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**SPOILER ALERT** - This is my entire walkthrough for this game. This means that it will "spoil" everything for you if you read it before beating the game, or decide to read this like a novel. I hold no responsibility for your so-called "dissappointment" after you read this.


So first off, this game is not about a sasquatch, it's about a monster truck, actually, the original monster truck - Bigfoot. Check out my bigger page here in the Misc Section on oldschool Bigfoot. Anyway, Bigfoot started off as a rolling advertisement for Bob and Marylin Chandler's local 4-wheel and performance shop they started in the 1970's with family friend Jim Kramer. Over the course of the 70's, Chandler's upgrades snowballed into what came to be known as the "original monster truck" by 1979, when the truck took it's first role as the main protagonist vehicle in "Take tHis JOb and Shove It", as well as by 1981, performing the first car crush in front of a crowd after a few years of a promoter asking Chandler because of a video he ran in his shop. Chandler initially was not to thrilled with the idea, but it ended up being a smash, and monster trucks grew to be a big thing in the 1980's, with Bigfoot even helping bolster competition and an industry by helping others with their own MOnster Trucks.

I consider Bigfoot's heyday to be that period between 1987-1997, as that's what a lot of the kids I went to school with at that time - all the right age to play Nintendo - were into, including later, me (die-hard long-time fan here). And of course, this meant that it was a ripe time for BIgfoot to be brought to video games. That's not to say it had not been tried, around the same year, there was another MOnster Truck game released for the NES with no team affiliations, and then there's Motorodeo for Atari 2600 that came out at the same time with a more comical and cartooney slant. During that time, Bigfoot was crowned "King of the monster trucks" and was putting fourth so much innovation that shortly after this game was released, the Modern Monster Truck came about - the Stage 3, tubular frame, fiberglass body trucks like we still see today. It seems to me, every innovation since Bigfoot's, have been maybe minimal at best.

So in 1989, Acclaim/BEAM Software put out this highly misunderstood NES game, and it kind of fell into those categories of the games you'd see for rent at Blockbuster or 7/11 that you were not aware existed, and that when you took it home, you thought it sucked because there was no manual to read, if you even bothered to read it anyway, and it's actual function is not readily apparent.

So here's Bigfoot for NES in a nutshell. Bigfoot partakes in a Cannonball Run Sea to Shining Sea Dash sort of race starting in Mesa and traveling to New York for the great "Drag Race". Unrealistic, heck yes, but could be an excellent premise of a movie. To make a really good Simulator with tech from the time, it would have made a better PC i386 based game where you manage the truck equipment, decide which trucks to deploy, and then deploy them, with all 11 bigfoot videos (1,2,3,4,5 (10 foot tires), 6, 7, Ranger/Ms.Bigfoot, Shuttle (V6 Aerostar), and FasTrax (personnel carrier)) according to the needs of the event. Maybe I'll dabble in that someday....maybe someone else would - it'd be a cool DOS Game nonetheless. BUt here, we need to stick to the cartooney because, well, it's NES, and the NES just can't work with that many variables.

The Gameplay pattern of Bigfoot is this - you drive to the next event throught he wilderness aboard your Monster Truck, crushing cars, driving through mud, driving through water, going over bridges, collecting nitrous, spring shoes, circular saws, tools, and whatever, along the way as a form of "power up". After you get to your designation, you build out your truck with the money accrued from the overhead race, and any side scroller races, and soup up your truck as much as you can, and then go race in one of four different events: Mud Race, Hill Climb, Car Crush, Tractor Pull, and Drag Race. See the Appendix for details on that stuff.

Top downh races are played using the D-Pad to move the truck back and fourth, B for special weapons (buzzsaw, springs, etc.), and A for Nitrous, and Start to pause. The Side Scroller races are controlled by "button mashing" the left and right sides of the D-pad rapidly, while using B to shift the transmission, and A to control nitrous. THis part is the part of the game that gets most people. Two methods to make it better is to either buy a Joystick, which might be better if you have smaller hands, or you can juse the "Edward Van-Halen Method" as I call it, holding the gamepad like a guitar neck, and then using a "Trill"/"right-hand-hammer-on" technique to rapidly alternate the D-PAd while using your pinky and the finger next to it to operate the transmission and nitrous.

