My Own Nightmares and Vacations in Liminal Space
First, an Introduction and some reality.... - Okay, so some of you know what I'm talking about, others of you have no clue, so let's talk about "The Backrooms" shall we? But before we start, we must understand the concept of a "Liminal Space", as that's the basis upon which all backrooms are based. Liminal Spaces are spaces that are a transition between two other locations or states of being. One example would be a "Dead Mall", which is abandoned and labelscars (the shadows of the store signs in the mall that have been removed) are the only hint to the otherwise haunting, empty, and de-humanized environment at whcih you are looking at. Another example is say, when you are moving out of a house or apartment, and all the furnature and home belongings have been removed.

The "Backrooms" are a, mix of Urban Legend, 4Chan Post, Sci Fi, and are all somewhat modified by various creators to fit whatever story they are trying to tell. The general premise is if you "no clip" somewhere suspicious/odd/strange in real-life, you will find yourself in the Backrooms, which are basically a series of Liminal spaces separated as "levels" like a video game (which is also where no-clipping comes from - ie, you manage to go through the brick walls of Super Mario Bros, or you manage to clip through the floor of a 3D game and find yourself in an endless skyscape, falling for eternity till the game crashes). There's also a survival-horror element to them in that almost every room has a different security level listed for it ranging from 0, safe, secure, no entities, to sprawling death traps full of entities, unstable terrain, and death around every corner. It seems a lot of the Five Nights at Freddy's crowd - particularly the older ones amongst us - moved here in recent years as well, I found that a bit unsurprising after hanging around the Backrooms stuff lurking in the past year or so.

Each "room" is told as a "Level". The most well known being "Level 0" which is the room you "most likely" will start off in after no-clipping out of "reality" or the "Front rooms". Level 0 is defined as a Jaundice-like, yellowed, empty Office area with little/no furnature, few/no entities, and it sprawls out forever in all directions, with a map that changes when you look away like a dream/nightmare scenario. The floor is wet with god only knows what fluid, and there are neon lights lilke you'd find in an office above you with ballasts that hum a little more than usual. The entire level sprawls out for millions or billions of miles, and it's very possible for multiple people to be here at once and never see each other the entire time they are on Level 0. It is said at one time there were creatures there such as Smilers or Wretches, but they no longer exist there in recent observations. If you look around long enough you might come to a "library room" with a table that has book(s) on how the backrooms work and teaches you how to voluntarily "no-clip" to get in or out of a room. You can exit level "0" by no-clipping out of it, usually to end up on "Level 2" which is a sprawling warehouse that's filled with resources, a handful of entities, light spots, dark spots, some bases of various types (MEG - being the most important one it seems), and I think somewhere there's a place called "The Hub" that if you get to it you can use to travel to different parts of the backrooms without having to actually traverse linear.

So that's what this page is, my own backrooms levels and my own stuff because I'm not quite ready to post to the Wikidot yet, and I think it'd be cool to kind of start off small here, and take some input or just generally, mess around. Since this is my website. Keep in mind I'm not numbering the rooms in case I put these ON the wikidot. This is soort of like my "test track" if you will.
LEVEL XX - 70's Technology Factory
The 70's Technology Factory level is a sprawling brownstone concrete building with a tin warehouse section in back, located on a lawn that has a path cut out of it around back. Most newcomers will spawn in this lawn. There is no way out of it because thick grass 9 feet high surrounds the entire structure like a fence, trapping would-be escapees from finding any other parts of the level. Nobody knows if anything lies beyond the grass at this point as it's too thick to see far enough to see if there are other buildings, and the road out front is flanked by this grass fence on both sides.

The Day/Night cycle of the level is odd, it can be daytime sometimes, and night time others, but it randomly changes, however there is no afternoon, or twilight - just midday and night time. And it's changing is dependant on the lack of entities or people outside. If nobody is present it may change to the other state, if not, it's locked into that state until people are inside and out of visibility of the windows. It's cold and balmy at night with highs around 65 degrees and lows around 45 degrees farenheight and a heavy dew, so the grass is wet. During the daytime it's dry and around 85 degrees usually and sunny with the sun centered in the sky over the building.

The building can only be entered from the back entrace in the warehouse portion, or through a window in a circuit board rework station room on the west side of the building, if it's open. There is a door in front leading into a small security office/reception like area that can only be seen by pressing your eyes to the one-way glass, but the door is locked from the inside. There are also various security exits and unmarked doors along both sides of the building. Some are rusted shut, some are locked from the inside, some open to reveal a pile of boxes marked with cryptic branding on the side blocking the entire doorway. There are around 7 of these. The 4 doors on the east side of the building are completley blocked by 9 foot tall grass with a thin amount of space to maneuver through.

