Sort of a "Current List" of my Guitar Collection - which is the thing I'm the most known for on YouTube since 2006 when the channel started. These days I no longer actively collect though I Still build new ones from scratch or random parts every once in awhile, or modify the ones I already have.

1995 Fender Jag-Stang "Nikki"

Quick Specs
  • Maple Neck, Rosewood Board, 7.16" Radius, 22 Frets, Kluson Revolution TUners, Roller String Tree, Late Sixties "C" Profile
  • Basswood Body, Stock, Painted Sonic Blue, Lots of dents and Dings
  • EMG SA (Neck), EMG 81 (Bridge) - Oldschool Soldered Style
  • Composite New/Vintage Fender Dynamic Vibrato w/ Rocker Bridge, Brass Saddles (Original 95' Bridge)
  • Custom Wiring, EMG Pi2 Phase Inverter/Preamp, 1 Volume, 1 "no-load" Tone, Pickup Selector, "Tone Switch"
  • Original Tortishell Pickguard, Black Plastic, Barrel Knobs (from a Yamaha Pacifica)
  • Original Hardshell Case
  • Ernie Ball Paradigm .009-.042 Gauge Super Slinky Strings

This has been my main guitar going on 20 years now. I bought it from the Auburn Guitar Shoppe in 2000 for a steal w/OHSC after it had hung out there for a year. This guitar is every bit the misfit I am - hair metal pickups with grunge rock styling - so it fits me perfectly. Most of the time, this is the one I play (along with the Jaguar and my Paul Dean), and I'll never sell it or get rid of it. Nikki is a bit of the omnipresent fixture even when the subject is not about music or guitars, turning up in my lap when I'm doing computer stuff quite a lot. That's just my comfort zone, a Jag-Stang, a 486 DX4, and some 80's tunes on.

1983 Hondo Paul Dean II

Quick Specs
  • 3 Piece Maple Neck w/ Maple Fretboard, 24.75" Scale, 21 Jumbo Frets, custom "Paul Dean" neck profile, 10 degree headstock tilt, Schaller Machine Heads
  • 2 Piece Sen Ash Body routed HH, Odyssey Paul Dean body shape with some minor differences
  • 2x Circa 1983 DiMarzio Super II DP104 Humbuckers - Epoxy Case (Like Paul Dean had in the early Loverboy days)
  • 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 3-way Selector, Treble Bypass
  • Transparent "Cherry Red" Finish
  • Black Haircell "Anti-Scratch" Pickguard
  • Leo Quan Badass Style Wraparound Stud Bridge
  • Ernie Ball Paradigm .009-.042 Gauge Strings
  • Hondo PD Chipboard case (Seldom used)

I bought this one from Underground Vintage in 2010 and it was one of the longest chases for a guitar except my Fender Jaguar. This is another one of these "Never For Sale" guitars as I immediatley took to this one like a duck to water and it immediatley became one of my top three in the collection for recording (That I did not build myself). This is one of the very very few "hardtail" guitars I really really like. I have a whole second site on these guitars at google sites known as "Dean Machines", and some guy in Vancouver just revived this design in 2021ish along with the Odyssey name when he was not making guitars for Keith of D.O.A.

1998 Fender Jaguar 62' Reissue "Bettie"

Quick Specs
  • Maple Neck, "B" Width, Soft-C 60's Profile, Rosewood Fretboard, 24" Scale, 7.16" Radius, Vintage Frets, Dot Inlays, Kluson Revolution Tuners
  • Alder Jaguar body, un-modified
  • 2x Seymour Duncan SCR1B Bridge Position Cool Rails pickups (10KΩ Each)
  • Stock Jaguar Wiring with 500K Pots in the Lead Circuit
  • Synchronized Floating Tremolo with Rocker Bridge, Bridge Modified for Stability via my own custom Jaguar/Jazzmaster setup
  • 3 Tone Sunburst Finish, Tortishell Pickguard, White Plastic, Witch-Hat knobs (G)
  • Ernie Ball Paradigm .009-.042 Strings