The way to win the game, is to get the most points. Not the most money. It works like a real Monster Truck championship in this manner, in that you race, you win, you gain points, and the most points you gain from winning races, collecting power-ups (wrenches are especially valueable on the top down races), and even beating the tar out of your opponent in races....sometimes to the point that they commit "Hary kari" on the race course - will help with that. Yeah, no mercy. Guess the Growler, Crusher, Terminator, and whatnot have some mental issues....maybe should have got some help instead of a monster truck.

Overhead Race #1 - If Arpaio knew, this would become Smokey and the Bandit with monster trucks!

So the story begins in what looks like did they go there, why did they go there? Maybe Chandler was having leisure hill-climbs in the Mojave Desert or something? Who knows. Was Chandler having one of the 'feet' outfitted with the same computer technology of Mr. Twister (that could explain why we have a midwestern drawl talking Bigfoot #4 in that old Power Team cartoon). Maybe the Hauler was hanging in the balance as a part of some ridiculous bet some forgotten driver made at a camping trip? Whatever. Anyway, were in some woodsy wasteland driving to our first event in Mesa Arizona with the Growler - a green F250. Maybe it was just a half-joking wager between friends "can we do the Cannonball Run....but with MOnster Trucks?". Anyway.....let's get on with it...>

So it's time to drive to Mesa Arizona in our big-blue Ford. Strange you have to keep ripping the wheel left to right like a maniac to keep the darned thing moving forward - kind of reminds me of those weird 80's kid toys where you sat about 2" off the ground on a bicycle seat, and then wiggled the handlebars back and fourth to make the darned thing move forward. Collect up nitrous and power-ups, as many as you can, as you head toward the end. Once you start to see less landscape details, you will be very close to the end, this is about the point you should blast your nitrous - all of it, hopefully you have at least 3, to rip past the other truck at the last minute.

I figure, since this is the first race like this, and they are roughly the same, I should mention some counter-attacks to your opponent. The biggest threat to your safety is that bloody Skill Saw that sounds like a kitchen hood fan with bad bearings. You can counter it with the power-up that looks like a gray Super Mario coin block - the "battering RAM" which will make your truck flash as it makes ray-gun noises. It's also good to bang your opponent into the trees if you can, or even manage to trap it. YOu want to exhaust his money supply as much as you can initially, so you can get a leg up financially and point's wise. And we'll get to that at the upgrades in the next section. Basically, collect as many power ups as you can, and as much moolah as possible, be AGGRESSIVE - you need to be in these early rounds to secure your winning the championship. Put on a racing helmet and hang off the side of your chair ala Jim Kramer if you have to! YOu got this!

Side Scrolling Race #1 - Mesa Arizona Car Crush

So before each side scrolling round, after the scoreboard tallies up your score and your prize money, you will enter a black screen with Engines, Tires, Transmissions, and SHocks, and the money you earned in the overhead course before + any prize money from previous races (after this one) will allow you to upgrade your truck from a base F-250 High Boy pickup, into something formidable. ENgines cost $800 a pop, Tires $600, Transmissions $400, and Shocks $200 - man, I wish this was the contents of a SUmmit Racing catalog - oh well. Anyway, like most NES games with an "upgrade system" such as this, the more bars colored, the higher your vehicle's stats. I picture it something like this....

Engines - Zero bars means "blown engine" or "no engine", one bar is a basic 460 cI Ford engine out of your grandpa's truck, two bars - added supercharger, three? - 540CI overbored and supercharged, and the big kahuna - 4 bars, 640CI Alan Root Hemi BOat Motor ala Bigfoot #1 86'-05'. Engines are the #1 thing you will break during a race, because all races demand high speed movement, and if you use your nitrious a lot, or are allergic to using the gears, then you will burn through more engines. You want to keep your eye on the temp gauge on the dashboard during the race to keep from burning the engine out. Also, bigger engines suck down more gas.

Tires - The most obvious choice made are the tires, because it will be apparent. AT the smallest, it looks like a set of 48" tires ala Bigfoot #1 1981 on back, or Ranger/Shuttle. The second set looks like the regulation 66" tires they usually use, then the next set looks like something BIgfoot never ran - 7' tires like that old dual engine Nissan hardbody monster truck, and lastly, the 10' tall Alaskan Tundra tires from Bigfoot #5 - revealing that the developers really did not gather enough information.

Transmission - Honestly, depending on how you play the game, these can be a non-issue, or they can be a issue if you're terrible with your shifting, which seems to bear no rhyme, reason, or logic other than you can't shift too often or you'll damage the transmission.

