9/3/2021 - 11:52p PST - Some updates to the Versa and computer pages + a new dock (Starting out with vintage hardware), as well as update the music project as Ultralite has changed it's named to "DX3" - which the entire list of recordings on that page have been released (for now at least). May also be sprucing some things up here and there today as well....thinking about making categories in the "Miscellanious" section.
8/28/2021 - 11:44p PST - I finally got my hands on a copy of Dragon Warrior IV for the NES - FINALLY - after 20 years of looking at getting it at varying times. This time I had enough collection to trade for it, and it turned out to be worthwhile (actually, enough I could invest in my Wii a little bit too for once). So now the Dragon Warrior IV page is up, and so are the links for it on those pages. Seomtime soon I'll also be moving my "Trades" to the formerly owned categories.

8/22/2021 - 6:56a PST - I've been working on several pages for the site. The buy/sell/trade page is up now - under the "About Me" section. I will be also doing some E-bay auctions in the following months too to reduce a bunch of PC stuff I have. Trying to get my four main vintage machines to have cohesive setups, and I'm trying to do the same with video games and some music gear as well possibly. I'm also writing some new articles for other sections, I will link them when done. I'm working more and more in cold HTML these days than in Bluegriffon or Netscape/Mozilla Composer so - if you subbed to me on Neocities, you'll likely see a lot of pages in progress that are as-of-yet linked.

8/3/2021 - 12:00p PST - Still building out the buildlogs for my own computers in the vintage computing section. I also made some corrections and updates to the "Screen Tech" page in the NEC Versa section - including pictures of the M/75TC and M/75CP LCD controller boards, and my own hand drawn demonstrations of how to externally idenfity the LCD panel assemblies for the NEC Versa laptop computers. I also made a comprehensive list of replacement panels.

7/30/2021 - 12:00p PST - Finally got the profiles for my vintage computer collection up and going now. Currently 2 pages per each machine: a details page that lists the current specs and what I use the machine for, and also a line of YouTube videos of said machine below (including footage from). The second page is the actual "BuildLog" of sorts that basically tells the machine's whole story in great detail (just some good, fun anecdotale reading). I'm also adding photos and will soon be doing an Alumni page with profiles for each old computer on the Alumni side eventually - basically all 50+ "Creeping Network" machines - with their own profile page and quasi-build-log telling their story.

7/23/2021 - 2:38a PST - Got up and did a little uploading after updating all the gaming sections this last evening. Monkey Island, Ultima, Leisure Suit Larry, all got updates. Probably the most fleshed out at the moment though is Five Nights at Freddy's. I'm working on getting the info together for the SSI AD&D Games as I'm not too terribly familiar with all of them (I play Dungeon Hack the most). Also added a lot of pictures...I think before too long I'm going to need to start resizing a lot of stuff, either that or not use as many animated gifs.

7/22/2021 - 10:52p PST - Added some nifty retro link bars with a few "Easter Eggs" in them, hehehehe. As if this site was not "retro" enough, while still being modern. And yes, some of those little button gif's were made by me - built on my 486 as a matter of fact - just like the first one says (using Graf-X II for DOS no less).

7/22/2021 - 12:30p PST - Just started linking the documents and writings on the Computer Documents pages. I've got a bunch of stuff being written, but with my Car projects being done for awhile (except regluing a window), I'm going to go back to retro-computing for awhile and try and get the more generalized matieral posted up here. One new document authored in the past few days is the document on Windows Sound System support in DOS applications. It seems there's a serious lack of this online, so I took it upon myself, since I have a laptop with a WSS compatible chip, to see how far we can hack and modify games and other audio applications to work in DOS with the Crystal CS-4231-KQ minus OPL. It just seems like obscure stuff like this is dissappearing from the web more and more these days, kind of odd since this stuff is actually very popular right now. I'm also documenting how these sound systems work and how to hack-them to get the audio hardware you want to have working work, whether that's copying DIGPAK Drivers from another Miles/AIL installation or editing resource files like a SOUND.INI or a SOUND.CFG file. I also added people to the Links page who are here on Neocities as I'm starting to follow some other Neocities users and feel a good way to keep the "community" going is to actually link to their pages.