This was a major bucketlist guitar for me when I bought it in December of 2005. I had been chasing a Fender Jaguar since I was 11 years old at that point. This particular one is one of the three most used production instruments in my collection, most of the time for Drop-D or Drop-CG stuff, though I also use it in standard a lot as well. It has the provisions to install the Vibramute in it, which it ran for a good chunk of 2007, but I took it off because of how much ofo an afterthought that part was on this guitar as it affected the sleek-low action this Jag has in a negative way. So I removed the vibramute with intents to build a second Jaguar with a RECESSED Vibramute installed someday - likely from scratch. This one is my main Jaguar and tends to share gig duties with Nikki most of the time so it's one half of my main two live.

2010 Creepingnet Madmaster (Home built Jazzmaster)
Quick Specs
  • Tommy's Custom Bodies and Necks Slim Profile 12" Radius 25.5" Scale CBS neck with Block Inlays and Jumbo Frets, Kluson Tone Pros machine heads, Curly maple fretboard
  • Allparts Jazzmaster Swamp Ash Body
  • Pickup Wizards 10% over Wound (Canandian Made) Single Coil (Bridge) 8.8K, Fender AVRI Jazzmaster 8.3K (Neck)
  • Standard Jazzmaster wiring with cloth wire
  • Chinese non-trem-lock floating tremolo tailpiece, Japanese Jazzmaster bridge
  • Minwax Wood Sheen Manor Oak Stain Finish, ACME B/W/B Jazzmaster Pickguard, Witch Hats
  • Reproduction 70's Fender Jazzmaster decal on headstock
  • Ernie Ball paradigm .009-.042 Gauge Strings

I built this guitar starting in July 2009 and ending in about March-April 2010. It was seen in earlier youTube videos with a Squier Affinity Strat neck on it while I waited to find the perfect neck. I wound up with two of the necks and tried returning the other to China for a credit but I could not get our courier services in this country (USA) to cooperate - so the second neck went on another guitar. This one still gets used a lot. You can usually tell when I'm using it because it sounds like a "pissed off Telecaster with a whammy bar, but with MegaBass!".

1971 Fender Music Master
  • Maple "B" width neck, Aug 1971 date stamp, 22 vintage frets, dot inlays, feels much the same as my Jag-Stang. Kluson Revolution "staggered" tuners, no string trees
  • Alder Musicmaster/Duo-Sonic II body modified for a Mustang Tremolo and Humbucker
  • Chinese Single Coil (5.7K, Neck), Peavey P-12 Humbucker (bridge, 16.4K)
  • 1 volume, 1 Tone, Passive Version of the Nikki Circuit (3-way pickup selector (bridge switch), 3-way "tone switch" (neck switch)
  • Import Mustang Vibrato with Import Bridge and regular Mustang Saddles
  • Painted Sea Foam Green
  • 3-ply Orange Pickguard
  • Black plastic with chrome hardware
  • Strung with Ernie Ball Paradigm .009-.042 Gauge

I bought this body and neck for $250 after buying the 1966 Fender Mustang as a restoration/hot-rod project. In the end, it sat for years, eventually with me finishing it in 2014, just in time to play Hempfest in Seattle with it. At that time it was running with stickers, in robin's egg blue, with a orange, home built TAP Plastics acrylic 1-piece pickguard, and a home made single coil in the bridge with Hard Drive Neodymium Magnets. The guitar lasted list thiss until 2018 when I rebuilt it for Murderock as "Murdermaster I" and was Mikey Ferox's main guitar up until leaving in 2020. During that time it got broken a bit so eventually was converted to a single humbucker configuration with a coil-split/kill swich. After Murderock it was repainted Sea Foam green for my wife and rebuilt as a quasi-Cobain-Mustang setup, which it is now. Despite Murderock being over, it still spends it's time 1 step down most of the time.

