Of Everything Wrong With the World
No, I'm not talking about the TV show (though I theoretically could be, I've never watched it), I'm talking about the people who "run everything". The suits and ties that run everything on the planet, and why I consider them a posterchild of what is wrong with our species on this ball of dirt we walk upon.

Well, at least they are easily identified.....

But that aside, it does not change how irritating it is that the people who run shit are so out of touch with reality. This is not a political post because these people utilize politics, religion, and fanboyism to spread division and hatred among a bunch of people who really care too damn much what the internet, television, radio, or printed press thinks to use that grey matter between their ears to come up with a conclusion of their own.

They are predators that prey on the weak, stupid, ignorant, dumb, and socially conscious. Their sole motivation is money in this vector, though they also crave the same sex and power that such wealth gives to them. This in turn creates a negative feedback loop where we, the regular people, crave what they have, failing to realize it is not as great as they make it out to be, because if it was that great, they would not be seeking more of it - all the bars on their graph would be full, and they would just dissappear into the background.

It's impossible to talk about when separating them into discreet tiers from each other. The reason why is they really are sort of like a beast that eats it's own tail. The politicians feed into the corporations by feeding their business interests with the desired laws, rules, regulations changes, and other ideas on the whim of a small handful of people - corporate suits and ties - by feeding back into the politicians with campaign funds and donations for their administration. So one side gets tax breaks, the other side gets the break to continue to lie to the public. That's how it works, one vicious cyclone of suits and ties only interested in themselves.

But they can't just operate alone, after all, there's a bunch of us "beneath" them, who work every day, doing the real hard shit, getting our hands dirty. They at least need us to provide some kind of "illusion" that we have any sort of control over our environment whatsoever.

Politicians do this by lying. That's pretty much their job - lie to the masses to tell them all the great and enormous things they will do, and bias it to it focuses specifically at their own "team", aka Cult, aka Political Party, which is used to divide us even further.

I see political parties as the same exact thing as football teams - they don't really achieve anything, they are just there as marketing fluff to market to people with a specific stereotypical identity. Then this general divide - democrat vs. republican - is further divided by issues to weed out the "individuals". Ever noticed how we have other people on the ballot for things in this country but yet they hardly even get a 5 minute cable-access level ad on tv? That's because of the narrative, the narrative says you only have TWO choices - that's it. And the posterchildren in Corporate America further this.....with PRODUCTS.

Alabama vs. Auburn, Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge, Domestic vs. Foreign, Toyota vs. Honda vs. Mazda, Murray vs. MTD, Lawn-Boy vs. Toro, Keurig vs. NESCafe, Temu vs. Amazon, Comcast vs. Spectrum, Bulls vs. Lakers, Bigfoot vs. Gravedigger, HP vs. Dell, Pepsi vs. Coke, Fender vs. Gibson, EHX vs Boss, Mesa vs. Marshall, Nirvana vs. Pearl Jam, Van-Halen vs. Ozzy, Randy vs. Eddie - it's all just a big stupid game you play with the marketing teams. The truth is, they all make shit that sucks, and stuff that's great, and all of that is a matter of opinion. But if they can sway your opinion with bullshit, then they will. That's why I side with Bill Hicks....

Because they truly are Satan's little helpers, and there truly is no point to what they do. People with brains don't buy a product because there's a pretty lady in the ad or that they played their favorite rock song while dragging the competitors truck up a mountain. We buy the product because it's been shown to be a GOOD PRODUCT.

And the companies don't want you to believe this because they all have some shitty product. Microsoft has Windows Me, Windows Vista, Windows 8.x on a regular desktop or laptop, or Windows 11. Ford had the Tempo, Pinto, and Excursion. GM had the Corvair, Cimmaron, and the Lumina APV. Dodge RAM trucks have fucked up transmissions, Fiat bought them out and started that problem with the RAM, 500, and Jeep vehicles. AMC died, Oldsmobile died. Fender had the Bronco Tremolo, their late 60's solid state amplifiers, and the FreeFlyte vibrato on some Strat models in the 80's. Gibson has the notorious headstock breakage problem, poor neck joints on some SGs, and those poorly named T-Top pickups from the 80's. Tandy made the TRS-80 and people called it the "Trash 80", but they also made the 1000 Series - I have one that's 40 years old and running great. PC's Limited (Dell) was almost sued out of existence for shoddy parts early on, now they're the largest corporation in the world for Enterprise equipment and make some decent stuff here and there as well as some duds - like the Latitude 5150 or the Inspiron 15. It's not the company you're looking for - it's the specific product. But they don't want you to know that. After all, one of the engineers of my truck - the 1st Generation Ford Explorer, was quoted as saying at a car show "the problem with those was we made them too well, they were too reliable, and nobody wanted to buy a new one". They probably would have later on if they'd kept making trucks that last 30+ years like mine, and not turning them into glorified station wagons at the turn of the century.

