The 1st Generation NEC Versa, or 3rd Generation Ultralite (depending on how you look at it), is a line of 486 and one Pentium based (mostly) convertible laptop computers from the early 1990's during computing's first attempts to make a tablet/touch convertible computer. The line was released in 1993 as the NEC Ultralite Versa, and it's last model in the series was the Versa P/75 - a Pentium based model, in 1995.

These specific NEC Models are best known for their detachable screens, brittle gray plastic, and surprisingly desktop-level performance both in their prime, and as a 30 year old vintage laptop computer.  They also don't command high sums of money due to the plastic issue and the fact that NEC is a relative unknown in the United States.

Anyway - this series of pages are a carry-over from my old Creeping Network site to tell you all about these machines.

NEC Ultralite/Versa History
The NEC Ultralite Versa (1993)
The NEC Versa E-series (1994)
The NEC Versa V-series (1994)
The NEC Versa M-series (1994)
The NEC Versa P-series (1995)
Technical Details on Screens
Technical Details on Accessories
Downloads for These Laptops
NEC Versa Battery & Power Tech Page
NEC Versa Plastic Repair Page
NEC Versa Model# Decoder