Shocks - The faster, more powerful, and thusly more airborne your monster truck is, the more these matter. Typically nobody sees these as an issue until the much later, longer, side scroll courses with a lot of hills/bumps. And if you copy the A.I. you might not ever harm these, but if you're a nitro burning leadfoot with one hand on the shifter at all times like me, you'll tear a few up, at least in the last level.

For the first car crush, assumign you did well, you should at least be missing only one of the items above, and should be able to blast through this round easily. One method is to wait at the starting gate, after the first ding before the green light, kick in Nitrous to get a nice boost out of the gate, then rapid-fire through the course as fast as you can. YOu can make it easier though if you use your gears to get some massive headway against Growler and even launch Bigfoot off the second bump in the track over the finish line.

Okay, let's walk the track a bit too. The track starts with a straightaway before a row of around eight cars to clear, then a small bump, then a big bump with a ridged top, and that dumps off toward the finish line.

Overhead Race #2 - Crushing through Tahoe and Huffaker Lake to Reno

Again, yet another race. If you excelled at your mission thus far, you might bankrupt Growler and get the Crusher next - a Yellow...surprise surprise...70's Ford F-250. Again, same rules, avoid trees, crush cars, grab power-ups, use them to counter attack apropriately, and burn-rush the end of the race with nitrous as you get close to the only stretch of street you drive on in the game. That is unless Growler is very marginalized financially or has $1500 - that way you can rip through the next race without much worry or work.

Side Scrolling Race #2 - The Reno Mud Race

So apparently Reno is trying to stimulate rain by putting mud at their event's center....either that or the bulls trampled the ground so much at the last rodeo they decided that would be an apropriate event....odd since Bigfoot around this time did a Car Crush in Reno...but I guess it's a way to kill the monotony of the game by giving it an odd event. But I digress...The Reno Mud Race is pretty simple. You start with a long stretch of mud, before 3 hills to climb over. Without the gears you want to hit the truck with Nitrous right off the bat till you destroy your first engine, then pace your opponent while staying ahead. I use the same technique with the gear shift but then I can relax toward the end of the track a little bit and just glide over the hills and the finish line.

Overhead Race #3 - Through Oregon to Rurual Washington

More of the same. In this race, might be a good idea to lie back, maybe even lose if you've accumulated at least $6000, so you can sabotage your opponent - or more apropriatley, let him sabotoge himself, by being reserved, and letting your opponent bash himself around. THe next side scroller race is really gruelling, and one of the most abusive to the you want to conserve as much as you can, though try to grab as much $$$$ as you can, this will be a very expensive race.

Side Scrolling Race #3 - Yakima Hill Climb

Hill Climbs are the most notorious races in the game. They destroy your engines, your tires, and can even occasionally wreck your transmission if you use the gear lever, or your suspension if you are really aggresive and/or let the truck roll back too much. With the hill climb...I usually start off by rushing the start with nitrious and all three gears, then once I'm substantially ahead of my opponent, I let the gears fall back on straightaways or climbs up - keeping an eye on engine temperature the whole time, using nitrous only as-needed when getting over tough parts of the hill. The best I've ever done on this level is win very quickly rushing the start through the first damaged engine, and ending the race on 66" tires with a beefed up 460ci under the hood. You want to conserve your engines and tires as much as possible as they are the two most expensive components, and since the AI follows a pretty lousy path - you can let him burn himself out if you take just the right amount of time.

Overhead Race #4 - Not far till Fargo

By this point, you either have bankrupted the Growler, maybe even the Charger too. But be aggressive, one of the most deceptively easy races in the entire game is coming up. You want as much $$$ as you can at this point, and should be reaching the $10,000 mark soon. This is also when you might want to consider how many points you need to acquire. Either way, at this point, give em' heck and try to hold onto your wallet as much as possible.

Side Scrolling Race #4 - Fargo Tractor Pull

Tractor Pulls are actually the easiest event in the game - especially if you use your shifter. The fastest way to win is to come out of the gate using nitrous and your gear shifter while banging l-r-l-r-l-r-l-r on the D-pad like a madman. If you do it just right - you will win the race without breaking anything, and rake in points like crazy. Without the shifter, you can still win but it will cost you $800 (engine) to get there.

