To go along with my own music, of course I've been a fan of a lot of stuff - mostly between 1977-1994 - so that should give you an idea of what you will find here, though not always the same. Anyway, pick a band from the table below.

Multi-Genre rock/pop group formed in Norway in 1983 with core members Morten Harket, Pal Waaktaar-Savoy, and Magne "Mags" Furholmen. A one hit wonder in my country of the USA with the song "Take On Me" but they are oh so much more than that.  Going from New Wave/Post Punk electronica in 1985, to pure full blown rock by 1990...breaking up and reforming time and time again, always shifting their sensibilities to something current yet distinctly a-ha.

A-ha was the first actual band I got into in a big way.  You could say (shudders) Morten Harket was my teen idol looks-wise at first.  Heck the whole band is a cool lot and I picked up a lot from their style over the years.  Early A-ha is very symphonic in it's orchestration and can be rather tricky to move to another genre as there's a lot going on.

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The B-52's
Athens Georgia formed Punk/Free-Form-Fusion-Rock band.  Formed in 1977 and played their first show on Valentines day that same year. The B-52's can be split into two eras - the early experimental punk fusion hybrid era, and the later techno-pop-funk-rock period - punctuated by the passing of original guitarist Ricky Wilson from AIDS related complications in 1985 - who really had an original spin on the guitar I must say.

I always liked the B-52's but sometime in the last decade I got onto a kick of figuring out all the odd mysteries behind Ricky Wilson's guitar work in the early B-52's.  That guy was a true underdog and quite an innovator with his own take on playing guitar and had a very different approach.  It usually takes two people in a band to do what one Ricky Wilson could pull off.

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The Cars
Boston Massachusetts formed rock/new wave group formed by Ric Ocasek and Benjamin Orr in 1976, adding Berklee Alumni Elliot Easton and Greg Hawkes on guitar and keyboards, and Modern Lovers/DMZ drummer David Robinson as a drummer and as a style consultant.They progressed from early rock-based New Wave through an experimental phase into one of the biggest pop groups of the 80's before disbanding in 1988.  They came back in 2011 for one last hurrah.

The Cars were arguably one of my biggest influences musically across the board, along with Loverboy (which is funny because The Cars were said a few times to have influenced Loverboy).  Ric Ocasek is why I wanted a Jazzmaster, and I took the challenge of Elliot's common TDPRI quote "It's Impossible to Tell Lies on a Telecaster" - hence why I picked one up in the mid 2000's.

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Akron Ohio based Performance Art project formed in 1973 at Kent State University, in part as a response to the shootings on campus due to Vietnam Protests, gone Technological Rock Band whose sole purpose is to spread the theory of DE-eVOlution. The earlier DEVO stuff is really punky, fun, and experimental, while material between the first four big label albums see a slow move more into electronic techno - much like Japanese New Wave band P-Model.

I got into DEVO in recent years because of feelings of quasi-misanthropy and aggrivation with the human species as a whole, and I started really paying attention and realizing these guys were saying a lot of relevant things, and a lot of what they wrote I could agree with.

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Alameda California based rock quartet formed in 1983 and disbanded in 1988.  They released two records on Gold Mountain recordings: Hyts (1983), and "Looking from the Outside" (1986).  They are virtually an underground band that you might like if you like the heavier side of STYX, Y&T, or Night Ranger.  Currently the members all play in different projects in the Bay Area, including lead singer and guitarist Roland "Pat" Little who has his own YouTube Channel.

I found HYTS (Pronounced "Hits") while digging around YouTube for some extremely rare and underground AOR - wondering if bands that fit in that Night Ranger-esque vein ever were underground like a lot of Punk Bands were, and lo and behold, these guys were, and they are TIGHT. 

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Vancouver B.C. based band formed in 1979 by Moxy singer Mike Reno and former Streetheart guitarist Paul Dean - who brought in his drummer pal from Streetheart Matt Frenette, short-term Fosterchild keyboardist Doug Johnson, and after a short stint with April Wine's bassist, brought in Scott Smith as bassist.  Currently still active, recording, and performing, however, the original bassist Scott Smith was swept overboard of his boat by a tidal wave in 2000 and declared lost at sea.  Streetheart bassist Ken "Spyder" Sinnaeve joined as bassist not long after and they've still been ripping through ever since.

Loverboy is one of those top influential bands to me.  I picked up on them around 97' right before VI came out and started copying Paul Dean right away as a teenager.  I've been listening to them ever since quite a lot, and I quite appreciate the way they conduct themselves business-wise.  Some may scoff at the name but honestly - Loverboy is a fine example of what to do as a band!

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P-Model is a Japanese New Wave band formed in 1978 when founding member Susumu Hirasawa disbanded his old prog-rock project Mandrake.  P-Model is one of the few bands I've ever seen who has evolved MASSIVELY across their career.  When they started out they were very much a New Wave band, moving to Post-Punk by 83' with Potpourri, then to Techno by 84-85ish, making them pioneers of Techno, Trance, House, EDM, and whatnot.  Hirasawa's lyrics tend to follow heavily both on Japanese pop culture, technology, health, fitness, and family issues - just to name a few.

I found P-Model after watching The Cars Unlocked and seeing what a splash they made in Japan in 1980.  So I searched in YouTube for "Japanese New Wave 1980" and these guys were the first thing that popped up - a tight, energetic, somewhat crazy Japanese band full of raw punk attitude and forward facing technological implimentation.

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