And what makes it worse - we shoot OURSELVES in the foot with our own 'technology". So rather than reflect first and realize what we did wrong: ie we did an abrupt sharp turn in an SUV because we were driving too fast, burned ourselves with hot coffee fresh from the pot by being ditzy, or we got hacked by a hacker because of some bundled software on one of these products that was needless and could have been removed - we instead have a knee-jerk reaction and go crying to Nanny Government to do something about those "Bad men" who made a shoddy product that was merely working as intended if we even bothered to read the labels on the sun visor, the manuals, or exercise common sense. This is a big part of why I'm a misanthrope - people are just too stupid to use technology, the majority of us actually, including some of the people that make it.

So then that feeds back into nanny government who then use these major catastrophes, most of them due to ignorance or lack of self-education, and that invokes the dollar signs in the eyes of the politicians. So they make a major "movement" out of it, make it a key point in their campaign presentations, and then create a "War" on something to get us all hot and bothered, and get us all to buy into our color-coded marketing....ahem....patriotism. The war on drugs, the war on crime, the war on gas any of these actually fix anything? Nope, they're just revenue generators for politicians and government officials. That's all they are. They don't care about you at all, they just know if they can tax the companies for shit, the companies also benefit because they can come up with some more bullshit "fees" you have to pay for their product that they don't have to be transparent about when they're trying to rope you in. As PT Barnum said "there's a sucker born every minute" and our species is chock full of "suckers".

So now the doctors can't give your sick relative their medication due to the "war on the opioid crisis". Your car of choice was taken off the market and replaced with a softened model because the ididot soccer moms kept rolling it over. You can't rent a house without a goddamn FIDO Score because some Karens got upset because they let a irresponsible pet owner with 2 rottweilers destroy their rental home, now you can't let 2 sleeping cats go inside. THousands of people are in jail for drug use rather than rehab. Black boys getting shot because the police thought his cap gun was a real firearm, and of course now they want to take away your social security and your gasoline car because of a problem we should have addressed as far back or further than 1972!

And of course, all these solutions have their "Shadow" created in "committees" where "everyone is allowed to speak their voice (so as long as that voice aggress with whatever narrative they are trying to push)" - Cash4Clunkers, the War on Drugs, The War on Poverty, the War on Crime, the War on Homelessness - all that shit is the same. They don't really care about the air, the drugs, the poverty, or the homeless, they just need a cover to look good to the voters on voting day. So a non-solution that puts innocent and generally poor people in jail without proper treatment for what may be keeping them poor, paired with laws designed to prevent dissent from ever having it's intended effect.

However, I do know one thing that will make these guys really scared, and it's one thing that pissed one off so much he stalked me on Reddit for about 6 months (which I probably should have gotten him permabanned for). That's the idea that if we, the "lepers" the "servants" the "Sheep" the "Slaves" if you will, just gave up, and died off. Stopped having kids, stopped refilling the queue with "warm bodies"....what if they were the ones left to fend for themselves on a planet they are so far abstracted from?

Think about it, you're one of the posterchildren, sitting in your $7.6 million dollar home, and for the last several months, productivity and profits are down because the people outside are dying, or going away. But you're not the only one, it's the discussion of the entire block. Your real estate mogul now has 500 houses for sale in the local area, and nobody to buy them. Your local CEO's company is no longer functioning more than maybe 5%, and nobody can go to the yacht club because there's nobody to help with the boats. There's no caddies at the country club either, nor a groundskeeper. The grass is now 3 feet high and you can't even see your Tee. The power suddenly goes off because nobody is manning or watching the electrical grid anymore, and running water is either bad or gone completley because the desalinization plant is no longer watched after either. YOu can't fly anywhere - only one of you is a pilot, but only 4 people fit in his Cessna which can only fly across the state before needing refueling. THe internet is down, because you're consultants, systems admin, network admins, and IT Support specialists are all gone. There's no gasoline or food, because there's no farmers, truckers, or other couriers. There's no new products from your favorite "Designers" because their "slaves" too have dissappeared. So here you are, a most likely rich, fat, old, and most likely male and white as well (but not necessarily), and you have ZERO marketable skills except a decent ability to lie, and a decent ability to TALK your way through/out-of/into shit.

