Bubble Bobble 2
Bubble Bobble 2 (バブルボブル2) is a game released by Taito in 1993. It's based on an Arcade Game called Bubble Bobble that also got an NES Release. There was also a much different Game Boy release of this title. Unlike the first Bubble Bobble however, there was no Arcade equivalent. This page is for the NES version as it appears on the Sup' 400-in-1- Bootleg Famiclone game console.

Apparently the plot is either Bub and Bob, or their descendants, Cubby and Rubby, are rescuing a girl named Judy who got put into a bubble by one of the Skull Brothers. The entire game is a single screen Joust-like action game where our two bobbling heroes duke it out against various bubble-related things.

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