This is the Tech Section on Guitar Stuff Referring to Most Usual Models - Offset-stuff will be cross-linked to the "Offset Section". I have narrowed it down because this page was getting too long, and I was creating WAY too many projects for myself that I did not have the time to complete.
Tech Stuff
So this is where most of my technical writings are, mostly with a focus on Solidbody Electrics, but there will be some acoustic stuff in here. I tend to focus a lot on Tremolo systems as well since I'm an avid user of the whammy bar myself, but there also will be GENERAL electronics stuff in here, stuff on pickups, stuff on setting a guitar up to it's best ability, fretwork, and all that fun stuff that I know how to do well enough to keep my axes "sharp".

Most of the focus in this section will be on your standard guitars (Classicals, Dreadnaughts, Stratocasters, Telecasters, Gibsons, I might separate off and put some of the Offset Specific stuff here, but it will link to the hard-rock/metal focused "Offset Guitar" section.

Wiring Diagrams
For about 20 years now I've been well known on the internet (usually as Mad-Mike) doing Wiring Diagrams for OSG, Shortscale, and, as well as some other places (I think Gutiars101 and maybe once or twice on Ultimate-Guitar as well as the Alter-Eden forums). While most of my diagrams focus on things like Mustangs and Jaguars (and making them more complex), I also have a lot of other tricks and tweaks here for the pretty standard stuff as well.

Most of my diagrams used to be made with Microsoft Paintbrush, so they might be too low res on a modern computer for some people, while the newer diagrams are done using DIY-Layout-Creator. I'm also tempted to start a library of pixel-art parts for Graf-X II since I find DIY-Layout-Creator is a little "Messy"

Influentail, Cool, and Weird Guitars
Here we get all historical, technical, and start digging into some of my favorite guitars that influenced me as a player, artist, designer, and musician. This includes celebrity guitars like Kurt Cobain's Jaguar or Paul Dean's "Dean Machine", all the way to oddballs like the Fernandez ArtWave V7 as used by Susumu Hirasawa of P-Model or the Casio Digital Guitar Synthesizer instruments from the 1980's. This was sort of me combining the sections of Influences Rig Rundowns, with the sections of guitar histories I was working on, since I'm more adept at particular guitars in people's collections.
Amp Modelers & Digital Multi-Effects Processors
I started using digital multi-effects in 2001, and have been using Amp Modeling since 2003 for the majority of my home recordings. As such, I'm here to tell you the ins-n-outs and the ways to make these devices sound their best by expounding on specific digital devices myself. There's a lot of horse-hockey out there about these devices sounding like "Crap", but anyone with a decent understanding of sound, technology, and guitar in general, should be able to dial in a pleasing sound that they hear in their head if they get to know their device well enough.
My Builds
I've been building guitars since 1998 and have been reaching a point where I have a lot of crazy stories and adventures from these various builds. Building for me ranges from your average "Partscaster" build - taking disused parts from various orphaned guitar projects - all the way to making my own bodies and necks, and maybe even someday, pickups. It's less of an "educational" thing and more of a "Blog" in a way, especailly since my "in-progress" builds are here as well.
My Mods
Since about 1996 I've been modifying my guitars to suit my unique and esoteric tastes. The majority of what I do is tweaks to make the tremolo more stable or soup up the electronics, but it's not limited to that, and includes things like changing out pickups, trying out different tuners, messing with gimmicky and weird ideas, experimenting with unorthodox methods and seeing what sticks.

These also sort of double as a history on some of the more influential guitars in my own collection and how they were used and why they are setup the way they are, and why various changes have been made over the decades

Thoughts, Myth Busting, and other Miscellanious
One of the sucky aespects of being a somewhat sociable guitar player and techie is having to put up with all the rampant Unicorn Blood, Snake Oil, Psudeoscience, and other weirdness from people who probably have no purpose picking up a screwdriver or a soldering iron and taking it to their musical instrument.

So in this section I address those arguements with logic, and reason, and make a point that nothing is cut and dry, but also, there's so much crap us guitarists worry too much about that really has little bearing or importance when it comes to entertaining an audience with our musical abilities.