So what about me? Well, obviously I VISIBLY fit the longhaired guitar player stereotype. But aside from being a guitar player, and a self-taught stringed instrument builder - aka amateur "Luthier" as they say - I also write and record my original work on BandLab. I would be in a band right now except the fact that I'm growing a tad weary of joining groups where I have to cover for a pile of stoned vegitables who have no concept of what a clock or a watch is.

I'm also into technology. I am NOT a Nerd/Geek. I don't consider myself one. I'm not a trekkie, not into Star Wars much either. I never played nor read Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy either. I do this both to (just barely) afford to live and/or do the things I do on this site, and because I just enjoy working on computers. Professionally, I work on modern stuff in the roles of a Senior Technician bordering on Network Admin and Systems Admin at times, personally, I prefer to dabble in old x86 IBM Compatibles from the 1980's and early 1990's - basically anything that's considered "beneath" A Pentium chip.

Obviously I'm what they call a "gamer", but I'm not one of those guys you'll find running around a Convention in a Mario cosplay, I'm more likely to be found with some dumpster dive retrieved console and a soldering iron. Before computers, I repaired vintage game systems, mostly Atari 2600 and NES stuff. I tend to focus on those two consoles as well as the IBM PC. That's my wheelhouse, and I'm happy there, so I stay there, While dabbling in newer tech via emulation and/or the actual thing as it goes second hand. The whole electronic/tech side crosses with the computer and guitar stuff I do.

I also tend to dabble a bit in Auto Mechanics, drywall, plumbing, carpentry, HVAC, electronics, electrical, Bike mechanics, and anything else with nuts, bolts, screws, bearings, pipes, wiring, or anything else you can think of, and I return a professional result most of the time. Mpst people cringe at automotive maintenance and car repairs in my age group today, not me, I'm totally content under my 30 year old SUV on my back wrenching away at something that's going to cost me only $150 in parts instead of $1500 in parts and labor, or performing a full rebuild on a toilet or a sink, or resoldering loose components in my thermostat, or assembling an Ikea shelf with no instructions (and then using it for 20 years). Basically, I'm an oldschool guy, and I got the somewhat numb, calloused hands and various scars to go with it.

The rest is just the same boring stuff anyone else would post. Married 10 years, ultra-faithful, I have 2 cats for "kids", and I don't want any kids. I'm politically agnostic, I think the right and left are both stupid, as are most other ideologies. I wish we could put Epictetus's teachings on the ballot for president. But I'm not religious either. For all that opinionated stuff, check out the S.S. section below....once I post it that is.
My Projects

Basically, all the other stuff I'm into above that I'm not dedicating a large portion of this website to. Some of these are off-site, others are on-site. Basically, just places to blabber about whatever it is I'm doing with whatever it is I'm messing with at the moment when I'm not up to my usual.

Purging More Stuff from my Collections in 2023, paring down for 40
Rebuilding a 1984 Murray Stadium Power Mustang II 20" 3.5HP Lawn Mower (2022)
Repairing and Modifying my El-Cheapo Mountain Bike (and spending more on it than I probably should)
A Big & Tall guy who bikes like he's running from a tsunami goes bike shopping without breaking his wallet
Writing my own Backrooms - if you know what that is
Setting up a Late 2015 iMac 21.5" to boot from OS X/Linux Mint/Win10
My Automotive Adventures With "X" (off-site)

On-The-Spectrum Research & Decoding
Yeah, I consider myself "on the spectrum" as they say, though I was never formally diagnosed. Due to this, I have some pretty weird interests like decoding model# and serial# systems, or creating large tables about products nobody gives a crap about (just look at the vintage section). However, I'm more than a consummate computer/guitar/gaming nerd, I'm also into other things like cars, small gasoline engine power equipment (especially walk-behind mowers), and other oddly-alluring things to look into. Typically, the more rare, obscure, weird, or challenging the brand, the more interested I am in it. This section is for this stuff that fits nowhere else on the site, and is done when I feel like it (as usual).

Every thing I know about Briggs & Stratton engines
- 30 years of small engine knowledge that probably nobody under the age of 40 would give a rats ass about. Maybe if there was a lawn mower that ran on iPads, maybe younger Gen Y and Gen Z would be interested.
MTD Walk-Behind Mowers - I spent a summer digging through manualsonline decoding model series and finding out what deck-styles, models, and whatnot they manufactured, and now I'll be putting them into a table like the guy at MyTractorForum did with old Lawn-Boy stuff. This is also a "lawn mower manufacturing 101"
Murray Ohio Walk-Behind Page - So I pull out an 84' 20" 3.5" mower from a junk pile at my apartment, and now the big hunt is on to figure out what the heck Murray Ohio Manufacturing was actually building and how it ties into their model# system
A Visual Guide and History of Early Bigfoot - Basically me waxing nostalgic on the history and technicals of the Original Monster Truck. No practical reason why, just a huge fan from way back without his community