As a retro-computer guy, I've been a tremendous fan of "whitebox" clones, aka. those generic PC clones from the 80's-early 2000's built by local computer "building houses" and computer shops.  At one point I ran across a system made by a company called "GEM Computer Products".  This page, or series of pages actually, is dedicated to the whitebox clones, parts, and other services provided by Micro Equipment Corp, and their subsidiaries GEM Computer Products, and their short lived run of C.MORE computer stores.

So these pages are my attempt to document one of these manufacturers, in this case GEM/MEC/C.MORE of Norcross Georgia, and tell their story.  There's tons of small whitebox computer companies like this, both past and present, that have attempted to climb the ranks of the computer industry.  GEM is kind of like the HYTS of vintage computers, they almost made it, and even grew to include operations in the southwest and California later on, as well as connections to their suppliers like Goldstar in China.