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Live Rig
GUITARS 1995 Fender Jag-Stang w/ EMG SA/81, 1998 Fender Jaguar w/ Cool Rails, 1983 Hondo Paul Dean II w/DiMarzio Super II, 2013 Squier VM Bass VI are the main ones I use the most.
PEDALBOARD SKB PS-45 Powered Pedalboard/Case, held together by Velcro and hardware store hardware and beat to hell
EFFECTS GTR->AMP: BOSS TU-2 Tuner, CreepingNet RFZ02 SkullFuzz, CreepingNet RFZ01 FazzFuzz, EHX Pitch Fork, EHX Small Clone, Behringer PH-9 Phaser, Digitech X-Series Flanger, BOSS DD-7 Digital Delay/Sampler, Behringer Noise Gate
AMPLIFIER 2008 Bugera 333XL 3 Channel 120 Watt Head, Tungsol (Bugera) EL34 Power Tubes x4 Grade "G", 4x 12AX7 TungSol (Bugera) tubes, Modified footswitch that uses old DB-9 Serial extention cables from old computers to talk to the original Bugera Footswitch (redaundant wiring for quality assurance). Usually Biased dead on night after night right before the show for the best tone possible and longest valve life.
CABINET(S) 1987 Peavey 412M VTM Series Cabinet, Beat to shit casters, peeling tolex, no label, scraped up rusty hardware, a workin' man's cab!, 16 Ohm
SPEAKER(S) 4x Celestion GK-85S Speakers, 16 Ohms total, series only, mono
MICROPHONE Usually whatever the club has but more often than not a Sure SM57 or SM58, typically I tend to favor the bottom right or top right speaker, slightly off center to the right. The best sounding speaker is the bottom right.
STRINGS Custom Set on Squier VM Bass VI (.048-.105), Ernie Ball Paradigm .009-.042 on everything else
PICKS Dunlop Jazz III red with sharp tip
STRAPS Get'm Get'm Leopard Print, Get'm Get'm Zebra Stripe, Leather Studded Strap (generic), Levis Vinyl Woven Black w/ Schaller Strap Locks on ALL of my guitars
OTHER DETAILS Typically the Jag-Stang is in standard while the others do drop tunings but get put in standard if doing backup duty. Some shows I use one guitar, some shows I use as many as 5. It just depends on the show, the band, or my mood at the moment.
Home Studio Rig
GUITARS Pretty much my entire Collection, whatever I have at the moment. Most often it's the Jag-Stang, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Paul Dean, Mad-Rite, and Bass VI I use the most.
BASSES Just a 2013 Squier VM Bass VI, it emulates everything bass-wise
AMP MODELING Line6 HD500, with custom patches done by me, I have multiple patch banks/presets/etc. I only like to program my own, and the sound I get is pretty awesome. The reason I use this instead of the built in guitar tones on Bandlab, is because there are effects BandLab does not quite have yet, such as pitch shift (5ths), and I also find it easier to record online with a hardware Amp Modeler vs. the online software with laggy monitoring.
DAW I use 4 different ones, first is BandLab which is tied to my portable studio via the Cloud. Then there's Cakewalk ProAudio 4.5 on my 486s which are all DAW capable machines weirdly enough (though not the most comfortable to use). I also have Cockos REAPER which I have been using since 2008, Quartz AudioMaster Freeware on my Pentium laptop, and lastly, GarageBand of course - because I have a Mac as well. Somehow the DAW I'm using inspires me to do certain things as well. Kind of cool.
DEVICES I tend to rotate between a 2015 iMac 24" with a 1TB HDD and the lastes OSX install on it, and a revolving door of Linux Mint and Windows 10 machines for most of my recording. Perioidically I experiment with recording guitars on the NEC Versa M/75 486 DX4-75 or Creeping Net 486, or my NanTan Notebook 9200D 486 DX2-66, but I generally tend to favor modern hardware for recording music.
Portable Rig
GUITARS If I'm on the go I usually just pick one good guitar and go with it. My wife usually wants me to "revolve the door" a bit because she likes photographing me with guitars. Honestly, my top travel companion is usually the Fender Jaguar because that's my favorite model off-the-rack that I can easily replace if something happeens to it (Squier VM Jaguars).
RECORDING INTERFACE IK Media iRig2 into my current cellular phone
AMP MODELING I use BandLab's built in Amp Modeling, I have several presets. I tend to use 70's Disco/Pop for the bass the most, with a little overdrive when needed in the rare cases I'm recording bass guitar on my phone. I also use effects a ton with synth sounds, but I prefer classic chamber for drums.
DAW Cakewalk BandLab App on my phone, which is what I use most of the time to get a good backing started for most of my compositions.
CELL PHONE Currently I'm using an LG Stylo 6 Android Smartphone with Cricket Wireless (AT&T Network). I tend to keep my phones a really, really long time and use them till they're pretty much dead. Then I wipe and sell in those kiosks you find at Wal-Mart on at an online auction site to recoup what little value the bloody things have left at that point.
MIDI Almost everything that's not a guitar, is me composing in MIDI via piano roll notation, it uses the same sort of interface as my 486 (surprise, the 486 has CakeWalk 5 pro Audio on it which is BandLab's great grandpappy). The Majority of my MIDI work revolves around synthesizers, drums, and occasionally bass, though I sometimes write classical and orchestral pieces too when those get stuck in my
SAMPLING I use both premade samples on bandlab, and those I have made myself. That's one nice thing about using my cell phone is I can record wacky noises almost anywhere, and use those periodically, whether it's sampling a meowing stray cat I run across or sampling a fire alarm test at work (built a whole piece around that one, lol).
LOOPERS I tend to keep a watch out for new Loopers on BandLab and then try them out. Sometimes I only use one or two pads, sometimes I use the whole bloody looper, just depends on what I'm "feeling" at the moment that I'm recording with it. This is part of how I've "diversified my portfolio" if you will, because I'll throw on Hip-Hop Looper, and see what happens, then I might play witth an EDM Looper and crate some EDM music I might actually want to listen to.
THE CRAZY PLACES I RECORD The first place I ever recorded in BandLab was on a Patio at a Portand Oregon hotel. I've also wound up in the park, off-road, hotel room late at nigh, the in-law's house, bike trails between stretches of a trip on the bicycle, in the office, in the bathroom.....this is the beauty of having a cell phone that can record multitrack music, basically I have a repository for my ideas whenever inspiration strikes. This is the stuff not just me, but even famous people like Eddie Van-Halen could only dream of as near as 15 years ago, when we were all still murmuring into pocket tape decks and jotting down shitty tablature on post-it-notes because the tech just was not quite there yet.