Okay, a little bit of background on me, computers, and the internet. I'm an ENT of the internet, and started surfing the web at age 10 back in 1993 on my Sister's internet connected 386 running on a 14.4K modem. Since then I've been no stranger to hanging around and doing various things online. "Big whoop!" you're thinking, yeah, but this was a big deal back in the 90's.

In 2001, I started the first, or at least one of the first, Retro IBM COmpatible websites "The Creeping Network" on Initially a project made out of anger at IT People telling me my 486 was only useful as a boat anchor, I decided instead to do what I always do, try and do the impossible, and root for the underdog nobody likes. During that time, I tried my hand at writing all sorts of other websites like a Captain N: The Game Master fanpage and even a retro-gaming extention to the computer site.

In March 2006 I joined YouTube and am one of the last of the early guys left there I think. This was back when it was owned by two guys, you rated videos with "Stars", and there was literally NO moderation on the comment section. Weird to feel like I'm closing in on 20 years there. Later I started contributing to various forums such as, offsetguitars,, Explorerforum, VOGONS, VCFED, and many others, and became pretty well known for my guitar wiring diagrams and general crazy experiments with Pre-Pentium computer hardware at some of those places.

These days I tend not to hang around forums as much as I'm a bit socially and emotionally drained, so I'm usually at this site trying to unwind and write about things I'd like to be talking about, but few people around me actually care about enough to converse about.

Anyway, this website is largely built using the Neocities Site Builder as I have grown a bit tired of fighting with BlueGriffon and the mess it makes of the HTML/CSS Code when I use it. I like neat code. It makes it easier for me to do minute edits and understand how my pages work. All this code is my own. I wrote it all from scratch, and while I'm not the best coder in the world, I get by pretty well it seems.

For Graphics I'm using Graf-X II on a pile of 386/486 machines from the 1980's/1990's and my Linux boxen,, and the gIMP, with some of the pixel art handled by 8-bit Painter on my phone. Screenshots are taken using either Snipping Tool (Windows), or Screenshot (Linux), or sometimes using VLC (when playing back AVI files of my game footage). More recently I've taken to either using gIMP to edit photos of my own TV's/Monitors for the picture frames, or picking something up off Google image Search, so if you see what you made here and don't like it or want credit, let me know.

As for computers, most of the time I'm using a 2014 Dell Latitude E6230 and a Apple iMac 21.5" - both are multiboot with Windows 10 and Linux, with Linux being used most of the time, though the Mac has Mac OSX as well (with Win10 over bootcamp). However, I also use the vintage computers sometimes as well for pixel art (Graf-X II), and making screenshots (Screen Thief). Sometimes I'll do minor edits from my phone, or upload stuff from 8-bit Painter from there, but most of the time, I'm on some kind of laptop or desktop made within the last 40 years.