2007 Squier/Fender Jagmaster
  • 24" Scale 22 Fret B&B Maple Neck w/ Rosewood Fretboard, CBS style headstock, Wilkinson Tuners, Import Floyd Lic Locking Nut (re-milled), custom Decals, includes original Squier China Serial#
  • Alder Squier Jagmaster Body Re-Routed for Rhythm Circuit & Filled for Screw anchoring.
  • Duncan Designed Humbuckers, HB103N and HB103B (PAF/JB)
  • Separate Rhythm & Lead Circuit w/ Coil Split/Humbucker/Parallel "Tri-Mode" switching on each pickup + phase switching for neck pickup
  • Gold Chinese Floyd Rose Licensed Vibrato Unit, Gold Plated, Pivots from GC PRoTone Unit, re-milled locking nut
  • White/Black/White Jazzmaster Pickguard, black trim rings, gold hardware
  • Strung up with Ernie Ball Paradigm .009-.042

The Jagmaster was originally bought in 2007 after I already bought the butterscotch Tele. For awhile it did time with a Warmoth neck, ProTone Floyd, and DiMarzio Super II/Peavey P12 humbucker combo. Later this was switched back to the original pickups and a phase/reverse with off-option was added, eventally the tri-mode switching of the Mad rite guitar was also added. Then it was decked out in stickers and fake blood and used in a horror group for awhile. When the horror group went bizarrio, I decided to repaint it and rewire it. I spent 2021, 2022, and 2023 slowly working on putting this one together with the current setup, which is where we are now, with a trans green finish, custom wiring.

2017 Creepingnet MadRite Prototype
  • Kay KE-17 Neck w/ Rosewood Fretboard, 22 jumbo Frets, Slim Profile, bone Nut, Kluson Revolution "F" Style Tuners, "butterknife headstock", and no string trees. Has hand-drawn "Angry Sun" graphic on headstock (from Super Mario Bros. 3)
  • Pine Table-Stock "Super Mosrite" style Body, made almost entirely with hand-tools in my man cave in Lynnwood, WA (all I used was a pull saw and sandpaper - and a router later on)
  • First Act Humbuckers (ME-537 in the neck, ME-636 in the bridge) with original First Act trim rings. Modified with a additional wire from the Series Link for Coil-Spilt and Parallel Functions.
  • 1 volume w/ TB, 1 Tone, 3-way pickup selector, 3-mode Humbucker modoification switches (one per pickup)
  • Washburn/System 2001 Wonderbar Transposing Vibrato System
  • Acrylic Blue Transparent finish with Solarez Clearcoat (rough)
  • Haircell Anti-Scratch Pickguard, also made largely withh hand tools

I was going through a odd Ricky Wilson/B-52's phase and found myself having G.A.S for a Mosrite or at least a cheap Hi-Flier approximation at this point. Instead of going out and paying the astronomical B.S. prices for one online, I decided to just build my own version - sort of an evil/metal version of Ricky's Mark V - using whatever I had available at home, and it's yet another major favorite of mine, and it only cost me about $15-30ish to build. A lot the time, if you hear wacky tunings with whammy bar, it's this guitar.

2013 Squier VM Bass VI
  • 30" Scale, 21 Fret, Maple neck with Pao Ferro Fretboard, Binding w/ Block Inlays, stock nut, stock tuners, stock string trees
  • Basswood Bass VI Style Body
  • Stock Squier Jaguar/Bass VI Pickups
  • 1 volume, 1 tone, pickup on/off for each pickup, + Strangle Switch
  • Squier import Synchronized Floating Tremolo w/o Trem Lock & Squier VM Jaguar Bridge
  • Olympic White with Tortishell Pickguard, Chrome Hardware, and White Plastic
  • Custom String Set (stock Bass VI D'addarios with a Fender .105 Low E as I play this thing in Drop-D and Drop-CG a lot)

This is my "multi-purpose" workhorse of the group. It acts as a bass that can emulate other basses, a baritone guitar, a "Ricky Wilson guitar" (for stuff that was in CFxxFF tuning like Rock Lobster and Dance This Mess Around), an ERG (It Djents no problem! and is tighter and lower than an 8-string), and is on pretty much every recording I've been doing since 2013 save for the handful of times I use the Segovia bass for a regular 4-string sound. As a bass, it can emulate a Mustang/P-Bass, Jazz Bass, ESP BT-204 (an old bass I borrowed off Lithium bandmate Hawk on some early demos), Epiphone EB-0 (but without that irritatingly over-bearing low end that made it hard to mix). It's replaced pretty much every bass I've ever owned up to this point except the Segovia.

