I'm Not a Karen, But Customer Service Today Sucks Shit....especially in food service
Look, I'm not a big advocate for eating at fast food places much anymore anyway. I've lost weight, my stomach has shrank, and honestly, so has my appetite as I've gotten older and lost metabolism. But now I have good reason to hate going out to get food.

First off, I hate leaving the house, I'm a misanthrope. I like to stay home, and not have to deal with our society that's becoming more idiotic by the day. One way they have gotten idiotic is food service. And don't tell me I don't know what it's like, I worked for four years at Cock of the Walk resturant - I know Food Service pretty damn well.

The whole idea of food service, at least in my observation, is to provide food that you cannot normally prepare at home, or that is particularly high quality, or can be prepared particularly fast to fulfill a busy schedule. That's at least the CUSTOMER side of it - we all know it's sole purpose is to make some rich posterchild money. And that's that.

But it's fucking aggrivating going to these places these days. Does not matter if it's a drive through, a sit down resturant, or some kind of deli. It just seems people have no braincells in their heads anymore, and that's saying something coming from me, I'm the most low-effort customer ever, I don't even flag people to my table when I'm alone.

The first problem, is fast food. Once upon a time, I used to do certain things that involved getting large quantities. They would fuck the orders up on those, and I was often encouraged not to get mad about it because the order size was, uh, unusual. Looking back, okay, that's fine.

But If I just order something basic - say a sandwhich and a drink - then I end up with a nugget and a onion rings.....I have to start to wonder the comprehension and organization of the so called "organization" that I'm patroning. Seriously, these days they fuck up simple orders. I don't even do substitutions, just omnissions, and they can't even get THAT right. I went to Togos today and ordered 2 sandwhiches sans peppers - well, they were in there.

In our current town, there's only THREE places I'll go, and two of them have maybe 5 menu items at the most, so they're good at it, and it's hard to fuck up, the other one, a Wendy's is run by a guy who says "Hey buddy" every time I Show up in the morning for the same order every time. That's it. That's about all the people I can stomach.

Me having a mathmatical debate with the fry cook at a fast food establishment drive through

But other places are worked by Gen Y and Gen Z morons who can't figure out basic math, and probably need a Dr. Seuss book on why to not stick your hand in the deep fryer. Ask for three things, get two, ask for five things, get 22. Ask for a hamburger, get a nugget, ask for a nugget, you get someone else's Coke. I swear to dear god, it's like that bloody hand puzzle from MOnkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (holds up four fingers) if this is one, then what is this (holds up 2 fingers)?.

I've been double charged by Popeyes, got the wrong sauces in the wrong number at McDonalds, ordered a Chicken Sandwhich at Wendy's and got sausage patties in some kind of white sauce....I don't even think I saw that at the menu....not going to that one again, I threw it out.

And what's fucked up is I'm not the "Karen" whose going to wander into your establishment....I just suffer in silence, because I know it sucks, I know you did not want your life to turn out to this, trust me, I did not want mine either. Seriously, I TRIED the Karen path, it's too damn exhausting. Let's just keep wasting food, who cares if anyone's starving in Ethiopia (/sarcasm). Guess that's what it's come down to.

And it's not just fast food, I went to the deli at Safeway, ordered 4 chicken strips - got 3. Went to a sit-down resturant, asked for fries, got someone else's plate, and then got charged for that plate plus my own that I had to ask for. I ordered takeout from a resturant, and wound up standing around for 45 minutes while they debated if the order that was sitting on the counter for the last 45+ minutes was ours....seriously.

I'm not even asking to go above and beyond here, I'm asking people to do their job, just hte bare minimum, that they were asked to do, which is food that I ordered, that's it. It's not like I'm asking you to make the worlds best pizza about to be judged by Gordon Ramsay, but some of these idiots, I wish I had Gordon on speed dial, so he could get to yell at them for me. Probably the best part of Kitchen Disasters - not becuase I like animosity, I like people getting their deserts, and I don't mean a Sundae when I ordered cake.

Here's my resolution - cook at home. Which is another frustration: human life is that I think of it, maybe I'll add more to the antinatalism section.