The back entrance is always open and enters into a cement and aluminum, oddly winding corridor that makes literally no physical sense to the shape of the building and is longer than the warehouse section in back suggests. Stacks of old computers from the 80's and early-mid 1990's can be seen sitting in these hallways, as can piles of wires. There is a mix of dim orange halogen lamps and bright bluish-light neon lamps above that buzz and hum similar to those from Level 0. Sub-rooms are found on each side, which are either locked, empty, or can be opened but are occupied by entities, hence better left closed.

Once you've been walking this corridor for about 2.3 miles, you will find a brown brick wall like the outside of the building with a garage door that hangs wide open. It's rusty, and is utility box gray, and is controlled by a chain, but it only closes about halfway before getting stuck with the only option to wind it back open again. This enters into a large workspace that's mostly empty, still with stacks of computers, unopened and opened crates, cardboard boxes holding random items, and a vending machine or two marked with unfamiliar brands but only serve up Almond water if you can scrounge up some change somewhere in the building. The money is German. Found in the boxes and crates can be random tangled messes of wires, Almond Water, weapons, tools, rations, and occaionsally smaller entities so be careful. The boxes and crates, and computers, can also change posi and dissappear or appear in other parts of the room/building randomly if nobody is looking so you will need to keep an object focused and in your line of sight if you want to open it and check it's contents. On rare occasionas the room is entirely empty. In the middle of the room, to the south, there's a vast hallway with a concrete floor, and on the left side of the walkway are 2 restrooms - men and womens - and on the right side is a water fountain, but don't drink from it because it serves up either rusty water or anti-freeze.

The bathrooms are small, and host a single toilet, sink, and paper towel dispenser that has no paper towels. It's only safe to be in there if there's no mirror present as entities from other levels can come through the mirrors, though you can manage to avoid a problem with this by not looking at the mirrors, sometimes they may even dissappear. The bathrooms also make a good strategic hiding spot FROM entities if you open the boxes or crates and hapen to find one, or open a door in the metal hallway. Nobody is sure how these rooms are so entity proof. The bathrooms function just fine as usual otherwise, just nowhere to dry your hands.

Going down the hallway, which also twice as long as the entire building, there are large rooms on the side, one of these room is the circuit board "rework" room - somewhere about halfway - if you came in this way you'll exit that room in the middle of the hall. The rework room is a bare concrete floor room with tan-painted bricks and a single window leading outside of the building. Next to the window is a large, wooden workbench held together by huge, rusty, lag-bolts. On it is a Soldering station, a home-built outlet strip using a metal project enclosure and regular wall outlets (and certainly not UL listed), random circuit boards from the backrooms and real life, various loose components, scouring pads, a 1978 Alberto Vargas calendar hangs above it with an IBM Branded clock that stays frozen at midnight or noon about 5 seconds in depending on the day/night cycle's current state. There is also a bunny suit and a vacuum cleaner here. Next to the desk is an ancient looking office-chair that sits up prety high, it's medium blue, and the adjustments are all frozen in place in an uncomfortable position. If you look back in the room, you'll either see a bare wall, pallets of random electronics from the 1940's-early 1980's, or in rare occasions, the entire back of the room fades into pitch black, which if that happens, you'd better get out of there right away because you might get sent to level "!", especially if you walk into the darkness. On rare occasions, a unique entity is here - the Reman-Man - he'll show up, thouroughly confused why you are in his workspace, before he goes to talking to himself, fixing and muttering to himself about whatever device the board he is working on came from.

Other rooms include the packing room, a sterile looking room with a gray painted concrete floor and bare brown brick walls. There's a door in teh far southeast corner, but it won't open as it's been tac welded. In the room are 3 large, wide machines used for packing boxes of tech products in cellophane (and curiously no tech products in this room). These machines are gray and white with a metal black pair of "legs" that are bolted to the floor. They are about six feet wide and have a razor blade just about as wide going across. It's best not to touch these at all, since they have been known to activate at random and either chop off appendages or even whole people. When anyone is injured by these machines, whatever blood or other injuries dissappear afterward, either leaving a cauterized nub, or the person ceases to exist, supposedly sent to the backrooms where the "un-alived" people go.

There are several random rooms with pinewood shelving held together by large lag bols. The wood looks surprisingly fresh. The boxes are taped shut and some are big enough to hold an entire computer setup, and some are smaller than a jewelry box. They are marked in a strange, unknown language that looks like a cross between Kanji and Sanskrit, and some have a logo of a furry Koala-Bear like figure with a gaping mouth and one hand raised with the word "Bleego" above it. On rare cases these rooms are entirely empty except the shelves. The floors are always bare concrete, and there are aluminum panels randomly bolted to parts of the wall. There's also a 1/10000000000th chance you MIGHT find a pallet jack or cart in these rooms.

