**SPOILER ALERT** - This is my entire walkthrough for this game. This means that it will "spoil" everything for you if you read it before beating the game, or decide to read this like a novel. I hold no responsibility for your so-called "dissappointment" after you read this.


Before We Begin... When you first start Dragon Warrior up you will need to create a character. What you name your character determines your stats at the onset based on the first four letters of your character's name. Since I feel a highly technical explaination of this is a bit "out of scope" for a general walkthrough like this, I will just send you to a stats generator". I'm more of a pursuasion to just use whatever name I feel like using and throw caution to the wind, it's just that much more exciting that way, and kind of the way the creators intended for Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest to work. It throws a bit of a "real" element in there where luck of the draw determines what you are up against.

Your mission.....the macro and the micro When you first start of course, King Lorik goes on this grand olde-Englsh spiel about the Dragonlord having the land run amok by monsters, his daughter, Princess Gwaielin, being obsconded with, and then tells you to open the three chests in his will contain a Medical Herb, one will contain 150 gold, and one will contain a one-time-use key to leave his chambers - pretty much the only door in the game that remains unlocked after you unlock it. Honestly. someone shold talk with the Alefgard Keymaker's guild about one-time-use keys, maybe discuss some better materials? Not sure what the problem is. Anyway.....

You know now your surprisingly simple goals of saving the kingdom from the big wicked bad guy you've never met before in your life responsible for the terror throughout the kingdom, and that the king's daughter is missing and you need to find her....if you want (but more on that later). But the macro of the situation is you have limited funds, one healing herb, and you NEED weapons and armor to progress.

. So it's time to exit the castle and wander to the east over to Breconnary - the big castle town that's realy not that big...maybe they should have called it Reno. Anyway, when you arrive at Breconnary, you will enter on the western side, so go east, then north toward the weapons shop. Typically here, I value defense over offense, 'cause in Dragon Warrior, if you die, you lose half of your gold (luckily you have infinite lives), and this makes getting more expensive armor and weapons harder than having to grind a little more to build up strength to actually make a battle take less than a minute. So I usually snag my armor first, opting usually for the leather armor, and a bamboo pole.

From here on out, until Level 5 - it's time to grind, and upgrade your weapons and armor as you can afford, before heading off to your next place. Feel free to talk to the townspeople - it is there you will find out that the town of Garinham is in the northwest (maybe they shoulda' called it Seattle instead...except without the cool Market. All joking aside though, you want to have a copper sword, leather armor, and a small shield and be at level 5 at least before tearing off to Garinham.

This is where I talk about the "Zen" I find in "Grinding". Kids whine that there's "too much grinding" in this game, but to me, that's one of the most relaxing activities of Dragon Warrior, any of the first four, is being able to grind for a long time. First off, as a youngun', you'll learn paitience and how to find beauty in the simplest of activities while doing this, and for guys like me, it'll help your life-induced insomnia of dealing with bills, crotchety family members, constantly having to clean the house, and an endless sea of projects you don't have the energy to do but can't stop thinking about. Plus once you get the "Zen" of grinding for gold and experience, you'll be handsomely rewarded in realizing those weapons, armor, and much needed stat boosts of level growth, are not as hard or as long in the tooth to get as you might think.

So let's talk about how I do this on the early levels with my character armed with a mere Bamboo Pole and Leather Armor. I'll start off by roaming circles around Breconnary and Tantel Castle, beating up blue and red slimes, usually with 4-5 hits, because that's all I can do. When my stats get to about the last 10-15% of HP leftover, I go stay at the in, until I hit Level 2 or 3, and finally have the "Heal" spell. The slimes do about 2-3 HP damage and have 4HP total, thusly 4-hit kill at worst. When I finally get the "heal" spell, your refresh of stats should be 100% free....

See, there's a little wizard looking dude in Tantgel Castle, if you enter the castle, take the first walkway on the right, then head down to the front of the castle, and this guy is just shuffling around there and his only purpose is to cast rays of light on you, which refreshes your MP (Magic Points), so now instead of spending 6GP per night at the Breconnary Rise n' Shine can spend 0GP and treat the hero like the worlds most high stamina insomniac. I just go there, heal up, go back out, and beat the crap out of everything in sight nearby, come back at the next level-up, save to the imperial scrolls of honor with King Lorik, and then rinse and repeat until I get to Level 10, buying weapons and armor in between when I can afford it.

This brings me to "economy". Dragon Warrior, this first game, does not have the cool ability of the later games of "trading up" to your more expensive armor and weapons. Instead, it's easy to screw yourself by selling your weapon off, and then not getting the full recoup you were expecting. So in this game, just save up to the full amount, sell, adn then the money that comes after selling your old one (which I suggest since item slots are limited), put that toward anecdote herbs and Inn stays later on - or to start off with a bit of an advantage for your next piece of equipment.

So your primary purpose at first will be just to level up. For the first 3 levels, I would not venture far beyond the castle and town. I don't care how much Castle Charlock (Dragonlord's castle, visible across the river from Tantgel) is mocking you by just being there - actually, keep Charlock in sight while you beat up drops of Colgate and Close-Up for awhile. Remmeber, start small - work your way up. Once you're past Level 3, you might want to venture just a little further out, don't pass the mountains to the north and for god sake, don't go to this messed up area, especially the "death beach" as I call it to the west and south of the castle - as somehow I've pulled up Wraith Knights and Starwyverns there in the past WAAAY to early, and to them, at this point in your life, you are a one-hit-kill. So just don't do it! You want to get just wide enough out that you start getting Drakees and maybe a Ghost or Two periodically for a real challenge, and that's it.

As you draw closer to level 6-ish, you will want to start venturing out further and further, almost like you're "Stretching" your battle-zone slowly, so as not to rip it on the way, so as to not rip yourself and introduce some nasty baddies too fast. One guy in Breconary told us "if thou crosses a bridge, thy danger increases" - well, I'm here to tell you everything that man says, is a lie.....okay, a half-truth, there is ONE bridge you can cross and still be safe, and that's the bridge to the east once you have left the valley of Tantgel/Breconnary heading north - this is a good way to expand your battle zone, and start dipping your toe near the Scorpion's nest in the northeast quadrant of the map when you're ready.

The Cave Of Destiny...

That's what I call this cave found on the map north and west of Tantgel valley - you will see it along your way to Garinham. This is a 2 layer cave with no enemies, and it's sole purpose **SPOILER** is to tell you your quest and to go look for the Erdrick weapons and armor around the kingdom. IE that you need to capture the "magical objects" to "kill the big bad guy" in the typical RPG trope.

Garinham.....I want a ham Sandwich
Kol's "Wellness Center"
Riverside Cave Hijinks
Long, Bloody Road to Rimuldar
Keys, Clues, and Stuff
Garin and his Magic Harp and Staff
Sieging the Castle Basement
Hell is Alefgard's California Coast
Hauksness...Monster Siege or Hurricane Victim?
Beating up the Tin Man for your Armor!
Princess Impound Yard
More Leveling Up and Let's go Token Giggin' With Erdrick May Higgins
The Golemn and the Dead Mall of Alefgard
Making a Bridge out of Rainbows
Who knows where the cold wind blows....I'd ask my friends "behind Dragonlord's Throne"
Dizzydownward Spiral & Erdrick's Sword
R.E.M. and Chevelle get together....
He got the real story.......DRAGONLORD
The long walk home
But Thou Must.....