Many computer platforms predated the IBM Compatible PC, but in August of 1981, 40 years ago, IBM released their IBM Personal Computer model# 5150 and it basically standardized the computing market because of IBM's reputation as a mainframe manufacturer.  Since it was largely off-the-shelf parts-wise, and once companies figured out how to get around the patented firmware, the PC Compatible market blossomed into a huge, mostly business-oriented market, eventually overtaking some more game-ready contemporaries such as the Commodore 64 and Amiga.  Today, every computer we run, is a descendant, in some way, of that original IBM PC from 1981, even for a time Macintosh was using intel CPU that PC's were using in that time period. On this page, you'll find new and old games for DOS, Windows Linux, anything an old PC will run.  Even if it runs under Macintosh Executor - it's here.  That also means this will probably be the most chaotic and busy section.

I have a lot of old DOS/Windows machines ready to rock, some even with Mac Emulation on them, go check out the collection here. The machine to the left is my 1994 NEC Versa M/75 which is pretty much my main vintage laptop though it does do some "modern" duties from time to time as well in the form of internet surfing and talking on forums sometimes over custom modern DOS web browsers.  But that's kind of out of scope for this page.