I'm rewriting this section as just sort of a "catch all" for various things, including maintenance, other things I'm into (but not as much) that I have knowledge about, and whatnot. I'm just into too many things and have too many this is the section for that....whether it's Bigfoot the Monster Truck, doing Dryall, fixing a busted PBX system, or how the heck I do those mondo walks I do that everyone things I'm downright insane for doing.

Household Stuff

Just various things to take care of in your house and apartment that most people my age (Millennials) don't know how to do. Things like changing your furnace filter every 3 months (and where to find it when your moron landlord/property management fails to show you where it is or even mention it), how to clear a drain the easy way (and Draino is NOT The answer), or killing ants in the most lazy, passive way possible.

  • How to find and change the furnace filter in your Apartment
  • Methods I use in Unclogging Drains
  • Moronic Apartment Cabinetry Fix - What are they using, guitar pickguard screws?
  • Killing The Ant Invasion (and their name is NOT Adam)
  • Those F****d Blinds Apartments Use - Duct Tape Fix That (pretty much) works
  • Screws, Nuts, and Bolts Explained to the Technically "incapable"
  • How to never be late on your bills again (my way)

Other Electronic Stuff

Repairing a 1989 Mitsubishi CS-2720R TV set

Thoughts & Stupid Stuff

I'm an opinionated guy. VERY much so, so here's where my opinions go. WARNING: This can get pretty dark from time to time. Just thoughts on things like religion, politics, news, people, products, and how they affect us. Sorry - not sorry - if this hurts your precious little feelings. I'm done playing "nice guy" out there.....consider that before you read! I hold no responsibility for your feeling, mental issues, or anything else. Good luck.