There is said to be one room with a very sticky door that takes you to level "4", when you open it it looks like the Level 4 office spaces and sprawls forward somewhere random from level 4. However, there's a 1/10000th chance of finding this door. Many other doors in the hallway are welded shut, sealed, or lead to empty offices with a lone Wyse Terminal on a large, military-style desk, on a concrete floor, with no chair, and a single lightbulb above the desk.

If you walk far enough southward in the hallway (assuming you kept your bearings) you will come to the "office space". The floor will change to a light blue berber carpet, and the area is marked with a pushpin board covered in random, nonsensical articles, some from the real world, some from video games, some from elsewhere, sometimes even children's math worksheets are posted here. Nobody knows why.

There are two office spaces, flanked by windows that are frosted and let soft, white, exterior light in, but you can't tell where at the front of the building you are at. There are no doors, and open hutches to enter these office spaces. Large, industrial desks are here with old, 80's, PC desktop computers ranging from 8088's to early 386s on them, both real world and backrooms variants. These computers work at random and run a version of BR-DOS (Backrooms DOS) that has some of the same commands as a regular DOS system, but some of the commands are different. They also are internret connected but you have to know how to use a DOS web browser to use it, inclulding connections to the front rooms are occasionally possible via the strange browser installed. The computers also change or dissappear, or turn into dumb terminals at random as well, so every time you reach the offices they will look different. ALso on the desks are pictures of friends/family of the people who supposedly work here, but they also change, and somtimes there are Smilers, Wretches, Skin Stealers, or Imprints in the photos in place of family members. It's said these photos are family photos of people who died in the backrooms. Don't look at tm too long or the entity there WILL spawn in the room behind you, and then dissappear when it finishes taking you down.

South of the offices is a locked door that is marked "Lobby". This door can only be opened 1/10th of the time, and when it is, you will be locked in the front lobby that you can see when you were outside the building with the only exit being the front door of the building. You can see outside via the one-way mirrored-glass, but if people press their faces to the glass, they cannot see you in the room if you are there, they just see the empty room with the random Wyse terminal. Immediatley to the right of the door is another door into the reception cubicle which has a six foot wide desk in front of a hutch. In the hutch is a bell, a pint-glass filled with pens with the company logo on it, a dummy terminal on the left - always Wyse branded, and a revolving trio of devices on the right thhat change when you look away. Sometimes it's an IBM PC AT desktop computer, sometimes it's a IBM Selectric typewriter, and sometimes a old Zenith TV with an Atari 2600 connected to it and a single joystick with a un-labeled game in the cartridge slot. This game is like "Adventure" from the front rooms but different - and will take you to the Level "Adventure" if you play it.

To enter this room, you must no-clip out of the previous room, or you have to stab a Skin Stealer with a Soldering Iron found in a crate on Level 2. People have also claimed to have found this level by reading an Electronics book at the start of Level 7 or walking due southeast in the fields of level 8.

To exit the room, there's a few ways. One is to enter a door that spawns in the lobby with randomized probability that leads into darkness. Another way is to open a crate in the back empty workshop area that has stairs leading downward in it and follow the stairs down. There's also a random door that appears in the hallway that looks Marine like that takes you to level 19. A few unfortunate people have been taken to the Party Room from the metal rear entrance section by opening a door with a neon green party hat taped to it and a sign that says "Happy Birthday" on it made out of neon green posterboard - as there will be a large, unmanagable number of party goers behind that door. You can also no-clip into a corner of just abouut any room if the corner is stark black - which will take you to the next lever or, on a rare random chance, a random level.
This level is in an open field flanked by rows of trees on each side and it stretches off into the distance either direction. There is darkness between the trees where smilers hide, so it's ill advised to go near the forest, if even possible. If you try to follow the field east or west, you'll seem to keep going for eternity, but the large, metal, monolithic structure of metal walkways gated in metal mesh in the middle will stay the same distance from you no matter how far you go - about 1/2 a mile in each direction. It's as of yet unknown if the structure follows the explorer in either direction, or if there is truly some kind of invisible force keeping you in the same spot of the field. The field is covered in very short, light, carpet grass that's been trampled down and has scalped sections where red clay is visible beneath.

It's always a ambiguous time of early or late daylight here with an overcast forecast, temperate weather, about 75, medium humidity, and occasionally small tufts of fog roll through the field and through the structure as well. Giving it sort of a ambiance skin to a medevil battleground or early morning P.E. class on a overcast day.

Dead center of the field is a large, monolithic structure made out of rusty and poorly painted metal. The structure is a maze of walkways, hallways, metal stairs that makes zero logic or sense. It is said that it changes it's layout randomly. One explorer who was on the edge of death when here said that he witnessed, just as vertigo was kicking in, the structure shifting it's passageways on sections unoccupied by explorers - like a giant Pandora's Box. It looks like something akin to a piece of farm equipment, or an Oil Derrik posted into the middle of an open field.

