Spider Man, Spider Man, crazy pixelated spiderman! He's comin' up, to diffuse a bomb, after he sneaks around Tony Hawk, Lookout! Here come's skater hatin' Spiderman!

Everyone's about superheroes these days. Honestly, I'm sick of it, I need some comic releif, and Peter Parker Pixelated Protector is sure a lot of it. Parker Bros., back in the early 80's, was a distributor of video games for the 2600, making al lot of high profile franchises such as Frogger, Star Wars (4 games to their name, three of which I have owned), they even had a Lord of the Rings game that they never released (and was in one of their catalogs and looked AWESOME for a 2600 game). Well, one of these was "The Amazing Spiderman".

Spiderman lends itself well to being a 2600 game because all the iconic elements are present and possible. You have a large skyscraper, inhaabitants in the windows causing chaos while being onlookers, some kind of sattelite tower structure up top, and a bomb being protected by a little guy on a skateboard. Whether he's the perp or just some 80's extreme skateboarder trying to be his version of GG Allin level edgy is anyone's guess. Either way, one of the better titles for the 2600 IMHO.

Spider Man Vs. Tony Hawk - My Experiences
This is yet another one I found via emulation in the mid 1990's while exploring the early internet. I played it at random and found I liked it, so I sought out the cartridge, and eventually bought that cartridge a few thousand years later (as usual). Honestly, it's better on cart than emulator IMHO. That said, I started calling the weirdo skating around the bomb-clad sattelite dish "Tony Hawk", because that's the only skateboarder's name I know, and people won't give me dumbfounded looks like if I say "David Spade" (David Spade played a skateboarder in Police Academy 4), though I think a Spiderman/Police Academy crossover would be comic gold (PROCTOOOOOOOOOR!!), LOL. BTW, not a comic guy....unless were talking Stand Up comics.