Way back in the 2000's, one of the things I was best known for online was being the "Offset Shredder Guy".  Basically, I was the first person on YouTube to rock a Jag-Stang, and started posting videos of me playing hard-rock/metal style guitar on these "Surf Guitars" in an attempt to get them to be recognized as more then plinking surf machines and jangly millennial indie pop irony icons. While many of these videos early on drew a huge ire of the more tribal sects of guitar - they also paved the way for the Offset Fender style guitars to pave their way into the mainstream during the course of the 2010's onward.  Yes, Johnny Marr, Nels Cline, Kurt Cobain, and many others were of far larger impact than some piddly guy with some offsets on YouTube playing 80's rock covers.

I tend to group offsets into two varieties the Jag/Jazz and *Stang varieties based on the vibrato units and types.  See below for tech sections on these instruments.

This section deals with the Fender Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Bass VI, and any derivative thereof (Fano, Bilt, Greco...etc) that utilizes that vibrato system or those types of pickups or circuit designs.

How I Setup my Jaguar & Jazzmaster for Heavy Rock Whammy Use
How I beautified the concept of Rails pickups in a Jaguar (or Bass VI)
The classic Fender Jazzmaster in a Hard Rock Context
The classic Fender Jaguar in a Hard Rock Context
This section deals with the *Stang variety of guitars, mostly based off the Fender Mustang design, such as the Fender Mustang, Fender Jag-Stang, Fresher FMT series, and Fernandes MT.

How I Setup my Fender Jag-Stang/Mustang for Heavy Whammy Use
The Fender Mustang in a Hard Rock Context
The Fender Jag-Stang is the Hondo Paul Dean II of the 90's