Right now I'm trying to find hosting for files I have to share.  You can find some stuff at my Internet Archive account here.  I also tend to upload stuff on VOGONS.ORG and the Vintage Computer Federation Forums as well from time to time.

Due to the questionable to "gray area" nature of providing "commercial" operating systems, and the fact that I tend to support "Open Source" projects more than I do for profit consumer software when off-the-clock, I won't be providing any software from Apple, Microsoft, or any other "for profit" vendor unless it is explicitly allowed as "freely distributable" via the internet. Most EULAs don't allow for public distribution and while most technies don't give a crap, most lawyers (stupidly) do. So I'd rather avoid any Cease & Decist letters and just put "safe" stuff up here. Basically that means, until I have the blessing or promise that the company won't sue my ass off for providing what basically could be a "public service", then I will continue to support things like Linux and FreeDOS here rather than Windows.
Internet & Networking Applications
Web browsers, internet chat clients, HTML Editors, FTP clients, Telnet Clients, Network Tools, Network Utilities, SSH, TCP/IP general, basically stuff that allows you to connect a vintage computer to a network, including the worlds largest network - the internet. Yes, you CAN put your vintage x86 IBM Compatible on the internet, even in 2022. While some functionality may be limited - there's still a lot of things you can do like Telnet to Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes), chat on IRC, or even surf the web in text mode in Links on a 386+, or even host your vintage machine as an FTP Server for file xfers.
Link Title] O/S Description
Link's Web Browser (offsite) DOS TLS 1.2 Compliant Web Browser for PC/MS/Free/DR-DOS, uses WATTCP, minimum requirements are 386SX + 387 or higher, around 8MB of Disk Space, internet connection
mTCP Suite (offsite) DOS TCP/IP Utilities for DOS written by Mike Brutmann,
AOL Instant Messenger 1.0 Windows 3.1x AOL Instant Messenger Client for Windows 3.1x - works with AIM Phoenix
DiDaPro WYSIWYG HTML Editor Windows 3.1x HTML Editor for Windows 3.1x, this is the same one I used to use to compose the original Creeping Network website back in the 2000's. This is basically a Shareware installation but I have no idea if the company is still alive or not.
FLMAIL e-mail Client DOS SVGAlib E-mail Client for DOS, works with some security protocols, tends to work best in 16-bit color or higher, but does run in 256 color (with a weird color pallet)
LeetIRC Client DOS DOS IRC Client by Mike Chambers, created back around 2008, feels a lot like mIRC
DOS Lynx DOS Lynx Web Browser I used on my 286s, not to be confused with Links found above (totally different browser), not TLS Compliant
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 w/ 128 bit Encryption Windows 3.x Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 for Windows 3.1, not TLS Compliant, old browser, one of the browsers I used for Windows 3.1 for awhile
mIRC 5.91 Windows 3.1x IRC Client I used to use the most back in the day, still quite usable today on your Windows 3.1x machine, shareware w/ nag screen
Netscape Navigator 4.08 Suite Windows 3.1x About the closest thing to Mozilla or RetroZilla for Windows 3.1x you could get, has browser, e-mail, HTML Editor WYSIWYG, and various other internet related utilities (dialer, Gopher, Newsgroups, also includes AIM), not TLS Compliant
Opera 3.62 Windows 3.1x About the best browser you can still use/find for Windows 3.1x, that said, it's also not TLS 1.2/1.3 compliant, does not render HTTPS webpages (which none but Links on this page do). HOwever, if there was one that could run with that - I'm willing to bet with some code hacking this probably could.
RealPlayer 5.0 16-bit Windows 3.1x Mostly here for archival purposes, remember RealPlayer, this was the start of internet Streaming in the 1990's - BEFORE Napster ruined everything. Not sure if you can still find RP content online anymore but if there is - here it is.
WS-FTP LE Windows 3.1x FTP Client, very popular, what I used to use to upload files to my websites back in the day, still works, and may even be useful to use with your DOS Machines using mTCP as a FTP Server (I have done that a few times).

NanTan Notebook Computers
Drivers and Utilities for NanTan (FMAxxxxx) Notebook computers from the early 1990's, these include models marketed as Kapok, Sager, NanTan, Duracom, Prostar, BSI, DFI, and many others. NanTan was a Taiwanese "barebones laptop" manufacturer that often made laptops for other companies and brands big and small, this allowed them to have wide distribution. This also makes it a lot harder to identify and find the files for these laptops anymore as many people pass them off as "generic" or "junk" because they are not an IBM, Compaq, Toshiba, or NEC.
Link Title] O/S Description
Notebook FMA3500/3500C/3500SX Utilities DOS/Win3x Laptop Utilities, Drivers, and tools for the NanTan Notebook 3500, 3500C (color), and 3500SX (486SX) notebook computers from around 1991-1993. These were taken from my BSI branded 3500C. YMMV. Includes utilities for the Trackball too (if equipped)
Notebook FMA_9200M/D/C Utilities DOS Utilities for the NanTan FMAP/FMAK9200 series notebook computers. These were taken from my DFI MediaBook Laptop computer from around 1994.