7/20/2021 - 5:30p PST - Huge update to the site.  Removed The Vent, re-worked the Miscellaneous Section to have it's own Misc section where just "random maintenance" is so I can talk about things that I have experience with beyond the individual sections of the site, or just things that generally interest me.  I've got all the NES and Atari 2600 games setup with individual pages and have added a bunch of other stuff to other sections.  I will be writing more as things go on.  Some updates to the Versa and computer pages as well.  I figured I'd update at this point as well since the 512MB USB thumbstick I'm using as a working drive for this site is starting to become a bit unreliable....had some file corruption issues with Bluegriffon/said USB stick.  I'm also working on writing some new material for the site as well.  Also, the Bandlab Databases should be up as well.  I also added a Want List to the page as well.

6/28/2021 - 8:51p PST -
Updated the Versa Page a little more.  Started work on the batteries, got a model# decoder started so you can figure out what the original configuration of your NEC Versa Ultralite/E/V/M/P was when it left the factory in Japan.  I also put up my plastic repair page as well.  I also updated the music page to include my latest music project (currently only on BandLab) - UltraLite - which I'll explain there.  Still a lot of work in progress.  I just grabbed my Jag-Stang setup document from oh...15 years ago, and started to prep that for an update.  I also started working on some other pages on using offset guitars in metal as well, the Jazzmaster page. Lots more work to do.  Also need to get started on the inventories for the games section as well so I can start making pages for my Atari, DOS, NES, and other stuff.

6/26/2021 - 10:23a PST -
Did some work on the NEC Versa Pages under the Vintage PC Section. The downloads page is working, downloads are hosted at my up-and-coming Vintage Computer Resource page at - the site is not a focus though.  This frees up space for actual content on this page.  I've also been working on other sections and navigation as well.  I'm moving Cool-Bands over to my profile under the "about" section under "Influences".

6/24/2021 - 12:30p PST -
Spent some time this morning looking through my page trying to figure out if I had done something wrong.  Site was back up at around noon it appears after I sent a message to Neocities to figure out what was going on.  So note to other creators here, if your site suddenly disappears after an update and you can't login, message Neocities through the contact form (link at the bottom of the neocities page), and they'll get you fixed right up. I'm thinking about moving the "cool bands" page to a "Gear guides page instead forked off my "Influences" section.

6/23/2021 - 8:30p PST - Uploaded the site to Neocities and found after a few hours that it was no longer up and Neocities is acting like my account is no longer a thing except when I request a password reset or e-mail, but says my site nor my account exists. 

6/23/2021  5:30p PST - The base level of the website has been uploaded.  Still working out the kinks and working on content.  I'm hoping to have more content ready by the 9/1/2021 shutdown date for the google sites.  all sections should at least have a picture and a description now.  I will be adding more content periodically as I can.  Things might slow down for the next few days though as I have family over and work has some projects coming up I need to prepare for.

6/22/2021 - 12:00p PST - This page finally has the base level navigation up, main page front cover added (love the insanity of it), and has most of the base web pages put together.  Time to add some content to it as we go. I'm cutting and pasting in the material from my old websites (Creeping Network, Dean Machines, etc...) and updating some of it as I go along.  Next will be the new original content of the site.

6/18/2021 - 12:00p PST
There has been a bit of change of plans this afternoon regarding the site - I've decided to consolidate it all into one website focused on everything. I know this might make things a little confusing at first, but it makes things that much easier to manage, and gives a more consistent style to everything. But, since I figured out how to recreate....and possibly improve on the drop-down navigation like I had on Google Sites, it makes everything that much more organized, and means I don't need to manage 4-5 different websites anymore, but rather, keep it all down to this one, and focus on the things I"m really good at on it.