Yeah, I don't have a kid, and I don't want one either. I will not have any regrets, and I feel no remorse for it. But after a horrid weekend of having to hear too much about babies.....I'm sick of it.

Look, once upon a time, when I was maybe...I dunno, 22, or 23, I wanted kids, because I still had faith in this planet. I still had faith in our species. Heck, I still had faith in god. Rignt now, I don't, hardcore, and probably never will again. I cannot, without a guilty conscience, put another human being on this planet as our society, politics, and financial system currently stands.

Looking back, my childhood was a mess, and after a lot of lurking around Reddit, and lurking around other parts of the web, reading your experiences, I can see I'm very well not alone in these feelings. I was bullied, asked to do things I was not supposed to do, given major political arguements before I was old enough or ready....yet I'm expected to bring fourth another child onto this planet to get ripped apart by it while it gets ripped apart by our screwed up species and our so-called "societies" just as much as I have been, or some multiplication factor more? Look, I did not get to where I stand on this world by sleeping. I've been more alert, wide-eyed, and have so many "I Told Ya So"s I probably should write a book about it and sell it on Amazon.

First off, let's talk about the financial implications. I make what you consider "middle class" income these days. But I live in an Apartment, drive a 30 year old vehicle, the only reason why I'm healthy at this age is because I can't afford to eat fast food like my parents or my childhood did, and I don't rely on my car as much as most people in previous generations did (probably why I drive a "classic" now). A child is EXPENSIVE, and in today's society, with the cost of healthcare being what it is, and even with certain ahem.."benefits" in that area that most normal people don't have, it's still prone to human screwups that could cost us out of pocket because of someone else's mistake or not doing their job - and before you send me a "nastygram" about how "Stupid" I am, I'm here to tell you that has already happened, and I have no more faith in any "system" on this planet than I do in Unicorns!

And that kid needs to live a good life to turn out as a well adjusted person, with some limits put on the strain put upon them. Everyone loves to think that "good" will prevail and "Evil" will fail, but the truth is, evil always wins, and if evil WAS good before, it always changes. Absolute power corrupts absolutley, and every parent has skeletons in their closet - even I have some of my own. I find parents that think they are "Good parents" as sanctimonious idiots who are blind to any bad they or theirs do because they have no objective line of thought. You want to know why I get so angry IRL? This is why. I know I'm shit, but I know you're shit too. Were all shit in this one big toilet bowl of humanity together - how about that?

Health, especially mental health, is a huge problem in this world, and especially, the place I hang my hat, in the good ole USA. Just to get therapy or meet a shrink on in this country to take care of your issues is met with delays up to a year or more because not enough people get into the field, too many are bad, horrible, or looking to resolve their own issues with their "education" while supporting their families on the misery of others. Substance abuse issues are more rampant year after year, we have a pandemic of COVID-19 going on right now that I'm not convinced will ever end that is politicized and filling hospitals with paitients they struggle to support while handling all the other people who come in with other ailments. Suicide is up, the cost of living is too high, quality healthcare is hard to get, and if you need "too much" your insurance won't cover it and you're up the s*** creek without a paddle because "that's just how the world works" - well, that's not the kind of world I want to bring up a child in, let alone live in myself.

Education is a joke. It's turned into a football-esque team-joke like any other. Who cares what you actually know, it's all about your college you went to, and what generally arbitrary letter next to your subjects on your report card are. It's not always a measure of your intelligence, it's a measure of b.s. metrics based in swaying children from being children, and learning, in favor of them regurgitating facts back to a teacher so the teacher looks good and just might get that principal or superintendant position that won't be anything much different. A computer analyst from Auburn? Who cares! A lawyer from Harvard - whatever! Princeton? Are you a Reverb or a Doctor? Name any Fender amplifier you like, you're not impressing me! Green Bay Packards? - I think you need to do something about that polluted lake Wisconsin! I have a theory - get enough people in suits and ties into a room together and you can make "anyone" believe "anything".

And yeah, I'm aware I'm adding to this as things come up.....sorry, not sorry, I feel how I feel.

Most people I know, get financial help from their parents - agreed - but us? My relationship! We pay our own way baby! Our moms and dads did not "hand us" a mortgage, they did not buys us cars or computers, or anything. My wife bought and owns her car ourtright. I earned mine by learning to drive stick shift by myself and driving something so old nobody would want it (the story of my life). Every financial hardship we have gotten through OURSELVES. And guess what, I'm still on the fence about it to leaning toward feeling somewhat sanctimonious myself - because see, everything we have, is OUR MONEY! Not our parents, not our aunts, not our uncles, maybe a handful of things here and there that were wants, not needs, that we got, but we appreciated those things and still have them - some fine examples are fancy designer clothes or my 2nd hand iMac. Were not the lazy, entitled millennials you hear about in the news, were the ones working hard and kicking ass, all the while being told by society and even occasionally bosses or colleagues, that we "do too much". Yeah, because that used to be how you had job security, that's how you moved up the ladder, and that's how you succeeded in life. I agree with some of the news that Millennials are some of the most entitled, selfish, oafs with misplaced "needs" and poor financial management. I may not be a real-estate mogul - but I always left myself a little "exit" properties or money to get out of shit, with a kid, I won't have that ability to obtain some minor security through my activities, everything will have to go to the kid, and then the point of having one, would be null and void - because then we will be on the street, the kid will be with CPS, and the minute were back on our feet, it turns into an ongoing cycle. So how the hell would I expect - with such high self-sufficiency, and the expectations that go with that, that I would be helped. Also, something seems wrong with me that you Will help for the kid, but not the people you birthed to HAVE that kid.