1985 Kramer Focus 3000
"Old Red Kramer/Frankenkramer"
  • Maple Neck, Rosewood Fretboard, 22 jumbo-Flat (my own custom fret shape I came up with at 14) frets, dot inlays, Kramer "Shark" headstock (slimmed EVH style Banana basically), my has Centronics port printer clasps on the headstock, a break through the high E string tuner that was repaired by me in high school with Titebond and 2 wood screws (that's never breaking again), and a hold for a flag, Original Schaller Tuners
  • EMG Select SEHG (Neck, 8.4K), EMG Select SES (middle 6.4K), (Seymour) Duncan Performer Detonator Humbucker (17.1K)
  • Poplar Kramer Pacer Deluxe style body routed for HSH and recessed Floyd Rose (did this with a Chisel when I was 14, except the neck humbucker, did that when I was 21)
  • Electronics I came up with at 17 years old: 1 Volume, 1 Tone, individual pickup on/off with coil split for the humbuckers (allowing all combinations), kill button (before I knew of Tom Morello at that), Strangle Switch, "Faux Rhythm Circuit" (simulates a Jazzmaster for Fuzz Tones)
  • Original German Floyd Rose locking tremolo, setup floating, R2 Locking Nut cut for a flat-head screwdriver, EVH D-Tuna (and yes it works), Creeping Net Floyd Rose post Reinforcement bar (one of two made)
  • Strung up with Ernie Ball Super Slinky .008-.040 Gauge Strings, tuned to Eb usually
  • Alvarez hardshell case (I killed the original Kramer gig bag because I used it so much!)

My first electric guitar, bought at the Auburn Guitar Shoppe for $250 in 1995. This thing has been modified to hell and back. It is basically my "training guitar" for all my repairs just as much as I learned to play and use the whammy on it. It also was a true basketcase, at one point breaking strings so much I was making my own .014 gauge sets (Kurt Cobain and Paul Dean's interviews taught me to do that). These days she's semi-retired but comes out to play every once and awhile at nice local gigs or when I want that sound on something. It's got a unique sound to it that's all my own - just as much as the Jag-Stang does, it basically is my "early" sound, which is still quite handy. Aside from a few tiny tweaks everything is as I left it at 17/21 over 15-20 years ago.

1987 Memphis 302HB
  • Behringer Maple neck with 22 Fret Maple Fretboard, 12" Radius, Medium Frets, bone nut, Kluson Revolution Machine Heads, 2 String Trees
  • Plywood Samick SSH "Fat Strat" body, unaltered
  • Samick Single Coils (5.4K Each), Samick Humbucker (12.5K)
  • 1 Volume, 2 Tone, 5-way Selector, Coil Split, Tone/Normal/+Neck Switch
  • Chinese import 2-point Tremolo system
  • Metallic Blue Finish that has faded via UV to a Metallic Teal color
  • B/W/B Strat Pickguard
  • Original Hardshell Case
  • Ernie Ball Paradigm .009-.042 Gauge Strings, usually in E-Standard or Drop-D

The FrankenKramer's present day successor, where the switching scheme was optimized and the aggravations of a Floyd Rose have been weeded out in favor of a 2-point Stratocaster system. My wife got me this for my Wedding gift in 2013, and it's taken over as the main strat of the lot these days. Usuallly when I have a traditional or "fat Strat" sound it's usually this guitar. It's a bit more "Van-Haleny" in tone compared to the Frankenkramer so sometimes I'll still use Old Red if I need a thicker tone that's a little less as defined (due to 250K pots). It also does a pretty good approximation of a stock strat with the humbucker split. I may later modify this one further with a "Free-Way" 10-way Pickup selector and put a Kill-button where the three-way option switch is. Plus paint-match the headstock and put a new, custom Memphis 302HB Logo up there.

