Some of My Previous Sites on the Internet: The ORIGINAL Geocities Creeping Network, The Previous Google Creeping Network, Dean Machines, and the Vintage Harmony Guitars website.

I've been surfing the web since 1993 and creating websites since 2001.  I created this website to consolidate all my old work into one concise place, and add some new things that I have gotten into.  Anyway, this part of the site talks about my many and varied interests.  This site also represents me coming full circle as I used to write in cold-hard HTML years ago, and have gotten back to that somewhat with this site, authoring this on a plethora of 4th hand computers I've gotten my hands on over the years.

So what is on the site?

MUSIC STUFF - I've been a musician since 1995.  My primary instrument is guitar, but I also dabble some in bass, keyboards, and anything else that can be used as an instrument.  Most of my most current work is on BandLab.  I also have a "cool bands" section but decided to nest that in the "about" section as there's a lot of picture nabbing going on to make the gear guides I intend to put there eventually.  I'm a huge fan of New Wave, New Retro Wave, Post Punk, 70's/80's metal, and pretty much anything else made between 1974 and 1994.

GUITAR GEAR - Back in the 2000's I started to gain a reputation as a very good resource for guitar tech stuff.  Most notable on the internet is my Jag-Stang setup guide I did under "Mad-Mike" all those years ago (not to be confused with another "mike" who sets up offsets known as Puisheen) as I'm the guy who used to abuse the whammy on *Stang guitars before anyone else in the USA was.  As well as offsets, I specialize in the very rare Canadian Built Hondo and Odyssey Paul Dean guitars designed by Loverboy's lead guitarist.  ALL of the old "Dean Machines" Site has gone into the new site and is pretty much unaltered (for now).  I also deal with vintage Asian built Harmony guitars because it seems nobody likes those but me for some reason.

VINTAGE PC'S - As if I did not already have enough to do, I'm also a hardcore retro-computing buff who owns a stable of several pre Pentium x86 IBM Compatible PC's (and even a Pentium or two actually).  I've been doing this since I started my first website with a little ole 486 DX-33 as "The Creeping Network" in 2001 on the original Geocities.  Actually, I do have a vintage computer download site on currently that acts as a storage center for my files for my vintage computers online to help other people with theirs.  Here I mostly write documents on old computer tech, and even have a dedicated section for the 1st generation NEC Versa.

GAMING - Mostly Retro-Gaming Centric, with a heavy focus on PC, Atari 2600, and NES.  I made a Misc section for all the other stuff I've dabbled with over the years.  I tend to have very solid tastes in particular games and platforms these days, so I'm not really as, uh, "completist" as I used to be.  Yees, there's a bit of an extensive FNaF section to begin with....that's the most recent "new" thing I ever got into, but it's kind of passed me by now since it jumped the shark.  Most of the time I'll be bablling about old rare games, reposting/updating reviews I did on GameFAQ's - posting up all those wild Game Genie Krazy Kodez many remember from the early YouTube days...lotsa stuff planned there.

OTHER STUFF - A section for more of my other things.  A lot of people don't know I'm also a shadetree mechanic, both for outdoor power equipment and more recently motor vehicles.  I have sections there for lawn mower stuff, as well as the 1st Generation Ford Explorer as I document my adventures diving into the Auto Mechanic world.  I also post opinions on stuff, cranky diatribes about old stuff being better than new stuff (because it is - hence Cranky Nostalgia), and a Misc/Misc section just for whatever else I feel like putting on the site whether it's how to change light fixtures, fix drywall, repair an old CRT TV or monitor, or just go on the occasional bitch-fest about how much the world has gone downhill.

I also have provided links to my Bandlab (under Music), YouTube, and even handy-dandy e-mail.  I won't bite if you don't.

And as for what I used to make the's a rundown....

A Rabid Army of 486 NEC Versas running FreeDOS
Dell OptiPlex 7010 running Linux Mint
Lenovo T61 running Linux Mint
Dell Latitude 6520 running Linux Mint

DOS Edit (FreeDOS 1.2)
Graf-X II for Linux and DOS
Bluegriffon for Linux
The GiMP for Linux
PIX for Linux
Irfanview for Windows
OBS Studio (YouTube Videos) for Windows 10/Linux
OpenShot Video Editor (YouTube Videos) For Windows 10/Linux
Google Photos (where I back my crap up to the Cloud because I'm not a total mennonite)