well, who did you expect? The Tooth Fairy?Yep, it's that time of year again, to write a whole new bio of the same tired out crap I write every year using new words and continuing with my ongoing rampant conflict of interest in my own personal privacy vs. being "authentic".

So yeah, I'm a middle aged I.T. pro by day, and I have "too many hobbies" - whatever that means, when I hardly have time to indulge IRL. I'm married and have two cats, so don't ask.

Since everyone has been talking about how much they hate social media these days, I figured I'd jump in right here on my thoughts on that outside the textfile. I basically hate social media, and only have it because I"m older than a lot of people on Neocities it seems, so I lived through the dawn of that hellscape called "Social Media". It's more fun for me to write a 1500 word essay in HTML than it is for me to post one picture and a text-allowance-limited paragraph missing information and with poor context because some "tech bro" gets the "feels" from his "uniform looking community". Me, I MISS the old web like this, with indiviual websites, coded by people willing to learn something to do it, and thusly, a severe lack of argumentative idiots trying to start fights. I've been online since 1992, so I've seen this place grown from college students and professors, and STEM field people, all the way to the 5-site hivemind shithole the Information Superghetto has become.

Like I said in the about the site, I made this site for fun and to share my knowledge with the world. That's about it. I don't really have any big plans or whatever. I have other projects on the internet, some I have linked to here, others I've not. Most of it ties to things I'm doing in real life.

Since everyone is so concerned about PC and political stuff these days - Here's a really really really really crappy page on this done in the dumbest, shortform ever - in plaintext format....because this site needs some good textfiles ;).

My Projects

Basically, all the other stuff I'm into above that I'm not dedicating a large portion of this website to. Some of these are off-site, others are on-site. Basically, just places to blabber about whatever it is I'm doing with whatever it is I'm messing with at the moment when I'm not up to my usual.

Rebuilding a 1984 Murray Stadium Power Mustang II 20" 3.5HP Lawn Mower (2022)
Repairing and Modifying my El-Cheapo Mountain Bike (and spending more on it than I probably should)
A Big & Tall guy who bikes like he's running from a tsunami goes bike shopping without breaking his wallet
The (oddly) Immortal "X" and my Journey into Auto Mechanics after getting f***ed by "Pros" a few too many times
Bizzare Adventures in the world of drums - ie, learning a musical instrument on my own for the first time in 30 years
Wacky Adventures with A.I. in Music Creation
Finding the best $15 Thrift Shop Vacuum (because modern Appliances Suck A$$)