2006 Squier Affinity Telecaster Special
  • Maple neck, 21 Medium Frets, Maple Fretboard, black plastic nut, Kluson Tone Pros "H" mount tuners
  • Squier Affinity 1" Telecaster Body
  • Stock Squier Affinity Telecaster Pickup Set (Wax Potted against Feedback)
  • 1 volume, 1 Tone, 3-way Selector
  • Modern style Telecaster bridgeplate/tailpiece
  • Butterscotch Blonde finish with black 8 screw pickguard
  • Ernie Ball super Slinky .009-.042 Gauge Strings

This is the first electric guitar I ever bought brand spankin' new, in 2007, off a bonus at work for a job well done. I paid $158.98 for it at Kennelly Keys music in Everett, WA and walked home with it, having lunch at IHOP with it as my "date" (LOL). Then I promptly went home and made the "Billy Squier Telecaster" video as soon as I ripped all the plastic off the pickguard and did a proper setup. It's turned up periodically on various recordings. You can usually tell when I use it because my tone is twanging, very Billy-Squier-Esque, a bit thinner than the Jazzmaster, and I tend to be playing faster lines with more articulation with sometimes a little Country flare periodically. Fun fact was I picked this up as a challenge because I was following Elliot Easton on the TDPRI forums at the time and I saw his quote "It's impossible to tell lies on a Telecaster" so I decided to take what I call the "Tele Challenge" and now it's a regular participant in recordings for that reason because my playing has a good sounding "Truth" to it, lol.

1999 Rogue/Harmony H-804
  • Memphis 302HB Neck, Maple with Rosewood fretboard, "stinger" tilt headstock, import tuners, 21 medium frets, dot inlays
  • Plywood Harmony H804 body, originally red, later stripped, thenn repainted with Sharpies to try and get that weird red/blue holographic effect as an experimental paint job
  • 2x Harmony 2183 Single coils, B.C. Rich Bronze Series humbucker in the bridge (8.5K)
  • 1 Volume, 1 Tone, three-way selector, two switches for the single coils to add or remove in various odd ways, sort of a "tone puzzle" if you will
  • Memphis tune-o-matic with 2183 stamped Tailpiece
  • Sharpie Finish with Shellac Clearcoat
  • Ernie Ball Super Slinky .009-.042 Gauge Strings

I bought this from a music shop in downtown Everett called "Hot Lixx" in 2005 just a short while before they closed as a red Rogue (Musician's Friend) Harmony H-804 guitar. The plan at the time was to make a "viral" YouTube video of me being a parody of Esteban (remember, the supposedly blind Flamenco guitarist that was shilling cheap guitars on TV back in the mid 00's) - called "Testybum", where I played a made up Jazz guitarist whose also blind, dresses ridiculously because of that, and is shilling a guitar he found in a dumpster. It'd never fly today because "insensitivity" but it never happened anyway. Instead it appeared on "Junk Guitar Jammin'" in 2006 and was modified and drawn on, and had stickers all over it ranging from Publisher's Clearing House to my old Prescription labels! Later the finish was stripped off and it was the "early" version of the above I called the "H-806". Later on, over the Pandemic, it was changed to what it is now. Currently this guitar is in planning to become rebuilt.

1984 Kramer Striker 100ST
  • Maple neck, Rosewood Board, extension cut short (was on another guitar for awhile), modified for Floyd Rose (was for a strat trem originally), Schaller Tuners, R2 locking Nut, Floyd Rose and Strat String Trees
  • Plywood Kramer Beretta style body
  • Kramer/Samick Humbucker, around 13K Ohms
  • Single Volume Knob (that's it)
  • Tone-Pros Floyd Rose Kit w/ Original Floyd Rose R2 locking Nut
  • Decoupage Work on top (by my wife) over black finish
  • Chrome Hardware, Black Plastic
  • Ernie Ball Super Slinky .009-.042 Gauge Strings

