person who believes having children is morally wrong. I don't just believe it though, I KNOW it's horribly and morally wrong. You know why your child cries when it comes from the womb - that's the final seconds the kid remembers what came before life, and now, probably realizes "Oh shit, 80 years of this human bullshit again! Oh god, no!". Kittens don't cry when they're bore, neither do dogs. I've delivered both - cats twice when I lived with a room mate and a crazy cat lady when growing up. Seriously, if I'm forced to be reincarnated, make me a cat! Then I can piss and shit all over Trump Tower after MAD takes over.

Humans don't really change much throughout life. We just find more sophisticated ways to cover our bullshit, and there's no better way to prove this, than having kids.

Most *new* humans are not created because of "love", or because the parent actually or necessarily wants the child (and if they do, it's often very cloudy, misguided, and a lot of pie-in-the-sky dreaming - like owning a house, except you have a better chance to understand homeownership beforehand than you do a child). No, most children are the result of unprotected sex, most likely bolstered by controlled substances like drugs and alcohol, and likely taken advantage of when the inevitability arises as a "gift" or a "reason" or a "purpose" or a "blessing". Life is not a gift, life is a curse. Because we exist, we need to consume things to create energy to do things to make sure we don't die. And that fear of death is driven and controlled by a fear of the unknown, and a god-forsaken self-preservation instinct.

When you're born, you're cherished and loved because you're "cute". I know people hate Gallagher, but he was right when he said "You know why god made babies cute, so you don't kill em'". How do I know? Well, I've had enough co-workers in the past who had kids to listen to them whine and complain and carry on throughout the workday about how exhausing being a new parent is. The kid runs on it's own schedule, you can't schedule it for diaper changes or crying - so you're a parent 24/7/365 - no paid time off, no vacation, no lunch break or 15 minute breaks.

All parents are hypocrites. Basically put, they'll get on social media and go on and on and on about their "Wonderful" crotch goblins. But the part nobody sees outside social media, is when they talk to you AWAY from Fakebook, Instagrab, TikFok, or Twitter (cause it's for twits), and everything is a bloody nightmare. They need a daycare, but they have to be on a 5 year waiting list. They need a babysitter, but all their friends are going to the party (and somehow got baby sitters, or are lying and prime for a CPS call). They can't afford this or that for the kid, but they could afford a buncha' shit from TEMU. Parents are among the stupidest people on the planet. And politicians and corporations know this. That's why they prey on you so hard to fuck, have a kid, even if out of wedlock, and buy all their shit, participate in all their "programs", and if it ruins your life "great, we cna make the kid a ward of the state and then in our next war send the kid to die in a foreign land, or tell them to fuck off as soon as they're 18". Children are big $$$$$, hence why our society loves it so much. Parents want them for the same reason they want a new car, or a new washer and dryer - the Joneses have them, so they gotta have em' too.

Meanwhile, the kid is coddled and sheltered until about age 3-4-5, where the parents can finally get a more comfortable work/kid schedule going instead of the constant finagling of 2 years with a baby and their jobs that are now highly at risk due to all the time off for doctor visits and the actual delivery. Now the kid has to meet something worse - other kids. Kids are literally just hairless apes, almost as much as adults are, maybe less so, if the kid has empathy. Usually they don't, so they act like little apes. Hitting, biting, scratching, fighting over toys, arguing over stupid shit - hey, sounds famliar? Kind of like adult humans. Whodathunkit, monkeys become - well - monkeys. And that's what we are - MONKEYS.

As a child, you endure about 12 years of shitty schooling created by a government that still functions on school ideas from the Pre-Labor Law turn of the 19th-20th Century industrial revolution, designed to create obedient "drones" for their white, rich, slavemasters to overlord them with. The kid is taught to hold in their urine and feces to the detriment of their future health in the name of "dicipline". The kid is taught to hide their insecurities and fears from well-meaning but misguided teaching staff for fear of retaliation from the other kids or the teacher. They fear even bigger a school principal - whose anything but a pal. All run by a rich, glorified prick called a "Superintendant" who does absolutley nothing but sits in his government paid office all day to find hot-button topics to make his "WOW" the parents at the PTA meeting with.

And the child will endure bullying. Which will give them all the "wonderful" little issues we get as adults: body image issues, confidence issues, ego issues, mania, depresstion, PTSD, issues using the bathroom, issues being alone, issues being with other people - and that's not even scratching the surface. Your kid's pre-existing issues ALSO get neglected like ASD, AD, Learning Disabilities, Hyperactivity Disorder, mental trauma from their home lives, or poverty! And of course, just like the politicians above us as adults, the school system forms a comittee of dumb asses with little to no qualification to come up with "solutions" to these "problem chil" er "diasadvantaged children", that will fix nothing, resolve nothing, and in general, make everything even worse.

And of course the parents totally forget what it was like growing up themselves. And they have no skill or knowledge in how to raise a child. As they always say "oh, mom and dad were just doing their best" - well sometimes the "Best" is not "good enough". But hey "it'll be fun, c'mon, it'll be fun! It'll be fun, more toys for me to play with - double because I'm an adult, and I get to show everyone how much I "win" at "Adulting" because I did the very thing any other mammilian creature can do - stick genitalia into other genitailia to create a child!". (clap clap clap) great for you, you did something so impossible, so incredible, such a miracle - I could do it myself even if a surgeon put me under ad gave me a little blue pill while I was asleep. Congrats, you useless monkey! Seriously, getting a kid, is as easy as just going to a bar, getting drunk, fucking someone there without protection, and hopefully you did not get VD with it, and then being willing to bend over and take it up the ass for 18 years from not just the mother or father - but also the government, corporations, school system, and even your own family. Contgrats for the mental and abstract sodomy that is about to commence on your watch! So amazing, so awesome, I can't wait to begin NOT! (/sarcasm).

