Some Games I Wish Had Been Ported to Various Platforms
As a retrogamer, sometimes I really wish I had programming chops to make ports of various other console/PC games and put them on platforms they don't belong or originally were not available on. So here we are going to see some doctored up screenshots of some of these, and talk about them. In no particular order.
Dragon Quest I-IV
IBM PC Compatibles incl. Tandy 1000
Imagine if Dragon Quest had been actually ported to the PC, wouldn't that be cool! Basically, you'd be able to play as usual, using the arrows and Spacebar to control the game, but you'd have hotkeys for each command using the keyboard like Ultima! It could be made to run in 160p Enhanced CGA, 320x200 EGA, or Mode 13 VGA, and even with the original sprites, it'd look fabulous. And since we now have a hard disk drive - we can have more than three save slots! YAY! The attack and sound effects would all go through the internal speaker, but Tandy/GameBlaster/SoundBlaster/Adlib would get to play the music, allowing for a higher fidelity version of Sugiyama's Soundtracks. If I ever figure out a programming language enough, I'd love to make an attempt at this, all 4 games - and maybe Dragon Warrior Classic I & II as well.
Colassal Cave: Graphical Adventure Edition
Basically a JRPG style version of Colassal Cave - sort of more a Action RPG. Basically, you wander into the wellhouse and snag the items by either walking over them or searching various crates, barrels, and cans, and whatnot. Then you roam the countryside until yuo can find the stream that leads to the pit. Then you head into the cave - and are able to navigate it LEgend of Zelda style, but with a cool graphical representation.
Tank Wars
I know there's probably something already like this, but Kenneth B. Morse's Tank Wars is one of my favorite multiplayer games for old DOS PC's, now imagine being able to do the same on an 8-bit NIntendo! Even plug in the four-score and get 4 people going on a game together at a party! It'd be a great multiplayer game, and the sound effects on the NES could probably be made more hilarious than they already are.
FNaF World: NES Edition
The minute Scott Cawthon came out with the source material, I thought the original 8-bit overworld was a nice touch. Made me think what if there was a FNaF World game that was on the NES, like Dragon Warrior. And you could save bits and bytes because there's no need for towns or castles - just random NPCs out in the world hanging out - like Lolbit and whatnot. Now imagine if those battles were turn based like they are on the PC. Imagine if the "in-between" worlds would degenerate to colecovision, then Intellivision, then Atari 2600, then PONG level graphics for old man consequences, hehehe (they already kinda do). It'd also be a nice inbetween of Dragon Quest with it's sequential fights and slow-burn role play, and Ultima: Exodus Realtime strategies.
Postal: DOS Edition
IBM PC and Compatibles
Basically, the original postal, on a DOS based engine using a 32-bit DPMI! This might even be doable using HX. I dunno yet. Something I'd still love to try. Maybe I should copy over Postal using PE Stub and run it in DOS with the DX Runtimes in C:\DOS. Maybe it is possible. Either way, would get me one step away from using Windows 9x ever again.
PC i386 era
A complete redo of the Bigfoot game, done up Car & Driver style. Sort of like if Psygnosis got their hands on the license. Basically, you'd have a roster of all of the trucks from 1990 - 1-7, maybe 8, Ranger, Shuttle, and Fastrax. And then you get to either go out on the practice/test track to get acquainted with the truck of your choice, and then take it out and do events with it. Winning enough championships unlocks more events, older versions of the trucks (ie dentside #2, Bullnose #3 and #4, Dentside #5, Brown Shuttle, Econoline Fastrax, and Ms. Bigfoot), maybe even build your own Bigfoot truck based off Ford Truck vehicles that year (F-series, Ranger, Aerostar, Econoline, Bronco II, and Explorer), and the ability to "free form" drive. Basically put, each truck would have an entry in the book, and you'd pick the truck, and then be able to pick your event(s) and drive it. Events are played in 3-d like Car and Driver, with multiple camera views, including behind the wheel of the truck in question, with an option to stick your head out the window like Jim Kramer.