1986, Capcom, NES/Famicom
1942 is a top-down scrolling "Schmup" (Shoot-em'-Up) released by Capcom around 1986-1987 for the Nintendo Family Computer (Famicom) and Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It's considered a part of the early "Black/Silver Label" era of NES titles, and is basically an adaptation of the 1984 Arcade hit that was based loosely on the actual 1942 Pacific Ocean Air War with the Japanese known as the "Battle of Midway".

In 1942 you play a fighter pilot flying a P-38 Lightning (American War Plane) aircraft against, what I suppose is the Japanese. During your battles you'll encounter a whole manner of flying bombers, squadrons of fighter planes, and even deal with things like ground-based turrets, and even Aircraft Carriers for bosses. Every level does not just judge your survival, but rather, how many planes you shot down, how many bullets fired vs. planes shot down in the form of percentages. The idea is not to waste any ammunition and take down as many enemy aircraft as possible. It was designed by Yoshiki Okamato.

1942 is one of those "C-list" NES titles in the United States that eventually got a much better sequel (1943) not long afterward. There have been other games since then but I'm really only aware of this and the sequel in both Arcade and NES form.
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