The entrance is random to the structure. It starts as a set of stairs leading up into the structure. The entire structure is painted sort of a 70's Medical/Cafetaria Equipment green inside with smooth surface rust spots and chipped off paint everywhere. Rarely sections might be orange or red - it's advised to avoid these sections as they usually lead to dead ends, spikes, or strange mechanisms that can crush, dismember, or may host entities or paths to other backrooms that are dangerous. The entire structure is welded/riveted/bolted together but the bolts are rusted in place so no tools or weapons will allow dismantling or taking shortcuts.

The walkways are all the same size, about 7 feet tall, 4 foot wide, and get natural light through them from the criss-crossing metal grating that covers the upper 3.5 feet of the walkways. There are almost no entities in the actual structure itself, they have to spawn from red or orange sections, which are rare. Orange sections usually lead to red sections but red sections can sometimes suddenly appear. It's advised to turn back and go back a ways before returning. Stairwells move up and down levels with random numbers of steps that can range from one all the way to 255. Once on these stairs, the direction you are not facing can change without warning, and rarely there will be "Side pockets" you can wander into. It's not advised to go into these "side pockets" though because you can get trapped in them for extended periods of time, which then it might be a good idea to take a nap and wait it out, as it can take days or even months to open up. But you will be safe in the pockets as long as the paint is green, and it cannot change unless you exit the pocket.

The structure seems to be somewhat sentient and aware of where travellers are at all times, as it will not make structural shifts and changes while people are present or at least conscious in that area just like the extremely sick explorer documented says happens. As such, it is ill-advised to seek refuge in walkways or outside of the pockets off of a stairwell. Not just is this rude as other travellers have to step over you, but there's a random chance you might end up in a orange or red hall where something or some entity can lead to you being "un-alived".

Fog can pass through in small tufts from time to time, making visibility limited, or almost non-existent. When this is the case, it's best to just wait it out until you can see ahead, as sometimes the structure changes it's layout while this is happening and you can't see if a red or orange painted hallway has suddenly showed up in front of you. It's more likely to change in denser fog. It is rare but also people have been un-alived and/or seriously hurt by wandering into a changing section when very thick fog passes through.

You can enter this level from level __ by no-clipping into a metal panel that's slightly darker thtan the others, or by entering a side door on level "!".

To exit this level, you need to follow a long staircase either up or down. Up takes you to the next level, down takes you to the previous level.
The RoseBud Apartment Complex is a 1930's archetecture-style, non-linear structured apartment complex in the backrooms that has no outdoor area. The ceilings are all mostly stamped aluminum with tarnish and gold leaf. The walls are all brown or white, with lots of intricate carpentry throughout. Floors are red or green carpet with hardwood sections, though brown and tan are also seen. The hallways are lit by green-shaded or red-shaded office lamps hanging out of the wall lilke wall lamps, though overhead utility lights are sometimes used, and poorly installed. Every unit is behind a red, green, or blue door. This is a long one, as this is a big, fancy, and expansive level. There are eover 65535 units in this Apartment Complex spanning multiple floors.

The apartments vary in temperature, from sweltering hot all the way to freezing cold. This temperature is based on the color of the door. Red rooms are usually take place in the winter around the December holidays or mid-summer with windodws open and the sun shining in through. Blue doors usually take place during the winter, and either smell of natural gas (gas leaks) or of cold chicken dumplings and pea soup. The green rooms are usually 72 degrees, just the right temperature, and usually are middle-middle-class dwellers. Furnishings can range from 1930's to 1980's style.

There are many entities here in this level, making it a bit odd, and these entities are mostly just regular humans going about their business in their homes per the home you are in and per the scenario presented in each unit. And each unit has it's own unique time period - frozen in time, and it's own unique culture based around that particular time in America at the time. I'm not stating names because names change randomly depending on who is visiting, whether they asked names or not, and/or if they stuck around long enough to hear someone addressed by name. One can leave a unit and come back and the names will have changed even though the scenario is the same.

The "Red Door" Christmas apartment is marked with a wreath with a porcelin nativity scene in the middle. The people living there are a 4 person family, a father, a mother, around middle age, and a son around age 9, and a daughter around age 9. The place is furnished late 40's/early 50's lower-middle class with Bob Hope singing Christmas tunes on a mono record player, a christmas tree decorated in home made ornaments. The place smells good, of Christmas dinner and pine. However, the father perpetually has a glass of whiskey, gin, cognac, or some other alcoholic beverage in his hand, and when he gets drunk, he becomes an abusive husband and father, and if he is not attacking his family, he will attack you and anyone else present. This tends to happen more on the upbeat Christmas songs. He also pulls off his belt to whip people when he's drunk - so lookout. You might get some free xmas dinner as long as he's sober and the family is welcoming in that case, but more oftan than not dad flies off the handle at people while teetering between buzzed and sloppy drunk. The most relaxed moments to be in this particular unit, is when he's in his chair with a pipe or a cigar, the mom is in the kitchen, and the kids are playing with toys on the floor. Then everyone is quite nice, but if the upbeat, major key Christmas music starts, it's time to boogie and get the heck out of here. Oddly, this unit has no Windows.