Next we move into something nobody talks about. Our world, the future. What kind of future are we leaving for our kids. The Boomers did not give a crap about Gen X or Millennials, so how the heck do I expect us Millennials to be any different? The Boomers were obsessed with secretly reliving their failed 60's dream in the garage on the weekends, all the while playing the corporate ladder by day. Gen X is nearly silent, or joining one side or the other than their own. My own will be the generation that turns everything into a comic hero superbook video game, and the one that comes in next will probably bring up a society of neo-liberal facism, where the road to hell truly is being paved with good intentions.

Firstly, consider the kid. Remember school? If it was great for you, it was not for someone else. I'll speak my truth here. I was the "nerdy" "Loser" Kid, despite even changing my whole "imagE" to 100% Pure Rocker by age 15. Yeah, I was a "loser" "Rocker". I was bullied, I was harassed, I was heckled. Teachers treated me badly, councilors did, other students did, our school system was a joke where dicipline was put above education, where you had to sign a damn waiver to learn about the theory of Evolution! But at least back then, in teh 1990's, I could escape all that crap. When I went home, nobody dared to show up, or I'd call 911, or knife them (almost happened - had a bully try to come through the cat door at 11pm on a Friday). Now they don't even need to follow your pets inside! They can just troll you all over the internet all day and all night. Because kids today get to have technology we DREAMED of having the 1990's - Cell Phones, Laptop Computers, 100% connected to the internet 24/7/365 on a data plan that's only $65/mo.! But I understand the double edge of said technology is how other people, especially kids, abuse it.

Then let's consider today's parents. Parent's today SUCK! Mine was 100x the parent any of these no-talent hacks are, and even she fucked a lot of stuff up. THey let their kids run around, unsupervised, or they try so hard to helicopter around and are so overly protective they raise a kid that has no balance of challenge to build character and actually learn to perservere in the face of diffivulty, or they raise a kid so tethered to a ridgid series of technology-railed standards and practices that the kid never learns critical thinking because a bloody Computer is delivering absolutes for whatever situation they might be enterting. I know this sounds funny coming from a "computer guy" like myself, but I know what this technology can, and does do. Also, money does not make a good parent, neither does religion - some of the most screwed up kids I knew were the Upper-Middle Class Baptist kids from school, yet, I, the guy who never drank an alcohol drink until age 25, am pegged as some kind of junkie because of my long hair, while Dylan Do-Right is doing meth behind the locker room after football practice and traffiking his girlfriends. Yeah....screw off.

I have no doubt I could do a "Fair" job of raising a kid, but I DO have doubt that I could tolerate all the crap that goes with it today. All the expectations, plans, beliefs, and bullshit our society pushes. You know why people push so hard to have children? Because, just like anything else society pushes you to do, through media, selling things, peer pressure, and bandwagons - it benefits the rich. The Hospital makes money on the delivery, the food, stroller, toy...most especially the toy industry, makes billions of dollars off your little bundle of joy. The Government does as well, through taxes, and knowing they have a future "soldier" to go fight in a foreign land for something you may, or may not, agree with. Just wait till the next "Nixon" and the next "Vietnam" come about. Guess nobody was listening to Country Joe - and I'm not even a hippie and have reservations about Afghanstan of my own!

And what about the future? What about when the kid becomes OUR AGE! What are we going to do? At the rate were going at in today's society, our children are going to be living in the street, or living in subsidized housing that's a part of the company they work for, living like the stereotype of Chinese sweat shop workers, because nobody but the ultra-rich will be able to afford homes, or modes of transportation that they can guide themselves. The more freedom, or control you give up for finance or safety, the more you are tipping the scales of control into the hands of those who create the avenue you are partaking in. We won't be able to help our kids like our Boomer and Gen X parents could - we won't have the accumulated wealth, we won't have the savings, we won't have the old vehicles to give away or sell cheap when they turn 16, or the finances to assist our kids in living anywhere but a tiny box owned by a foreign Property Management company. Oh, you mope over your avacado toast now, in the future, kids will be eating literal shit sandwhiches from the garbage can, because that's how our society is going today.

And to wrap it all up with a nice little bow of the farther reaching things. Let's consider today's political climate, and our climate climate. The world is failing. We are going on year two, almost year three, of a pandemic nobody can get under control, climate change is real, and while it has happened for eons, I agree, I also agree with the other side that we are invoking a very unfavorable, and possibly unlivable set of circumstances for ourselves through our failure to change behavior, because a handful of rich people would rather keep things "Business as usual" as would a bunch of small-minded idiots.

It used to be, morons, and people who were unfavorable, the best way to stop them from causing more trouble, and bringing ill-raised humans up on this planet, was to render them incapable of reproducing - Darwinism. Whether that's the big arrogant man who falls off a cliff with his poor opponent, or the conspiracy theorist moron who decides to create his own "Jonestown", so you just sweep him and his idiot followers off the cliff, learn from it, and move on. Now it's like "save everyone". There's no standard anymore. I blame all generations for this. One step forward, 10 steps back. I hate the idea that the next few generations could be the ones who will enjoy record highs of 212f at 0% humidity while the earth melts away, because people don't care, or listen. At least it won't be my fault of putting them there. I'll hopefully already be dead. If not - Black Hole Sun....won't you come?

And that, is why, I without guilty conscience, can't bring myself to bring a child onto this horrible planet of overblown apes known as human beings (which I included myself among). Not to discredit myself by sounding hokey, but DEVO really had some great songs with some great messages. But I digress...this is how I feel, and you're not going to change my mind. The J.B. Weld has set and the engine block is plugged - goodnight!