Currently I have three rigs setup - Portable, Home Recording/YouTube, and Live. - For the Guitar Collection - click here


For portable recordings, I'm currently using an LG Stylo-6 with an IK Media iRig Pro 2.  Sometimes I stick the Line6 on the front-end of the iRig 2 to get more effects and/or save on processing for guitar/bass parts when I need a bigger sound or a lot of tracks to the point it's nearly tearing my phone apart.


My home rig is the most complex yet - it consists of 2 computers - a 2015 iMac running OSX Big Sur, and a 2014 Dell running Linux.  The Linxu Rig uses REAPER for Music and OBS Studio for YouTube. The iMac uses OBS Studio for YT and GarageBand for music, as well as I use this setup for BandLab using the Mac Periodically. All effects and sound are handled by a Line6 HD500 which is controlled and programmed by the Macintosh.  The USB Audio Interface is used on the Mac, and the Line-In is used in Linux.


Currently live I'm still using mostly the same setup I always have.  A selection of usually 2 guitars per night is run through a SKB PS-45 pedalboard consisting of the following in this order-> Home Built Skull Fuzz->Home Built FazzFuzz->BOSS TU-2 tuner-> EHX Pitch Shifter-> Behringer PH-9 Phaser-> Digitech X-Series Flanger->EHX Small Clone 4600->BOSS DD-7 Digital Delay->Behringer Noise Gate->Amp.

For the amplifier side, I'm using my old 2008 Bugera 333XL 1st run (non infineum) into a 1987 Peavey VTM 412M Cabinet loaded with 4x Celestion GK-85S Speakers. Typically when recording or playing live I mic up the lower or upper right hand speaker slightly off axis, preferrably with a Shure SM57 for that Eddie Van-Halen like EQ.  For tubes I use Bugera EL34's and 12AX7's - "G" grade currently.