1995 NEC Versa V/50C BuildLog

The NEC Versa V/50C is the most recent aquisition to my collection, and was one of the fastest buildouts of the collection. It started off pretty much as quasi-N.O.S. barebones Versa V/50C with no HDD, no memory expansions, and no battery - luckily I had those on hand, including the 16MB Memory card. It was bought in the spring of 2021 for around $15-ish. As such, this page is not that lengthy or exciting, until probably further down as this grows.

The one other upgrade I did have to order for it was an 80GB ATA-133 HDD, which got loaded with FreeDOS 2.1. and setup per my usual - basically OS/frequently used applications on C:\, other apps on D:\, games on e:\, and F:\ acts as a internal repository for traveling and CD-less gaming.

Sometime around July/August I blew the motherboard while testing HDD for E-bay, but even that was a tiny issue, turns out it was merely a 6.3A fuse mounted to the bottom of the main planar board, which I just jumpered with wire for the time being until I can get some surface-mount soldering tools. That's about the only problem I've had with this system. I even managed to punch the ever-loving crap out of the Versa Ultralite battery I had and now that holds a charge and this machine can run off the battery too, somewhat.