This is where you'll find documents, tutorials, knowledgebases, and other stuff I've written regarding modern computers and modern
BASIC USER STUFF Sort of a Computers 101 for the "technically challenged" crowd of sorts. But done in a "more than everything you ever wanted to know" that is actually useful format, a bit like "For Dummies" but more detailed. I'm trying to tailor this so that it does not misguide people or limit their options. That's one of the challenges I try to live up to at work when writing documents for the user-side. I was inspired to write this sections due to how many times I've written about people having tech difficulties in the ghost section of the site I keep removing and re-adding as I get angry about various aspects of modern tech.
NETWORKING AND INTERNET Internet, Networks, and Network related stuff pertaining to merely modern machines. Whether that's fussing with your router, AP, and cable modem that the olgliarchy provided you, or maybe you want to get so some SMB1 share on some ancient computer you have sitting around in your attic/basement/closet. That's what this page is about, and included.
HARDWARE I know, Hardware is not the most relevant thing anymore since everyone keeps throwing me their 3+ year old computers and then telling me how outdated and obsolete they are before I manage to wrangle 7-10 more years out of it. And then people who have more credit than sense keep telling me how much *cheaper* it is to buy a new PC. $500 is $500 even if you got a factory rebate. I'm the same way with my computers like I am my cars, drive it till it's dead, and if it does not die....well, put classic plates on it (or not) and say you daily a classic!
OPERATING SYSTEMS Operating Systems, this meaning Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows 10/11. I'm a man you could say is O/S agnostic. So I'm going to be as unbiased and honest as possible when discussing these. There's so much b.s. out there about whose O/S is better, the truth is it's a matter of taste (and how willing you are to tailor it to your use case - if possible), as well as how much corporate B.S. you're willing to put up with (Apple/Microsoft).
OTHER TECH Basically, a section to explain, write bits about, and deal with modern technology outside the realm of laptop/desktop stuff. In this case, IoT, "Smart Devices" (or "dumb Devices" as I like to call them), and anything else with a microprocessor that I mess with today found around your house that functions, at least somewhat, like a desktop/laptop computer.