Yeah, nothing would be more entertaining to me than seeing someone like say...oh, Donald Trump, stuck in a post-apocalyptic world with an every dwinding supply of necessities on top of a dwindling and never being made again supply of WANTS. It'd be the greatest reality show of all time. Same goes for all these libtard nerds who would not be bickering over "property rights" in such a scenario - guess what, there are none anymore, you're in charge, and now your arbitrary little rules no longer appy. I'd pay good money and kill a black bear with a machete for my own Television network to be the last man broadcasting that to the rest of us who do have survival skills - and not the LL Bean/Hunter's Outlet survival skills, but the REAL ones you need once all the bullets are gone, gas is completley nigh, and there's no "systems" left. Basically, a complete shhutdown of humanity would be one of the most entertaining and hilarious things I could think of, and it'd all rest on the fat cats.

Because you know they'll be the ones to survive, right? While you and your family watch the asteroid come, or WWIII unfold in your town, or have to live a real life version of "The Purge", they're hiding in their bunkers with military level protection. They're hiding in their ivory towers and secret vacation homes. Us regular people. BOOM, we're dead, especially those of us with no survival skills. If you're not getting put in an internment camp, or beaten up by a looter, or starving to death because you valued having more clothes you don't need than food - you're hiding away in a bunker, just delaying the inevitable, a huge reality check when you decide to exit. The few of us regular folks who survive either will be captured and enslaved by these assholes, or likely die trying to avoid becoming such, or die when we decide to try and take em' down, and fail. Of course, I also don't doubt a lorg humuguous/toecutter situation either. Mad Max could become a reality. Good thing I know how to shoot a shotgun, am willing to research, and own a quality hacksaw. What? You think the law cares at that point? They're too busy trying to protect their families. They don't give a fuck about most of the arbitrary finance generations called "laws" that we have at that point.

This is about the only solution I could think of to bring the posterchildren back ot reality. Basically SoulFly's "Back to the Primitive". Trust me, anyone who can't adapt, will die. Anyone who can, will survive. Most people are so complacent and ill-equipped to handle "roughing it" - I mean truly "roughing it" - that Memorial day at KOA (Kamping on Asphalt) or fending off yellowjackets at a picnic in the local city sanctioned "park" does not count as "roughing" it. I'm talking taking a shit and wiping your ass with leaves - without a toilet. I'm talking walking miles on your own two feet while watching your surroundings for potential threats. I'm talking finding your own food and being willing to kill another person for it - because we are degenerating to that level already! Don't Believe Me? What aboit COVID and Toilet Paper? What about getting rammed with shoppking carts in the produce asile at the grocery store? What about all these suburban Yuppies in their MiniVans who drive them like they are in a semi truck in a Mad Max movie to make sure they get that parking spot that just opened up closer to the door? I'm talking about neutering a potential ass-rapist while taking a bath in a river level survival skills. Seriously, IDGAF what gender you are, you show up to harass me at the end of the world because you're a raping sack of shit, I'm cutting your secondary sex organs off. What, "that's illegal" - nobody cares, remember, we're talking a post-apocalyptic, societal-collapse scenario here. Nobody gives a fuck about you as long as you keep your shit to yourself, otherwise, you face the consequences.

But back to right now.....

What's fucked up is we are SUPPOSED to have a system of checks and balances in this country, but it seems, just like the introduction of our misunderstood and royally fucked up "Credit" system - which the posterchildren love to exploit for hteir own gain like a kid who just got a Game Genie and Super Mario Bros. 3 in 1991 - it's all really just a farce. THey're pulling the same shit as criminals, as gangsters, as tyrants - but we don't blame them for it because they wear a suit and a tie every time we see them! If I had my way, I'd change international business law to require a T-shirt and Jeans, and require 100% transparency to all. What? It'll upset the people!?!? Well, that's what being an adult is all about, being upset about shit you have no control over, and then learning to ADAPT To it! But these sanctimonious fucks have their heads so far up their asses they can't see that they are no different from anyone else, and they don't want us to know that their appointment to their positions was based on propeganda, bullshit, and lies, so they need to cover for it like your kid dumping the dinner he does not like next to the bed. Seriously, it's time we get our collective heads out of our asses as a species, or suffer the consequences. The older I get, the more I lean toward the latter than the former.