Welcome to my humble, if a bit messy Neocities Website. Basically it's just a drama-free place for me to babble about my various interests, projects, and technical stuff that I like to mess around with. Most of the time I dabble with guitars, music, old video games, and electronics, but there's more stuff I mess around with in the About Me section. This place is in a constant state of update and change as you'll find, as I complete things as I have time to do them, as I have a very busy life outside of the internet.


9/19/2023 - 9:00pm PST - I've been slowly adding in the meta tags for things, and fixing some of the broken pictures, broken links, and broken other stuff all over the site. Opinions is bad and made a deliberatly hard read (more my wall of screaming if nothing else). Also working slowly on getting some profiles built for my vintage PC's and updating the various other sections of the site with new/better parsed/better written information.

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