Apple Computers was started in the 70's by friends - marketing Guru Steve Jobs, and engineer genius Steve Wozniak, when they launched a personal hobbyist computer from their garage called the Apple 1 in 1978. In 1979 the Apple II was released and became a dominant platform for business and leisure computing through the early 1980's pre-IBM PC, and even somewhat into the first three years of the IBM PC's lifecycle.  The Apple Macintosh - however, grew off a failed product - the Apple Lisa from 1983 - as an improved computer utilizing a GUI, with a focus on ease of use and a good user experience through that ease of use.

The Apple Macintosh is sort of like that straw hat greenie with big pockets.  They're expensive, less as common as PC's, and because they were a closed architecture - ie, you had to bug Apple to get the information to program something or make 3rd party hardware for them back in the day, they did not nearly have, and actually still don't quite have the flexibility and longevity of an IBM Compatible does.  But that said, it has some good games on the platform - although a lot of these pages will link to IBM game sites because the Macintosh shares a lot of titles and series with IBM.  The most notable being the Maxis "Sim" series of games.