NEC Versa PC-400/410/430/440/450/460/470/480/570/570/490 (Versa Ultralite/E/V/M/P)
Drivers and Utilities for NEC Versa Ultralite/E/V/M/P Laptop Computers - re-curated from NEC's original FTP Site that's down and hosted at my resource page. You WILL need an NEC branded computer to extract these disks to an actual 1.44MB Floppy Diskette in order to use them, as they are all official images from NEC. These drivers/utilities should also work with the NCR/AT&T Safari 3180, 3181, 3182, and Globalyst 250/250P Laptop computers as well. If this section looks a tad different - it's because I actually copied it from my archive at - where I'm hosting all of my files, as the page was made using BlueGriffon and not cold-hard HTML like here. - also, there may be some non-functional links as I'm looking for some documents and files for NEC products at this time that I can't seem to find, such as the UltraLite Versa user manuals and whatnot. Some of these manuals were ripped from the Windows 3.1 *.HLP Files so they might not be perfect either, and some may cross-reference with other files.
NEC ULTRALITE VERSA (PC-400/410/430) * NCR Safari 3180

NEC Ultralite Versa User Guide (PDF)
Ultralite Versa Dual Battery File - 7/08/93 - for DOS And Windows 3.1
Ultarlite Versa Dual Battery File Update - 1993 - for DOS and Windows 3.1
Ultalite VersaPad BIOS v1.01.04 11/09/93 - for DOS and Windows 3.1.
Ultralite Versa Public BIOS v1.01.11 - 10/04/94 - for DOS and Windows 3.1
TSR To Disable CPU Cache for Versa - 10/14/93 - for DOS and Windows 3.1
TSR to Enable CPU Cache for Versa - 10/14/93 - for DOS and Windows 3.1
Ultralite Versa Cache On/Off Utility NOT A TSR - 7/02/93 - for DOS and Windows 3.1
Ultralite Versa Docking Station Utility - 10/29/93 - DOS and Windows 3.1
Ultralite Versa Mouse Driver ( 10/22/93 - for DOS and Windows 3.1
Ultralite Versa Xircom PE3 Network Drivers 06/10/94 - for DOS and Windows 3.1
Ultralite Versa 25C Setup - 08/10/92 - for DOS and Windows 3.1
Ultralite Versa Series Factory Boot Files 03/15/96
Ultralite Versa Remaps the ALT Key Scancode 09/07/93
Ultralite Versa  Hardware Utilities v1.12.00 10/01/93
Ultralite Versa Clock Speed Switch 08/18/93
Ultralite Versa Screen Enhancement Utility NOT A TSR 09/15/93
Ultralite Windows Version of VerPiBus
Ultralite Versa/VersapPad Windows Video 12/21/93 for DOS and Windows 3.1
Ultralite Versa Backlight Switch full/standard 7/08/93 for DOS and Windows 3.1
Ultralite Versa Setting Brightness full/standard 7/8/93 foi DOS and Windows 3.1
Bright.exe and Backlight.exe for Versa 5/04/93 for DOS and Windows 3.1
Ultralite Versa and Videomod.txt 09/02/93
Ultralite Versa Screen Enhancement Utility 08/18/93
Ultralite Versa VGA & SVGA Windows Video Utility 08/18/93
Ultralite Versa 1024x768x16 Non-interlaced Driver - 06/17/93 for DOS and Windows 3.1
Ultralite Versa Graphics Utility for DOS Apps 9/29/93 - for DOS and Windows 3.1
NEC VERSA E-SERIES  (PC-440, PC-450, PC-460) & AT&T SAFARI 3181
NEC Versa E-Series User Guide (40/50E) - This is the users guide for the Versa 40E and 50E models.  Some of the details may also apply to the NEC Versa 75E as well that came out later (except the specs as that model is a DX4 model).  This guide was taken from the *.HLP file from Windows 3.1 and compiled into PDF Format.
