I have been playing in various music groups since age 14.  This is kinda', sorta' a resume of sorts of my work in my own and other people's "projects" in case you want to look further into my music history or just find something new to listen to that's not a part of the mainstream. 
(2021) DX3 is my latest project which is a concept I've had in the works for the past 5-years.  I just now have the technology needed to execute it.  Basically, it's a Electronic Rock power trio - but with the classic lineup of guitar/bass/drums.  Think of an Electronic version of ZZ Top.  I'm not going much further into it than that.  Eventually I may end up fleshing this out as a full-blown rock band that gigs and maybe even tours, but right now I'm composing tunes for it which will be released through BandLab.

On this project I'm composing tunes that use the Electric Guitar, and Bass VI, with the Line6 HD500 to create lush soundscapes with a 3-man group.  Right now I'm using MIDI Drums on BandLab but in a band scenario I'd be having a drummer who plays an electric kit. The project was originally called "Ultralite" but was renamed DX3 when someone told me it looked more like a Cigarette reference than a computer/vintage IT reference. So So I change the name to "DX3" in reference to the old 486 DX2/4 series chips, as I could use Dx3 as that chip branding never existed - and the 3 is a reference to it being a "power trio" idea, and DX has a second meaning in being "Deluxe" - as we have a guitar, bass, and drums, but we can sound like a lot more than that.

UltraLite Bandlab Page
Creepingnet On Bandlab
(2018-present) - Writing, Recording, and collaborating on all sorts of music with people all over the world on Cakewalk/BandLab.  I kind of consider it like an Instagram for musicians as we basically post revisions of our work online, can post up full albums of material, playlists, and everything else. You can find the link for it up in the "Music" section up top since that's where I'm most active currently.

My Bandlab Page
Candy Apples & The Razor Blades
(2019-2020) - Glenn Danzig tribute band with a lead vocalist in drag going by the name of "Candy Apples".  Very heavy on the looks and color aesthetic.  The band stopped performing because of focus on a new project with the same group, and then COVID-19. After a year out I decided I'm not joining anymore cover-band projects.

In this band, I was the guy stage left playing my Hondo Paul Dean II as the main guitar, with the Epiphone Special II - still with stickers at the time, on backup duty.  Most of the time I was using a Skullfuzz for distortion, rather than my Burgera 333XL's built in crunch and lead channels as it tended to fit some of the earlier Misfits and Samhain stuff better than the crunchy Marshall stuff, which fit more for the later Danzig stuff.

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Reno Scene Blog Post about CA&RB

The Sonic Dead
(2019) - I put some input on a few tracks for the first Sonic Dead album in 2019. We also performed around town under this name a couple of times.  I'm more a session guy in this group than a permanent member.  Currently I think Fred is mostly working on his own on this as a solo project.

I was on the first record of theirs playing on "Keep on Knocking", "Bring Us Down", "Eyes of the Witch", and others.  For Keep on Knocking I used my Fazz Fuzz and the Paul Dean II, Bring Us Down is the Jag-Stang tuned down, Eyes of the Witch is the Jag-Stang again through the Guitari 2600 synth, and there was one more track with the Mad-Rite guitar on it.

The Sonic Dead Facebook
The Sonic Dead on Bandcamp
(2019-2020) - Horror Themed rock band led by the "Ferox Clan".  Sort of a similar type thing to Ghost, KISS, or G.W.A.R. I recorded one album with them - Demonia (2018), and performed with them for 3 years before the band stopped doing things for awhile in early 2020, further put on hiatus due to COVID-19 and other things.  I don't know what the current status of the group is, so right now I just consider this project over for now.

On Demonia I used my Jag-Stang, Decoupage #1, Jaguar, Paul Dean II, and Bass VI on that record.  All parts were recorded in REAPER and sent to Frogwater via E-mail.  Amp modeling was provided by the Digitech RP-250 I had at hte time.

