Mitsume Ga Tooru (三つ目がとおる)
1992, Tomy, Famicom
Mitsume ga Tooru (三つ目がとおる, Mitsume ga tōru, "The Three-Eyed One") is a video game for the NES that was developed by Natsume and published by Tomy. It is based on the eponymous manga and anime called The Three-Eyed One. The main character is Hosuke Sharaku. There is also a Mitsume ga Tōru game for the original MSX with the same name,[1] which was released by Natsume two years before it was released for the NES.

The player controls Hosuke Sharaku, the last of the Three-Eyed One. The game's beginning introduces another Three-Eyed One called Prince Godaru, riding on the ancient tank Gomorrah. Godaru destroys a part of the city and kidnaps Sharaku's friend, Wato Chiyoko. The rest of the game's plot consists of Sharaku clearing several areas in 5 levels to find Chiyoko and Godaru and defeat the enemies in his way. The areas include a city, a jungle, a cave, an ancient pyramid, an abandoned ship, and an area called the Sodom.

Mitsume was a Japanese exclusive as it was based on a Japanese multimedia franchise spanning decades long. Here in America....well.....we knew nothing of this game.
That Time I Met Broogli outside the Backrooms - My Experiences
I used to see this game pop-up quite a bit in my 20's on various websites as some sort of cool Japanese only release. I never had much of a desire to look into it, to be honest, because it's one of those games that had more of it's toes dipped in Japanese culture, and once upon a time, I never would have attempted to learn more ABOUT Japanese video games. Just felt like, I'm scratching on a highly glossy wall with no traction.

So I get this console (and I got the game on the Pocketgames 150-in-1 Multicart as well), and honestly, I kinda' like this game. At the start, it's fairly easy enough, the coins are kind of a cool feature, though I've not figured them out yet - but at the time, I was also listneing to Backrooms Entity and room listings via a guy on YouTube who looks like THIS guy - Broogli. I think maybe Broogli has 4 eyes instead of three, but I got to wonder if his avatar was inspired by this game.

Headed into the next stage of the level, we get the whole "standing on a moving truck" thing - this was a popular thing in the 80's, don't believe me, give DOKKEN a look (It's Not Love) - and here we got this guy fighting dogs jumping off the fence, and usually, this is where I fail at this game.

In my first YouTube Let's Play - a preliminary run I did for fun one afternoon after work with no commentary, I made it the furthest into this game that I ever made it, getting stuck at some kind of jump I just could not get over the top of for some reason. So apparently, that might have been the thing that kept this game out of the United States was the ability to actually get stuck and have ot commit hari kari to get out of a bad situation.

Either way, I had a lot of fun playing this one, even though it's extremely hard to play, so expect me to revisit it again as it's one of those games that's actually a good one.

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