Versa E BIOS Upgrade Version 1.01.11 for DOS/Win3x
Versa E Factory Boot Files
Versa E Utility to auto detect when docked or mobile - for DOS or Windows 3.x
Versa E FIFO Utility ver 1.00.00 for DOS & Windows 3.1x
Versa E Hard Disk Drive Upgrade/Restore Utility Ver 1.00.00 for DOS and Windows 3.1x
Versa E Enables 16550 Emulation for DOS and Windows 3.x
Versa E MicroTouch TouchPen Version 2.1 for DOS, Windows 3.x
NEC Ethernet Card Flash Update Utility for the Versa version 2.13 for DOS and Windows 3.1x
NEC Ethernet Card (XIRCOM) Drivers for the Versa
NEC VErsa E Communications Assistant for Windows 3.1x
NEC Versa E Hardware utilities Disk 1.02.00 for DOS and Windows 3.1x
Versa E Laptop Full Brightnes Mode COM file for booting with full brightness turned on version 1.00.00 for DOS and Windows 3.1x
Versa E Screen Text mode font change utility for DOS/Windows 3.x
Versa E Windows Video Drivers version 1.01.10 for DOS/Windows 3.x
Versa E Windows for Pen Computing 256 Color Video Drivers version 1.00.00 for DOS/Windows 3.1x
Versa E Screen Enhancment Utility for DOS and Windows 3.x
DOS Utility for user at Fidelity Investments  for reducing flicker on CRT Attached to a Versa E that is set for 800x600 for DOS
Versa E DOS Video Drivers version 1.00.01 for DOS/Windows 3.x
Versa E Western Digital Video Drivers for Windows 3.1 version 1.00.01
X&T Video Drivers for the Ultralite Versa, Versapad (P48/P50/P51/P60) version 1.03.00 for DOS/Windows 3.1x
NEC Versa V-Series User Guide (PDF)
Versa V BIOS Upgrade Version 1.03.12
Versa V Hardware Utilities Disk Version 1.02.00
Versa V Video Drivers Diskette 1.03.00 for DOS/Win31x
Versa V DOS Screen Stretch Utility
Versa V Windows NT 3.5 Video Drivers for WD 90C24/A/A2 for Versa V and E
WD-OS2.EXE Versa E and V Video Driver for WD90C24/A/A2 ver 1.01.00 for OS/2
NEC VERSA M-SERIES (PC-470, PC-480, PC-570, PC-580) & AT&T Globalyst 250
NEC Versa M-Series Service User Guide - This is the Versa M-Series users guide that has been recompiled as a PDF so you can view it outside of Windows and.  It was taken from the Versa M Utilities Diskette.
Versa M and Versa P Battery Gauge Utility ver 1.00.04 for Windows
Versa M75 BIOS Version 1.01.16
Versa M100 BIOS Upgrade - includes Mediadock support version 1.04.07
Versa M Disable FIFO Mode for Serial Port DOS/Win3x
Versa M Disable FIFO Mode command line entry for DOS/Win3x
Versa M Disable Fifo Mode Config.sys Loader for DOS/Win3x
Versa M Pen Calibration Utilities for Windows 3.1 (w/ Pen)
Versa M/75/100 Sound Drivers for DOS/Windows 3.x Disk 1
Versa M/75/100 Sound Drivers for DOS/Windows 3.x Disk 2
Versa M/75/100 Crystal Semiconductor Business Audio Device drivers for CS4231A for P52S for Windows NT 3.5x
Versa M/75 Hardware Utilities version 1.00.08
Versa M Windows Utility
Versa M100 Hardware Utilities Disk version 1.00.08
Versa M Hardware Supplimental Disk version 1.00.02
Versa M Winswap.ini File
Versa P/M C&T 65545 Video Drivers for OS/2
Versa M 800x600 Screen Boot Files for DOS/Windows
Versa M Video Drivers ver 1.00.06 for DOS/Win31x
Versa M75 Video Drivers Version 1.00.08 for DOS/Win31x
Versa M75 Video Drivers for use with Ratel.exe Ver 1.00.10 for DOS and Win31x
Versa M Video Drivers 3.1.7 for DOS and Windows 3.1x
Versa M/100 Video Drivers version 1.00.04 for DOS/win31x
Versa M/100 Video Drivers ver 1.00.09 for DOS/Win31x
Versa M Video Drivers 1.00.00 for Windows NT 3.51/4.0
Versa M Video Drivers ver 3.1.7 for DOS/Win31x
NEC Versa P-Series User Guide - This is the user-guide for the NEC Versa P Pentium notebook models. This was found somewhere online awhile back.  If you are looking for more in-depth information on the Versa P I have the Service Manual for it below.
NEC Versa P-Series & Docking Station Service Manual - This is the complete service manual for The NEC Versa P-models as well as the service manual for the Docking Station all as one single PDF File.  I found this somewhere on the internet quite awhile back.
NEC Versa Battery Gauge Utility for Versa M/P
NEC Versa P/75 BIOS Upgrade Ver 1.02.08
NEC VErsa P Sound Drivers 3.02 Disk 1 of 2 - DOS/Win3x
NEC Versa P Sound Drivers 3.02 Disk 2 of 2 - DOS/Win3x
NEC VErsa P Disable Sound for DOS/Win3x
NEC Versa P (ESS 688/1688/1788) Audio Driver for Windows NT 4.0
NEC Versa P ESS Sound Drivers ver 1.0 for Windows NT 3.51
NEC Versa P Utilities Diskette
NEC Versa P Pentium Utility
NEC Versa P Video Drivers for OS/2 (C&T 65545)
NEC VErsa P Video Drivers for DOS/Win3x Disk 1
NEC VErsa P Video Drivers for DOS/Win3x Disk 2
NEC VErsa P Video Drivers for Windows NT
NEC Versa Mediadock Utilities Diskette Disk 1 of 3
NEC Versa Mediadock Utilities Diskette Disk 2 of 3
NEC Versa Mediadock Utilities Diskette Disk 3 of 3