Welcome to my humble, if a bit messy Neocities Website. Basically it's just a drama-free place for me to babble about my various interests, projects, and technical stuff that I like to mess around with. Most of the time I dabble with guitars, music, old video games, and electronics, but there's more stuff I mess around with in the About Me section. This place is in a constant state of update and change as you'll find, as I complete things as I have time to do them, as I have a very busy life outside of the internet.

Things you'll find here include an "About Me" section with unreleated tech projects I'm working on, a music section with my over 25+ years of playing in bands, recording albums, and generally, being a lead guitarist and composer in the local music scene(s). Gear Tech is about guitars, basses, guitar gear, pedals, amps, and other stuff - with a heavy focus on cheap, obscure, or offset-waisted guitars (Jaguars, Jag-Stangs, etc..), vintage computers is my passion for vintage Pre-Pentium IBM Compatible x86 hardware (8086-80486), while modern focuses on whatever crazy modern stuff I find myself messing with, and the gaming section is just me expounding about video games and video game related stuff, mostly NES/PC/Atari 2600 stuff, with a penchant for the weird and funny at times.


5/15/2024 - 11:00pm PST - I know, updating has been a tad slow, life has shifted a little more involving work, and kinda' sorta', my guitar building insanity. What originally started off as me just trying to get some unfinished projects done before I turn 50 in 9 years, seems to be garnering some interest in people local to me. So there's several new projects being started right now to go with those that are already there including a Prototype V-style design, a 2nd version of the original PRototype design I came up with, and a Strat, and a remake of another historic guitar (well...historic to me at least) I used back in my old nu-metal band in the early 2000's - Lithium. I'm not sure if I'm documenting everything though since that would take up too much time, and too much space. SO there may come a time that I prune down the "builds" section to focus mostly on just builds I own. I also added some new games to the PC section - all LIminal space related (Pools, Escape the Backrooms, and GetLost), and did a huge write-up of my A.I. Based music lunacy, since everyone's been talking about making songs with A.I.