Before the Guitari, I did make a working prototype board of another synth - the GAIN BOY. What was the "Gain Boy"? Well as the name implies, it was a sample-hold based Synthesizer pedal designed to kind of nick some ideas off of Parasit Studios 0416 Synthesizer, but give it's own tone. The funny part about this device....was that it came out sounding like the audio channels on a game-Boy that was the idea....a Game Boy style pedal (looks like I'm stomping on a Game Boy).
I got really obsessed with learning CMOS guitar synth wizardry from Parasitstudios on Instagram/his site. He has an awesome tutorial on making pedals there. I seriously wanted to build my own guitar synth like his 4096 guitar synth, but I could never get the circuit to work as intended on my boards at home.

The Circuit sounded a lot like a Game Boy, hence the name. It had that sort of "Juice Box" audio quality to it that I really liked.