A "Red Door" Hanukah apartment ALSO exists. It has a Menorah door knocker. 5-person family, based in the late 70's/early 80's in furnishings. The father is the nice one, the mother is highly religious, and there is a 16 year old son, a 18 year old daughter, and a young daughter around age 7 or 8. Everyone has Jersey accents. The father usually wears a keppa and sits in the livingroom watching TV about world events, usually discussing the current state of Isreael except it's all made up and not real at all. Despite the gloom on TV he's actually a pleasant fella to talk to and can give you pointers on who lives in the complex, what they do, who to avoid, and who is good to fraternize with. The trade-off though is when his wife butts in with judgement about everyone. There is two bedrooms and one bath in this unit, and all three kids share one bedroom. Oddly only one of the three kids is ever present at a time. The oldest, the daughter, is usually noto in the bedroom but in the bathroom getting ready for a date with her "heathen" (per the mom) boyfriend. The teenage son is usually in his bedroom listening to punk rock or new wave records - some from reality, some from the backrooms, and he's nice but can become violent if he's been using. Then the youngest daughter is mute and has been traumatized, and sometimes is exchanged with a young faceling - so lookout. This is the unit of the "Boogeyman" - who lives in the closet of this room and comes out and can also appear in other closets all over the apartment. This is who is said to have traumatized the little Jewish girl. You know the boogeyman is coming because the lights go out in the apartment, the parents fall/sleep where they fall, and then a big, bright, red light comes from the children's bedroom door. This unit has windows, locked shut, with blue curtains, and the time of day is always late evening or night time.

A "Summer" apartment with a red door exists as well. The door is plain. Living inside is usually a single, young adult woman of random descent who goes by many names beginning with "A" (Allana, Ariana, Amanda, Abigail, Anita, Anya, Angie, Anteasha, get the idea) - the name is random and stays the same as long as you are in that unit and never changes until you exit the door, so if you come back, her name will be different, or t person will be different. When you first walk in, the windows are open, it's about 95 degrees, 88% humidity, sweltering, sun, there's a crappy boxfan in one window barely keeping the place habitable, time-period circa 1991, and the place suggests a lower-class income bracket. She will usually be sitting in the window, ignoring you. If you talk to her, she's not friendly but not unfriendly, just sort of neutral, and complains about the heat and the landlord, and her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/etc... it changes randomly depending, but the name, if mentioned, always starts with "M" (Megan, Michael, Michelle, Melanie, Moe, Mitch, Monica, Marcus, etc...), and the reasons for her anger change. THe apartment contains the same stuff in different arrangements, it's a Studio, has a stained boxframe and/or mattress on the floor with an old Southwest themed afghan for a comforter and 2 pillows with drool stains on them. The nightstand has a early 80's style lamp on it and a clear telephone with pastel/neon components, with burn marks in the top fo the nightstand and it's either a pink-tint or white with paint chipped off on the corners. Somtimes there is an ashtray on top of the nightstand with either Cigarettes of random real or backrooms only brands, other "smoked" consumables, or incense. An old color TV sits on top of an Egg Crate with a VHS player attached that has the door busted off and a copy of some RomCom in it. The rabbit ears have tinfoil, it won't get any stations, but it will pick up CCTV on channel 72 UHF of the entire complex, and the fine tuner changes the camera. There are clothes strewn about the room, a broken lava lamp, usually on a large dresser with drawers half open or pulled out entirely at random. Stuffed Animals occasionally are laid about too, usually Unicorns, cats, or cartoon characters real or imagined. It is advised NOT to form an amorous relationship with her as her suitor will bust down the door at the most inapropriate of times and will pick you up and throw you out of the open, gaping, screen-less window into the void below. Nobody has lived to tell the tale of what lies beyond the window if they fell out. Sometimes the woman goes into a rage-fit and might shove you out too, or on rare occasionals she falls out of the window after you come in. It's not advised to sleep here as the Boogeyman comes out of her closet or TV as well, usually announced by "Bells and Horns" or "Funky Chimes" music like that found on a 70's kids TV program during the backer's credits.