I got this guitar from Swanson Jewelry and Pawn in 2001 for $75 in Montgomery. It was used on a couple Lithium recordings here and there and later parted around and swapped around for a time in the early 2000's, taken apart, and put back together, usually swapping parts with various Explorers that I had (as I liked the neck). In 2017 I rebuilt it and put it back together, later my wife decided to decoupage it with an 80's purple/pink/white image theme with pictures out of various magazines from the 80's which is how it has stayed ever since, this is the second of two decoupaged guitars in the collection. Currently, this guitar is in storage.

2007 First Act ME-537
  • Maple neck, Rosewood Board, 22 Jumbo Frets, 3x3 headstock, Schaller Clone Tuners, Black plastic nut
  • Poplar First Act "Aelieta"(?) Body Style (looks like a Jag/Tele/Mosrite crossover)
  • Guitar Fetish Lipstick Tube Humbucker in the bridge
  • 1 volume, 3-way 3-mode selector for bridge humbucker
  • Tone Pros Stratocaster copy tremolo unit
  • Custom 70's Decoupage finish by my wife over original black paint
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Strung with Dunlop .009-.042

I bought this from Pawn X-Change in early 2009 for $50 on a whim with intents of modifying it even more, or at least adding to my collection of First Act guitars I had at the time (most of which I bought on sale at Wal-Mart). It later was taken apart and laid around for awhile before I decided to rebuild it after my wife Decoupaged the body and I routed it for a Strat trem with a set of chisels from the Daiso store while watching Mad Max or Jewel of The Nile (accounts vary). In 2018 it was the first guitar in a few to utilize Solarez UV Curing epoxy for the clearcoat. Currently this guitar is in storage.

1985 Memphis A2-TR
  • 24" Scale 21 Fret mahogany neck w/ rosewood fignerboard with black binding, neck with Washburn droopy headstock, import tuners, matching headstock, small frets
  • miniature plywood strat style slab body
  • Samick Humbucker, 8.4K Ohms
  • 1 Volume Knob, 3-way Switch intended for a home-made built-in amp
  • Short-Block Strat Copy Vibrato
  • Orange/Amber Flame Finish done with Acrylic Paint and Markets, Solarez clearcoat
  • NXR volume knob, chrome hardware, black plastic
  • Strung up with Ernie Ball Super Slinky .009-.042

Last guitar bought in Washington. Used to keep it in my office to de-stress between "bad" calls. It was originally red. I really liked it. When I moved to where I am now, I decided to refinish it orange to stand out, and as a guinea pig for testing out Solarez as a "quick" clearcoat finish. Currently, this is my Wife's Main guitar.

1967 Harmony Classical Guitar
  • 25.5" Scale, 18 Fret, Mahogany neck, Ebony Board, Bone Nut, Cheap tuners (replacements)
  • Spruce Top, Poplar back and sides
  • Rosewood Bridge, modified to lower profile with modern thicker saddle.
  • Natural Brown Woodgrain Finish
  • White Plastic Accents
  • Strung up with D'addario Light Classical Strings
  • Original cool-looking chipboard case

Got this in trade for some guitar repairs I did for a co-worker, Tim. It lives in the livingroom ATM. Was the first acoustic I carried out some successful wood-work on (modifying the bridge). It has low action but is very loud, I tried to make it more of a "Cheaper" version of the Yamaha that was my first guitar (which I hope to recover from my childhood closet someday). It's usually tuned 1-step down and I have plans to put a piezo transducer system in it so I can do recordings with it that don't involve stealing my wife's Shure microphone! Currently, this guitar is in storage.

