This is the full Discography of every project I've been involved in goingback, with details on what I did, and where, and why, and even some stuff on equipment and whatnot - because I'm a gear hound.
Creeping Net Years - 2018-present

DX3 (Self Titled, 2022)
DX3 is my brand new socially conscious rock project that takes the power-trio rock format, and brings it into the 21st century by expanding the roles of bass and guitar, and the drums using digital technology. Most of it is me playing guitar and a bass VI through a Line6 HD500, recorded in BandLab, with MiDi Drums.

CreepingNet - So What Now (2022)
Moving on from the x86 Quadrilogy of projects in 2008, 2020, and 2021 respectively, So What Now is a somber and moody sonic diary of feelings I can't put into words in the form of various bandlab musical experiments.

CreepingNet - 80486 (2021)
80486 is the fourth and final release in the quadrilogy of x86 named "albums" that started with 8088 in 2008 under the M.J. moniker. 80486 takes more of a 90's slant, looking at the lies of the 90's (picked up and further visualized on DX3's debut in 2022 for a song or two), and how things that originated in the 90's - a time of hope for the future - degraded into some of the worst parts of human society such as the Internet, Scene Worship, while combining retro-wave 80's aesthetic elements with grungy 90's elements, and pushing the envelope on song length (Information SUperghetto).

CreepingNet - 80386 (2021) 80386 was the lost Goth/Post-Punk/College rock album the world never saw. Part fo the x86 Quadrilogy and released in tandem with the even darker 80486, 80386 takes more of a Comsat Angels meets Dreams so Real meets The Call meets The Cult, bumping up the guitars from 80286's synth heavy fury.

CreepingNet - 80286 (2020) 80286 was a return to the M.J. form of 80's keyboards, crunchy guitars with oddly metal-esque riffs, less looper experiments, and somewhat a continuation/improvement on 2008's M.J.: 8088 - turning that one album into a part of a 4 part Quadrilogy of records named after Intel x86 computer processors - with a concept of the album following a sound that would hafe fit in the time that particular generation of PC would have been released for an aesthetic, and subjects getting more experimental and world conscious.

CreepingNet - In a Model Kit (2019) With a name inspired by Japanese new wave band P-Model's opening record title (In a Model Room, 1979), and lots of sonic experiments involving creator's kits and loopers on BandLab, we see me further expanding into once uncharted territory for myself, ranging from Rock to Jazz to Hip Hop, to Techno, to Heavy EDM Rock....from Louis Armstrong minus Trumpet + Lament to pop divas getting raged at misbehaving shower plumbing.....things get weird here.

CreepingNet - Short Life (2018) Written at the start of a tragic period of my life, Short Life deals with themes of escapism, release, preparation of moving on, death, despair, and depression, while experimenting with the free Loopers BandLab had to offer on my first Bandlab release.

Mad-Mike era - 2003-2018

Mad-Mike - Escape from Reality (2016)

Zombie Jihad - You Will See Demons (2015)

Mad-Mike - (Self Titled, 2014)

Linguar/Mad-Mike - The Linguar Splits (2013)

M.J. - Back to the Mower Shed (2012)

Hawk Davis - The Road To Now (2012)

M.J. - Content Through Negligence (2011)

M.J. - Apocalyptic Hockey (2010)

M.J. - Disconnected (unplugged, 2008)

M.J. - 8088 (2008)

Smokin' 66 - (Self TItled, 2008)

M.J. - System Shock (2007)

M.J. - (self titled, 2007)

M.J. - In Stereo EGA/In EGA Stereo (2007)

M.J. - Agent Blue (2006)

M.J. - Killing Alabama (2005)

M.J. - IceBox (2004)

M.J. - Monochrome (2003)

Mike.J Era - 1995-2003

Lithium - Live at AUM (VHS, 2002)

Lithium - Demo #3 (2001)

LIthium - Demo #2 (2001)

Lithium - Demo #1 (2001)

M.J. - Sexy Girls (1999)

M.J. - Dirty Talk (1998)

M.J. - Kramer (1997)

The Scumm Pirates/M.J. - Lanna (1996)