An uncommon green door is the only room with a consistant name, Walter Jackson, a middle aged, recently divorced, African American, freshly C-suite executive of a warehouse company. He is one of the friendliest people and will let you stay in his guest bedroom as long as you want. The windows are closed, no curtains, stuck sometime arouund 1976 or so. He's almost always in nthe livingroom listening to old recorods from the 60's or older while reading a newspaper with randomly changing articles on it. The windows are always shut, there's no blinds or curtains, and it's usually an overcast, smoggy day outside. Walter also holds a lot of useful information this particular level.

Just a note about windows - if you look outside, you will see nothing outside, no buildings, no ground, the ground just drops to darkness with fog below, and the skies have no stars or light source, they are just somehow "lit".

The most common green door leads to an empty apartment. They come in three varieties - studio, 1bd 1ba, 2bed 1ba. You can spend ONE night in there but if the closet lights up be prepared to leave or the Boogeyman will catch you and eat you. In the 2 bed units you might have one bedroom without a closet, this is the safest to stay in, if you lock the door, the boogeyman can't get you.

Another common green door leads into a young couple's apartment, upper-middle class, American, mid-80's to mid-00's era. They are generally kind of nice but passive aggressive. They constantly reference living in Seattle or Portland even though this place is obviously not there. The windows are always early Afternoon, overcast, and sometimes rainy, with smog. The guy weasrs khakis, polo shirt, and is either on a phone or laptop most of the time. The woman is thin, dressed like a hipster or a clerical person, and if she has a cell phone, she's on it a lot too, usually texting a friend on the "West side" about nonsense. They tend to be quite judgemental and somtimes try to "troll" you into walking out of the window. It's suggested to avoid these units because this couple can be quite snarky and rude, and condescending. It's hinted that he works in the Tech industry, and she works at a Free Trade, NonGMO Co-Op, both of which don't exist in the real world under the names given.

A common blue door leads to an abandoned, disused, and decaying apartment in the winter time in the early evening, with a hint of a blizzard coming. The place has a decor straight out of the 1960's or 1970's, and the wallpaper is peeling off, as is the paint. Green and Black mold covers the walls and parts of the unit, fixtures are broken, sometimes kid's toys are found in disrepair about the place, and on rare occasions it's decayed so bad the internal framing of the walls is visible. Sometimes a broken TV can be found here that will be able to pull up the cameras on Channel 72 even if the screen is "de-gassed" somehow, but it's often hard to see through the Cataracts from the safety glass on the screen. You can rest here but you need a thick blanket, and on rare occasions, the Boogeyman comes through the TV (if the screen is intact) or the closet. There's also a small serpent who lives in the toilet here named Stiney who does unmentionable things - and none of them good.

Less common is Martha's Unit. Martha is an elderly widow, around 70-80 years old, short, frail, has white, curly hair, and has run out of retirement money, or so she says. She has no heat in her apartment, is livingn off of cans of chicken dumplings and pea soup she's living off of that she heats in the can from an old 1950's hot plate. Somtimes there is a gas leak in her unit which you must exit IMMEDIATLEY or it could explode and blow you out the window if she fires up that hotplate, lights a match to light the lone candle she has, or on rare occasions, the landlord comes by to turn the heat back on while she's asleep. The lights are almost never on, there is no TV, just a lone 1940's style radio, which only plays upbeat 20's-40's big band tunes.

The least common blue unit is a heavily air conditioned unit rented by Daryl and his room mate Chen. Daryl is a 30-something ex-hot-rodder wannabe-race-car-driver and avid sports fan who talks a lot like YouTuber PatManQC. He's usually found in the livingroom in a recliner drinking beer, watching sports, and making toilet humor about the goings on in the sports. Some sports are real, others are made up, like Fishball and Racketbat! Chen usually stays in his room of this 2 bedroom unit, building model cars or playing video games on an old 8-bit console of some kind. Daryl is portly, beer bellied caucausian, and wears a striped collared shirt, and blue jeans, and tennis shoes. Chen is an Asian American fellow with a sharp wit who prefers to be left alone, usually in a hoodie and a pair of black jeans. He usually smells like model glue when he's been building the model cars he has all over his room. The time is mid-afternoon, the sun is bright in the sky, you feel like there's a lawn and trees outside when not, so be careful because you might be tempted to open teh window and jump out to "See the lawn" even though there's nothing but endless nothingness outside the window. If you're lucky and this "moving into the void" feeling takes over sometimes Daryl will save you last minute.

On RARE occasions there's a turquoise door - if you go in here you'll find a fully furnished studio with a lot of guitars, keyboards, and music equipment all around, and a laid-down futon with a comforter on it. On teh comforter will be a very old laptop computer from the early 90's with lyrics written in DOS edit on it. Clothes are strewn about all over the unit, and a video game system running video games on the TV. The Channel 72 camera trick half-works, you have to use the service menu on the TV to adjust the fine tuning for the camera changes. Somtimes the red-summer door's amore will show up and kick you out, but it's not entirely sure if this is their room for sure or not. You can rest here if nobody is present, just lock the door. The Boogeyman is scared of this room so you're safe. But you can't stay forever as someone will kick you out eventually.

