This is just where I put the technical stuff I write on more "standard" models of guitar - ie Strats, Teles, Gibsons, 80's Shred Axes, that kind of thing.
Guitar Tech Articles
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Gear Guides
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Wiring Diagrams
Some of these I designed myself, some of these are for more obscure guitar models, and some of them are just here to show basic concepts or are snippets of wiring diagrams to use as a modular assembly.
1985 Kramer Focus 3000 (CreepinNet Mod) Wiring 2022
1995 Fender Jag-Stang "Nikki" (CreepinNet Mod) Wiring 2022
1995 Fender Jag-Stang "Nikki" (CreepinNet Mod) Wiring 2009
1983 Hondo Paul Dean II (Samick X14)
1984 Hondo Paul Dean III (Samick X14)

My Guitar Builds
Just write-ups/logs of me rebuilding/modifying/building (mostly solidbody) electric guitars, usually those from my own personal collection.
2018 EVH "Bublebee" Jazzmaster Build (EVH Tribute)
2007 Squier Jagmaster Rebuild
Guitari 2600 Polyphonic Integrated Guitar/Synthesizer
2010 Home-Built Jazzmaster Build
CreepingNet PDX90 P-90 Paul Dean style Build