The parents will try and pretend everything in their past is a total lie. Does not matter the gneration, remember the old nest egg about "I walked up hill 20 miles in the snow and walked up hill home 20 miles in the snow" - yeah, everyone has, because parents have been doing this for centuries probably. For most parents born after 1965, you probably rode a bus to school every day, ate a pre-prepared possibly hot meal at lunch, sat in an air-conditioned school building, had teachers after about 1985 or so that were not legally allowed to paddle you for misbehaving. And each generation though - however, has it even easier than the last. Hey, you spoiled Gen z Schmucks - your parents DROVE you to school, I did not get that until I was in high school and the bus no longer came by. And even then, I DID have to walk 20 miles round trip - don't believe me, get on Google Maps and look up "Opelika HIgh School" and then do a WALKING map to the Opelika-Auburn Border - at least I can QUANTIFY how hard I had it, and it's part of the reason I chose not to be a parent. Sure, I had the build of a soldier, but I also had and still have the anger of a soldier with nothing left to live for. Plus, I had to do my school work using a pen and paper still - not a computer. The closest I ever got to "computer homework" was programming equations into my Tandy 1000 SX at home in Microsoft BASIC! And you had to turn on the PC, and the Monitor, and leave out the Floppy Diskettes, and then use a "Microsoft BASIC For the Tandy 1000 User Guide" - a PAPER BOOK - to learn how to even punch in an equation because, as you know, a computer keyboard does not have the multiplication "X" character, nor does it have the "Divide" character at all - you had to use a star and a slash for that! And that was not common knowledge in 1998 when you lucky rich Millennial Schmucks got to use a Windows 98 Computer with Internet Access and a properly functioning calculator program!! "What's a floppy disk!?!?" It's the very unreliable media I had to carry in my pocket to "pirate" a calculator program for myself in 9th grade! And even then, that's better than what MY parents had - pen, paper, and a slide rule! HRMPH! Calculators! We weren't even allowed too have them in class. Heck, the teach whined about "showing my work" before chastising me over pin-feed printer paper they had not seen since 1990.

But back on track....

Still want to put a kid on this planet? Well, what about the horrors of PUBERTY! Oh yeah, it gets even worse. All that shit your parents said "you'll find out when you get older" - and then some, comes knocking. TRUE REALITY Comes knocking. Only the really smart, unsheltered, and "mentally strained/damaged" kids will understand, the rest will go down a path of gradual loss of innocence until there's nothing left, or until they find a comfy spot that will brace them from reality long enough to not have to be realistic once in their lives - which is most of them, the ones I call "Lamestreamers".

So you go through high school around a bunch of sex starved, sex poisoned imbeciles. Everything around you becomes about sex, until they discover money will get you sex, and both will get you power in social circles. Do you see where I'm going here? Basiclaly put, the root of all human evils truly begins in adolescence and carries on until the grave. It never changes. And if you think religion will fix it - well, you are truly mistaken.

So now what you have is a hungry, horny, moody, contemptful, and possibly complicit brat on your hands that thinks they know better than you, but they won't listen to you, because you're a hypocrite, and lying about your truth. What, you thought this "growing up" like getting our own place to live or buying a car or taking care of ourselves was "maturity" - you can be a total immature piece of shit and STILL manage that. Don't believe me, take a look outside! And if you truly were well behaved, you were not "cool enough" to be theri parents, and therefore, they don't want anything to do with you either. in the old west, this is when they would fuck, have kids, and hope to die after age 35. Today though, this is when they are prohibited by family and law enough not to have any semblance of freedom, but will get it in any way they can without. How do I know? I was one once. I was once urbexiing abandoned houses, running off into the night time thunderstorms, playing rock shows pretending to be older than I was, and constructing a corporate-sized network in my childhood home much to my mom's chagrin. I was there.

Then you become an "adult" - and "hopefully" you go to college where you're going to spend the next 4 years spending money you don't have getting an "education" from a bunch of Professors who probably don't know much more than you already do. Some will even admit it. Of course, you could just continue high school debauchery - an orgy of drugs and sex beyond compare, and die by 28....which looking back, maybe I should have taken that route, then housing and bills would not be a concern to me now. You will incur tens of thousands in debt unless your family is rich, and then you will end up in an over-flooded job market with family hounding you to "shack up and settle down" and repeat this "fools errand" known as childbirth for the "next generation".

But if you don't comply, they will label you a "immature loser" with "no hope". And then continue to hound you about it, until you either comply, die, or get past baby making age - sometimes even after, they'll say "you can always adopt".

And life's no picnic after that either. You'll still have to do all the same shit, as your body continues to age and you bide your time until you die. Whether that's raising a bunch of kid's who'll slap you in the nursing home as soon as you are old enough to be a "burden", or alone where you'll probably be found in some Alley at 65 sucking down a Fourty to drown your homeless life - as that's where I see society going in 30-40 years when I'm about that age - either that or a Greeter at Wal-Mart with 4 room mates sharing a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment, assumign you don't paint your room crimson before you're evicted for your "old people shennanigans".

So don't be stupid, let's end this 3 ring circus called humanity, and leave the earth to the animals that seem to be far more civil than we are. C'mon, I have a more peaceful existence talking to my cat than I do any human being in my life. Let the skyscrapers be overrun by nature, and the cars can rust away in peace, until all that's left of us is rubble and dirt. That's the best future for humanity.