The hallways are decked out in 1940's attire, and soft jazz can be heard. Occasionally Death Moths can be seen flocking around lightbulbs but they leave you alone unless you disturb them. Randomly you can find elevators that are oddly more modern than the complex is. You will rarely encounter anyone but other explorers in the hallways and even encountering explorers is a 1-in-1000 chance. It has been said darker corners may have Smilers and at least one Skin Stealer has been seen but for the most part, the only people here are the residents in their units. Though father Christmas (not Santa Claus, the alcoholic father from the mid-century Christmas unit) gets drunk enough to get in the halls and hit explorers with a sack full of oranges. Luckily punching him the face before he hits you puts him out long enough to get out of his sights.

Another entity, seldom seen, is the landlord. He's just a dark shadowy humanoid figure, with a Cockney accent, and a doofey voice. The only discernable thing about him is his Doc Marten's Boots. His shadow is that of a middle aged bald guy with a portly figure. Despite being ominous in presense, he's actually quitie funny but he'll talk your ear off without a single chance to get a word in edgewise so best not to engage as he also seems pretty oblivious to danger. Some people surmise his darkened appearance is from all the times he's been blown up in Martha's apartment putting the pilot light in the furnace back on.

Then there's the Boogeyman. The Boogeyman is a six foot nine, presumably male, humanoid with a large, gaping maw full of razor sharp teeth. He's a carnivorous cannibal that seeks out humans and other entities for sustainance. He's restricted only to this level and only capable of traversing via closets and televisions. He signals his presense with creepy bells and horns music on the Tvs and/or lighthing up your closet and darkening your room if from the closet. He's easily avoided though as his announcements give ample time to leave, but keep in mind sleeping anywhere on the level where there's a closet or TV always leaves a risk of him spawning and eating you while you sleep. However, his carnivorousness is useful because he also eats Skin Stealers, Hounds, Wretches, and Party Goers - who are rarely seen on this level, but they turn up from time to time, though a bit more docile than usual on other levels, likely due to being more concerned with self-presarvation from the boogeyman than consumption of wayward travellers.

As for resources, they are plentiful, especially food, with some caveats. Christmas Dinner is available with the red-Xmas door family if the father's sober and the kids are all present. The only thing to drink there is wine though, so it may not be such a good idea since dad can get drunk on it and you don't want to be there when he is. The Hanukah house has Matza in the cupboard and Almond Water in the fridge in copious amounts that replenish themselves. The actual dinner you smell is NEVER ready. The trick though is to get into the kitchen without the mom seeing you, otherwise she will condemn you for "stealing" and tell you that you are going to hell and to get out of her house. IF you befriend the son though, there might be Taquitoes that only he can access in the freezer and microwave for you if you give him half. Martha's pea soup and dumplings appear only when she's about to eat them, but she might be willing to give you a blanket, especially if the landlord shows up, but hurry because you don't want ot be there when the lighter ignites the gas leak. The single lady has basically nothing to give you, and she will fight to the death over whatever microwave/toaster thing she may be eating as it's the last one, ie Hot Pocket or Pop Tarts. The Turquoise room RAERLY has a pepperoni pizza leftover you can microwave but you need to keep an eye out WHEN you microwave it because someone will smell it and come over and try to fight you out the window for it. There's also a six pack of almond water here. Daryl and Chen's pantry is empty, however it seems Daryl has an endless bag of potato chips and beers he just pulls from the ether behind his recliner. Chen leaves to eat, where does he go? Nobody knows! You can find Almond water in the random janitors closets marked as cleaning supplies, but it's mixed in WITH the cleaning supplies. Surprsingly there's no janitor here, or groundskeeper. There's also a coffee maker that makes almond water coffee in the Landlord's office but you have to get there the only way possible to get it. Almond Coffee is like Almond Water but slightly augmented due to the caffine which will keep you awake for 3.5 days. Also, various tools, weapons, and other random stuff can be found throughout the levels that can be useful.

