The 1973-1988 MTD Built Walk-behind Mower Decoder & Model Guide Page
Probably of my more bizarre interests is walk-behind lawn mowers.  And possibly the most bizarre is the fact I tend to know so much about vintage MTD walk-behinds.  I used to own a vintage 1986 22" 4HP Self-Propelled model built for sale at Costco (pictured to the left) and during that time, inspired by another crazy guy's idea to make a google-sheet about every model of Lawn-Boy ever produced, I decided to decode MTD's funky model# system and figure out the deck styles and engines and all that other fun stuff - and decode it using various online archives of owner's manuals and exploded view parts lists.  This allowed me to figure out how the MTD Mowers were designed to be like this.  Instead of separate pages though, I'm doing all this on this one page.

MTD to Lawn Mowers is like what NanTan is to Laptops.  Basically they badge-manufactured pieces of equipment for various retailiers and brands including: Montgomery Ward (Power Kraft, Mastercraft), Costco (MTD), CENEX, J.C. Penney, Lowes, and many many others.  Since there are people into these old things, who maybe once owned a landscaping service like myself, or spent a lot of hours and want to maybe find an old machine like they had growing up, then this is the place to figure out what you are looking for.  I will finish writing this up once I get all the information.