Cars have always been kind-of a thing for me since I was a kid.  Since I've managed to keep and maintain my first "ride" for now 20 years, and with it now being a CLASSIC vehicle. I have decided to provide some technical information on my site, and even just some opinions and things regarding the 1st Generation Ford Explorer (1991-1994).  So in the classic creepingnet tradition of taking a wrench or screwdriver to anything that needs maintained or fixed - properly - I decided it was time to maybe put up a page of what I've learned, and what I think/like/do to maintain one of these vehicles.

While I more or less endorse Explorer Forum for most of your research on this, this is just to write up technical things I've done to my truck over the years and how I've done them.  It seems fixing your own car is becoming a "lost art" - just like driving a Manual Transmission is.  Right now I could argue I have the lowest vehicle operator cost of any person living on this planet - I pay about $500 every 10 years or 100,000 miles to go through the same boring rigamarole of: replace clutch, replace radius arm bushings, new pads, new rotors, tune-up, and then check and make sure the caps on the ECU are not leaking - reset computer, run codes - bam, she's happy for another 10 years/100K.

This page only focuses on the 1st Generation Explorer because that's what I have and I'm not pulling in four more Ford Explorers just so I can figure out the intricate details of every single model year.  There's plenty of that elsewhere.  Here is just showing how a shade-tree mechanic with mostly basic hand-tools and a lot of know how, can maintain a "consumer ride" well past 30 years and 300,000 miles with almost no issues.  People seem to forget - regardless of make and model - that vehicles are like any other machine.  If you take care of them, they will take care of you.

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