To enter this backroom, you need to take an elevator in any level that goes up past the number 254 in floors, or sleep in someone else's bed on another level and you'll wake up in an abandoned unit. It's also said there's a secret entrance in the Hotel on level 5, or you can turn up in the Landlord's office (which is un-reachable otherwise) by signing with the Landlord of the HOtel on Level 5. You can get here from the previous level by walking into an empty elevator shaft and you'll fall into the elevator through the service door on the top. TO exit the level, you need to find an ellevator with an infinty symbol inside which will drop you off at the next level. Another option is to no-clip in oone of the closets before the boogeyman shows up which will take you to a different level based on that closet.
The desert drive spawns you as a passenger in some old late 60's to early 90's automobile, usually, but not always a land Yacht, and not always one from earth. The vehicle is old, decrepid, high mileage, has aged paint, rust spots, and any other damage indicating that it's very old and very well past it's prime, at least 400,000 miles or more. The windows are open and cannot be closed, and all the bestter because there's no air conditioning inside the vehicle. The interior is dilapidated, either with ripped vinyl seats or stained cloth seats, the driver is an elder faceling that won't acknowledge your existence - so I guess that's a plus. The car is also littered with little items here and there like loose change from various places real or not, cigarette butts, money clips, empty almond water bottles, expired candy and cough drops, pens/pencils/stationary, used post-its with random gibberish on them, and random things you can't identify. The interior and exterior of the car is covered in a light tan dust, and the car is doing around 60-105mph through the desert on a rough, well worn highway. Comparable real world places would be the highway to Las Vegas, Nevada, except it never ends, there are no road signs, just random desert mountains - or the Mohave Desert. There's not even cacti or sagebrush, just empty desert and mountains. Essentially, learning how to cope with massive boredom is how you survive.

The real danger of this level is if you fall asleep. If you managed to save some Almond Water Coffee from the Rosebud Apartments leasing office, you're golden, but if you don't, you're going to to have to master the art of staying awake through pure boredom for 3.5-4 days of afternoon desert driving as a passenger with nobody to talk to, nothing to do, and the heat of the sun and wind of the road trying to make you sleepy. If you fall asleep, the faceling will crash the car, rolling it over, and you'll die in a fatal accident.

There are no resouces on this level except what you bring. There's nothing in the glove box except a owners manual for the vehicle and nonsensical, what looks like license and registration paperwork.

Vehicles have been reported to have been: 1976 Ford LTD Crown Victoria, 1979 Cadillac Brougham, 1990 Cosico Extraban, 1977 Ford Thunderbird Coupe, 19910 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer, 1988 Fomont DePonte, 1986 Chevrolet Cavlier, 1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser Wagon, 1984 Ford LTD EX- Police Car with the divider removed, 1981 Chevy Caprice Classic, 1982 Chevrolet Malibu, 1976 Mercury Marquis, 1973 Delta Dipinto Diamonte, 1987 Caddilac Cimmaron, 1985 Gramix Extraviganza Sport, 1985 Toyota Corolla, 1988 Ford Mustang LX Notchback 2.3L, 1974 Ranaldo Pickup Truck, 1970 Orangutan Taquito Wagon, the now well-used and high mileage Family Truckster from National Lampoon's American Vacation, and a gasoline EX#4 from Jurassic Park - in which the owner survived a rollover. Just to name a few. All of these vehicles are in a state of 400-500K+ miles, with non functioning, always open windows, and often the fully loaded models with T-tops, sun roofs, convertible tops, or sometimes windows bashed out by unknown.

The survivor of the EX#4 rollover noted that the vehicle was already over a cliff, upsside down, in a pile of other vehicles which were mostly 1970's Land Yachts, Light Trucks, SUV's, and economy sedans from the 80's on back. Most of these vehicles rolled over in the accident. The survivor said that the vehicle was functional and drivable after the accident but the means of which to return it onto it's wheels was impossible. A few other movie cars were spotted too such as the rusty "Herbie" Volkswagen Beetle from Herbie Goes Bananas and a seriously battered Back to the Future DeLorean with all the windows bashed out of it and a dead Faceling dressed as Emmett L. Brown at the wheel rotting away. The most used real world vehicles are the Ford LTD and Chevrolet Caprice.

There are no entities except two. Hounds occasionally travel in packs on this level in the desert but are rarely seen. Then there's the faceling adult that is driving the car, that's it.

There was a report of a driver kicking out the faceling and taking over the car, but they found the car has no power steering, power brakes, the radio does not work, nor do the headlights, blinkers, or anything else, making it incredibly hhard to drive. Also, the engines on these vehicles are so worn out that some are literally screaming in maximum gear to keep up the minimum 60mph speed. This vehicle was one of the Ranaldo Pickup Trucks from the 70's with a 5-speed, they did not know how to drive stick so they popped the clutch and survived spinning out into the desert. Others report the better vehicles to end up in are 90's era EFI vehicles such as various Explorers, Corsicas, Japanese vehicles, pickup trucks, and the Kelley Tropicana Wagon GX.

TO enter the level, you need to fall asleep in the young lady's bed at the Rosebud Apartments, to exit the level, you need to survive 4-days of desert driving/riding without falling asleep to progress to the next level. You can also fall asleep but odds are 4/5 you will die in the ensuing accident. If you survive the accident, like the sole survivor did, you can walk east and end up in level ____, or you can walk west and end up in level ____.