Sometimes I get crazy ideas for pedals in my head while I'm working or running around, and I need a place to store all this stuff so I can remember it, or at least, if I don't someone else will build it out.
From 2000-2003 I was in a local Montgomery based metal band called Lithium and we had a single on the radio called "Crystal". The signature of that song being that I was creating synth-pad noises on a guitar using a BOSS ME-6 multi-Effects unit with a heavy chorus, delay, and plate reverb setting on it. Since then I've been evolving and modifying that sound and the idea here is that I would create a pedal that's a combo Delay/Reverb/Chorus that acts similar to that pedal.

How it would work is the clean guitar signal would come in via some kind of compressor, enter a reverb, then a delay, then another reverb with trails, and then a heavy chorusing effect. It would be mixable with the regular guitar signal and the repeat/decay adjustable to allow the signal to "trail off" sooner or become a giant wall. Might put a "hold" feature on it.

I could easily build this using some MFX modules, but I'm thinking I'd rather have the challenge of building it itsef. I know the Reverb(s) would be based on the Deforestation Treeverb pedal I designed.
RANDY 1000
Control an SN76489 (or a series of them) with a AD Converter.