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Murderock Albums on BandCamp
The Sweaty Vedders
(2017-2018) - 90% 90's Cover Band from Seattle.  I moved just as things were somewhat starting to take off playing the local clubs.

During Sweatty Vedders I started using my FazzFuzz pedal primarily as a grungy fuzz for things like The Pixies, Bush, and Smashing Pumpkins where I needed that thicker, nastier fuzz sound.  The MadRite pre-Blue paint was also at those shows.  I used the Jag-Stang and Jaguar most of the time still though.

The Sweaty Vedders Facebook Page
(2013-2018) - My former solo project.  Recorded two albums at home using REAPER and a bunch of guitar and bass effects and whatever I was experimenting with at the time. I was working on a third album when I put together Sweaty Vedders and focus shifted to that project.  There are two albums and a pile of vaulted-songs what are getting reborn "Loverboy: Unfinished Business"-style on Bandlab (so far three have been released, and I'll be working on others eventually).

This was pretty much all recorded in REAPER using a Roland Juno Di Synthesizer for the keyboard parts and drums, and using my collection of guitars and Digitech + some analog effects from my live board periodically.

Mad-Mike on SoundClick
Zombie Jihad
(2014-2015) - Zombie Jihad is a political rock band formed in 2007, and I joined up with them 7 years after they started.  I remembered seeing their name on altering bills with us when I played in Smokin' 66.  I was on the record "You Will See Demons" from 2014, mixed by Jack Endino.  I think the less said about my departure the better, but to put some info out there - I left on my own volition due to various things going on in the background that I did not like. If you need a clue, I'll be putting up an open-letter why I'm no longer joining projects that are not my own vision on this site - save for guest appearances.

In Zombie Jihad I used my old Jag-Stang most of the time, with the Jaguar for the drop-tuned songs.  Periodically I'd break out the Bass VI for the title track.  Everything was my pedalboard at the time with the Bugera 333XL - all in-room air movement, no digital stuff at all.

Zombie Jihad Facebook
Zombie Jihad Reverbnation
Open Jam Night (Flight's)
(2011-2012) - Was a pretty common fixture at Flights in between bands playing open Jam Nights with Polecat Porter.  Various Smokin' 66/Ancient Tongues/future-Zombie Jihad alumni would jam with me at these. I also used to test-drive different ideas at these open Jams and most of the time it would pan out really well.  Unfortunatley, Flights is no longer there in that Safeway parking lot.  Since I no longer live there I have no idea what's going on anymore anyway.

The gear could really vary from night to night, with me sometimes showing up and using what's there, and other times bringing a guitar or my Digitech pedal with me.  Sometimes I used Polecat's red ESP bass when I was playing bass with people.
Open Jam Night (Hayley's)
(2011-2012) - Was a pretty common fixture at Hayley's in between bands playing open Jam Nights with Mike Madden and Todd Ische.  Various Smokin' 66/Ancient Tongues/future-Zombie Jihad alumni would jam with me at these. This place was awesome with the stage and lightning and could be pretty happening at times.  I also used to play Hayley's with Smokin' 66'/Deliciously Infectious so I was quite used to playing this venue, and it was one of the first places I tried out a digital AIO rig at and it sounded friggin Incredible (hint hint at where I'm going today XD).  I don't think Hayley's exists anymore.

Gear varied even more wideley, with me often using Mike Madden's home built guitars and custom Verellen head and 2x12 cabinet(s).  Other notables included running the Jazzmaster through a JCM800 on 11 (GOD Tier metal tone from a Jazzmaster - whodathunk), or the time I ran the Digitech Board direct into the soundboard and made everything analog sound tiny by comparison thanks to my superior programming.
Smokin' 66/Deliciously Infectious
(2008-2011, 2020-current) - Experimental Rock Group formed in Marysville WA in 2008, and carried on under two different names over the course of three years. Currently we are re-releasing our archive of recordings from that time period under Deliciously Infectious.

