HTML Tutorial - MAIN PAGE now you have a "website" - or at least one pretty bangin' lookin' webpage to put on the internet. But how do you do it? Well.....

Self Hosting - You could get some old disused computer, hopefully running Linux or FreeDOS, and host your website on that. C'mon, I'm highly doubtful anyone will do that in 2023, especially when we have places like NeoCities and yes, even Geocities(.ws) still exist for this purpose. Basically, get some old, but well equipped computer to hang out online all day serving up webpages to your patrons. But in order to do this, you will need to check and see if your ISP allows hosting from your house on their internet plan - or not - because you might be in for some SERIOUS sticker shock on a future bill, or come home to find your internet connection down if you don't. Also, if you want a cool URL that's easy to remember for people to actually FIND your site - then you will need to probably buy a "domain name" to use.

Hosting on Neocities/Geocities/Etc. - Free Web hosts are usually what I use, like this one here, or my kinda-sorta-archive and filehost Geocities.Ws. There used to be a LOT of these, but in 2023, the numbers have dwindled because your general mass-consumertard-lamestreamer would rather spread their dreck via social media instead. I know I'm coming off as an elitist here a little bit "oooh, Creepingnet, the "big man with the text editor" (cringes), but the point I'm trying to make is that people generally don't make websites for fun or out of passion for something anymore, they make them to make money. Now, am I discouraging you from going to an irritating advertiser like Squarespace or the internet version of a high-income gated community with a strict HOA like Google? No, I have 2 at Google Myself (unfortunatley), But I am trying to point out that this would be the best way to go if you are new to HTML and wanting to just start out, and giving you some of the political landscape.