Okay, so I know what you're probably thinking.....WHAT THE HECK?  These games are called Dragon WARRIOR, not Dragon QUEST!  Well, let me explain....

Dragon Quest is a ginormous turn-based-RPG, or JRPG/CRPG franchise created by Yuji Horii, with the aid of Akira Nakamira (Chunsoft/programming), cartoonist/art/designer Akira Toriyama (better known in the US for his Dragon Ball (Z) stuff), and Koichi Sugyama for the music put together their collective talents while bringing in influence from Western RPG's such as Ultima and Wizardry, and, at least on the initial release - 1986's Dragon Quest for the Nintendo Famicom (the Japanese NES) - simplifying the RPG experience enough that anyone could pick it up and play it intuitively.  It became a smash hit franchise in Japan, so much so the Japanese government has to limit all Dragon Quest releases to the weekends because of people playing hookey - yes, even adults - to get their hands on the latest release.

In America though, Dragon Quest was localized and modified as "Dragon Warrior" in 1989 due to copyright conflicts with the people who owned the AD&D pen-and-paper RPG game "Dragon Quest", and was a faint sigh among the Mario obsessed American gaming public of the time.  Nintendo over-produced copies of the orignial game to such an extent that they started giving copies away for free with the subscription to their Nintendo Power Magazine, and subsequencent releases in the original four Chunsoft NES releases progressively failed to garner more than a mere cult-appreciation among RPG fans. 

Dragon Quest has finally caught on in the west these days, but this page is dedicated soley to those first four releases on the 8-bit NES that we got here in the states, as it's one of my favorite franchises for the NES.  Honestly, I really liked the aesthetic of these old 8-bit releases, as well as the general feel, and how it shows to how effectively make a good 8-bit RPG.  Also, I feel certain titles - like Dragon Warrior II - get a bit of an unfair bad rap for their this entire page is dedicated to this series.