Overhead Race #5 - and onto New Mexico

By now you should be pretty familiar with the flow of these levels. Snag as much as you can, wrecking as little as possible (costs $$$), and lookout for Growler/Charger/Terminator choosing to commit unspeakable acts on the course to trigger a waterfall of money and power-ups, and if they do? GRAB AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. You could easily break $12800 or more in money that way by the next round, effectively making your life as a monster truck racer easier.

Side Scrolling Race #5 - Pueblo Car Crush....with just 2 banks of cars

Why they call this a Car Crush, I don't know, it seems more like it should be a mid-game "Drag Race" (which is hardly a "Drag Race"). Anyway, you have a row of cars, a hill, another row of cars, a refueling line early in the track, a few more big hills, a mud pit, and a finish line. In this, you will want to use nitrous and gears to make it easier on you, otherwise, expect to spend $800-1600 in engines on this race to win - and watch that temperature....that's the real killer.

Overhead Race #6 - Oklahoma Bound

You know what to do....

Side Scrolling Race #6 - Tulsa Tractor Pull

Same as the last tractor pull event.....just slam the gears and nitrous out of the gate, keeping on the nitrous the whole time, until you win. Without gears, expect to spend $1600 in engine repairs....$800 per round. By this point if you are winning can afford it.

Overhead Race #7 - Onward to Mississippi

Meh...grab power ups, grab money....blah blah blah, lookout for kamakazi money bag moments to take advantage of, bum-rush the end of the road. AS usual.

Side Scrolling Race #7 - Jackson Hill Climb

Ho hum...yeah, same deal as Yakima - Fill your trucks stats out maximum, rush the start of the race, pace yourself the rest of the way with tactful use of nitrous and shifting, and you'll be the truck on the golden mountain in no time. Expect to pay out the nose for parts as usual. Hillclimbs are BRUTAL!

Overhead Race #8 - Union City

Mix 2 cups of flour, 2 cups of greek yogurt, knead into a donut shape, put on an egg wash, sprinkle on "everything but the bagel", bake on 350 degrees Farenheight for 20 minutes, there ya go, you just made edible tires......yeah yeah yeah, I just needed something here because I'll just be telling you the same boring stuff.....grab money, grab goodies for points, counter attack, watch out for a field full of dollar signs to swipe, and bum rush the end.

Side Scroller Race #8 - Union City Mud Race

Now here's where this game will start to hurt a little, especially if you are older, especially if you are using a gamepad. The Union City Mud race seems more like they dug up the main street of Union City and held a mud race down the length of the entire town! You start with a long pit, some bumps, a fuel line, another long pit, more bumps, a short pit

Overhead Race #9 - New Yawlk....

This is the final overhead race, so make it a good one. Grab as much $$, grab as much points, f*** the other guy, this is possibly the one race to be the most aggressive with. Bum rush the finish line, you might even secure victory, even if you fail at the final race.

Side Scroller Race #9 - New York City Drag Ru Paul here

Aka, basically a review of the whole game's side scroller levels minus the massive mountain to climb and the sled for the tractor pull. Fittingly Bigfoot blue (and oddly not in St. Louis), the final NEw York Drag Race is the longest, most gruelling race, and it might be the first time you see your Tachometer tell you "Damaged Shocks" "Damaged Shocks". It starts with a long mud pit, to rush through, then a long long line of cars to crush, if you hit them fast enough, you'll catch air, then a refuel line after a bump or two, and then a long progression of bumps, big and small, with a couple small runs of cars in between a couple of them, before hitting a small divot in the land, then the final stretch of cars that's quite long....over the final dip, back to sea level, then finish line.

VICTORY....OR NOT! And Appendix-citus

Finally, you see the scoreboard, if your score exceeds the other player, you win. And your prize? A familiar photograph of Bob with Bigfoot #5 that he had hanging in his office in the 80's and maybe 90' a cowboy hat. for more appendix fun after this.

Overhead Level Stuff

I always found it odd the overhead trucks look like 1980-1987 F-150's, while the side racers looked like 1970's Dentside F-series pickups. Even more odd is the game came out in 1989, when Bigfoot was using 1987-1992 style Ford "Bricknose" trucks.

  • Money - You need it to buy parts and enter races (Pay-to-Play). He who has the gold keeps on going, but does not win the championship necessarily. THat's depending on your
  • Nitrous
  • Shock Absorber
  • Wrench/Fix
  • Circular Saw
  • "Battering Ram"
  • Cars
  • Trees