The band formed out of a Ancient Tongues audition looking for a bassist, finding Todd Perkins, and then Todd found Gary Dade down the street and Shannon Danks in the local scene that July - and then BOOM!  All of a sudden here we are with an albums-worth of material written, an entire setlist, and playing tight as heck.  By December we put out our first EP, and had a record release party at the Central Saloon in Seattle on my 24th Birthday.  During this time I pretty much used my Bugera, Analog board, and Jag-Stang, Jaguar, 66' Mustang, and Jazzmaster for everything, occasionally switching them out with my other guitars at rehearsals.

Deliciously Infectious Website
Ancient Tongues/Wax Caravan
(2008-2011) - After a 5 years hiatus from playing in bands, as I was quite fed-up with them at that point, I decided one spring to challenge myself - find a band or a girlfriend.  Well, the girlfriend thing did not pan out, but I did go through a bit of a three-way bait-and-switch being told a gal who already had a boyfriend was in a band seeking a guitarist, only for her to point me at another band seeking a guitarist, turns out the guitarist was leaving Michael Stonedge's group.  So I joined up with Stonedge for about six months, mostly recording stuff on computer or cassette with him, until we auditioned bass players, and that lead to SMokin' 66'.  I was in and out of AT/Wax Caravan for awhile.  We did not perform very often, only doing one show at the Everett Art Walk in the fall of 2010, then one more show at the Club Motor in Seattle before the entire group split up in 2011.  By that point I was becoming a mainstay at Open Jam nights.

Michael Stonedge's Website
Project 2A03
(2003-present) - Project 2A03 started out as a NES Music cover project called "Game Genie" in 2001.  Early demos were recorded there, and later demos came post-LIthium when I changed the name.  Project 2A03 has been more a hobby-thing than an real legitimate project.  Eventually I sort of abandoned it for awhile while I Focused on rock bands and music for awhile.

Currently Project2A03 has been revived on BandLab.  It's where I compose music for my own game projects using MIDI, as well as record covers of game music that I feel I can rock-if-fy somehow.  However, keep in mind I don't take this project super seriously and it's more of an "as-i'm-inspired" thing.

Project 2A03 on Bandlab
Project 2A03 on Soundclick
(2000-2003) - Hawk Davis formed Lithium in 1998 with four other guys.  By 2001 the original lineup - which I was never hep to - split up, and Hawk was seeking a vocalist and temporary guitarist, so through mutual friend Daniel Ochoa, me and Zachary Johnson met Hawk and were pretty much in the band with our new drummer Bobby Stephans. Those three split off in 2001 and we kept going until 2003 when VH-1 Behind The Music level drama broke the group up.

In Lithium I started off running a BOSS-ME 6 purloined from Hawk into the Peavey XR684 mixer direct, but later when Hawk got a Blue VooDoo Crate stack, I switched to the loud and obnoxious Peavey Specail 130 that somehow I was able to tame into great tone and then keep up or exceed the Blue Voodoo volume wise with.

Our original site on
My Archive on SoundClick
The Road To Now on Amazon
(1996-2012) -My first music project, basically a solo project I began in middle-school as sort of a "Fantasy Band" or something like that, as well as a way to shop my own music around school to get people interested in jamming (yeah, that worked well....not).  Anyway, it lasted until Lithium, then was mothballed for a few years, then reintroduced as a web-based music project before most other people were doing that sort of thing in 2003.  It lasted up until 2012 when I got married and took my wife's last name - so my initials changed.

I started off recording guitars direct from my Peavey Rage 158 into a boom box I would periodically borrow from Mom when she was not at home.  Later I graduated to using the same boom box but plugging a tape deck into the right channel and my guitar/keyboard/bass into the left, and "flip-flopping" tapes.  The later M.J. stuff was all done on computer using Quartz AudioMaster Freeware and later Cockos REAPER with a revolving door of digital amp modelers and multi-effects pedals, and a Yamaha PSR-275 for drums, later replaced by a Roland Juno Di for drums and keyboards.

M.J. on Soundclick