Mario Bros. (aka. Mr. Mary)
1983 Nintendo, Famicom
Mario Bros. was released by Nintendo as an Arcade game in 1983, and then released soon thereafter on the Famicom and other platforms, including as an integrated bonus game in Super Mario Bros. 3

In Mario Bros. you play as Mario, and in 2-player, as Mario and Luigi competitively, working for the first time as PLUMBERS. They run around in the sewers, fighting "Shellcreepers" (aka Koopa Troopas), "Fighter Flies", and Crabs, while dodging random fireballs. Like pretty much all early 1980's Arcade titles, it's just playing as many rounds as you can, to get the highest score and put your initials on the high score page basically.

Mr. Mary is the same game with a hacked title screen - with the fancy schmancy "Mario Bros" replaced with standard Famicom Alphabet font tiles in their place. This is the kind of shady shit that a lot of Chinese and other foreign bootleg console and bootleg game cart makers did back in the 80's-current to hide the fact they had copyrighted I.P.s on their products, without paying roaylties. "It's Mr. Mary, I Swear!" - no, It's MARIO BROS.
Mario Before Mario - My Experiences
Mario Bros. was one of those games I discovered AFTER I knew a lot about the franchise. Actually, I first learned of it at our local dollar store that had a "Mario Bros." Arcade machine in it when I was like...10 or something. Anyway, I remembered looking at the screen and going "so that's where they got the Super Mario Bros. 3 minigames from!".

What's even funnier was it was right under my nose as a DOS game back around that time. I had a friend up the street in my sister's neighborhood, Drew, and his parents had a 286 computer with Commander Keen, and "Mario VGA" on it. Mario VGA was this game made for DOS (which I may put on the site later on).


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