2018 EVH Tribute Jazzmaster/1998 Reissue
  • Warmoth EVH Profile Strat Neck, 22 Frets, 12" radius, chunky profile, PRe-CBS headstock, Schaller Tuners, Floyd Rose R-2 Locking Nut
  • Cedar Jaguar style body routed for a single humbucker and a Kahler
  • Lawrence XL500 8.5K Ohm Humbucker (bridge)
  • 1 Volume Knob, that's it!
  • Gibson/Kahler 2300 Classic Vibrato
  • Black with Yellow Stripes - EVH "Bumblebee" pattern
  • NXR volume knob, Black plastic, Chrome Hardware
  • Strung up with Ernie Ball Super Slinky .009-.042 Gaue, tuned 1/2 step down

Here's a big story. The first guitar body I made was in 1998, using pine sourced for free from the Lowes cut-off counter. That guitar was exactly like this one save for 2 strat single coils for humbuckers - but everything else was the same or similar. In 2018 EVH died, who was one of my biggest influences, so I built this in tribute using reclaimed wood from a construction/demolition site near my apartment. It also has correct proportions this time (rather than a Jazzmaster body scaled up from a book incorrectly so it was oversized and looked comically funky), and has the "eye Bolt" shoulder strap attachments. It's nice having this one back into the fold, and this build is way better than the one I did when I was fourteen which was lost to the sands of time.

DiMarzio Parts Mutt Strat
"Female VH GTR" <
  • Tommy's Custom Bodies and Necks neck, 12" radius, 22 jumbo frets, rosewood fretboard, block inlays, CBS strat headstock, Chinese Tuners, dual string trees
  • alder DiMarzio "swimming pool route" strat body
  • Chinese single coils (neck and middle, 5.4K each), Chinese hot rail (8.4K, bridge)
  • 1 volume, 2 tone, 5-way selector, 3-way mode witch, tone switch
  • Chinese Strat Vibrato
  • Painted white/pink Van-Halen Candystripe w/ black, plastic and hardware
  • Strung up with Ernie Ball Paradigm Strings

This guitar has a VERY long history. It was bought in 2001 by me for $40 at a Montgomery Alabama pawn shop back in my Lithium days - the guitar itself consisted of over $400 in premium parts, many of which live on on my other guitars (My Kramer Focus 3000 has the Floyd Rose that this body had, and the Warmoth neck is on the VH II Panther LS). It was rebuilt as the "Black strat" for YouTube back in 2006 and used for a lot of Loverboy covers when needing to replicate Paul Dean's old Funky Strat (the red one with the Stoptail and Tele-style headstock). Then ripped up to be repainted for my then girlfriend (now wife), who then we realized was naturally aspirated to lefty playing, so it was pre-empted, then stripped of paint again, then refinished in Minwax Mahogany wood wipes, and setup as the "Brown Strat" from 2016-2022. In 2022, the guitar was repainted pink with white candy-stripe for my wife. There's a few relationship-related easter-eggs hidden in the finish ;) - Currently, this guitar is in storage.

2013 Squier Bullet Strat
  • 25.5" Scale 21 Fret Maple neck with Rosewood Fretboard, Pre-CBS Headstock, Inport Tuners, and 12" Neck Radius
  • Basswood Squier Affinity "Fat Strat" body (actually routed HSH)
  • 2 Squier Single Coils (6.4K each), and Squier Humbucker (13K)
  • 1 Volume, 2 tone, 5-way switch
  • Strat Vibrato
  • Aztec Gold Metallic Flake
  • W/B/W Pickguard, White Plasatic, Chrome Hardware
  • Strung up with Ernie Ball Paradigm .009-.042

Bought this guitar for our 5th Wedding Anniversary as a gift to my wife who has struggled to find the right guitar to "start out" on. So I got her this one. We still have it, though I play it periodically as well (see me covering Sparks on my YouTube - Tryouts for the Golden STrat (Human Race). It's stock, I don't do much more than maintain it really. It pretty much stays strung up with Ernie Ball Paradigm .009s and just does it's thing. It has a tone a bit similar to my Jag-Stang. I used this one to record "Tryouts for the Golden Strat" (me covering Sparks "Tryouts for the Human Race" on YouTube) and "Blood & Gold" in 2022 on BandLab. It'll turn upp sometimes here and there as my wife does no tlike the weight compared to her other three guitars that are smaller/lighter.