Ah yes, all-in-one Chinese Famiclones, some people hate them with a passion, some people love them, I'm one of the latter lot. It only makes me wonder how the Chinese see these things themselves as it really indicates a pretty nice sized cultural shift from what we have here in the states.

In my homeland of the USA, the Famicom is known as the NES, and unlike China, and possibly Japan (who probably did not have to worry because their gamer's skill levels are higher than ours, and so there's a wider margin for "good games" there), we had a strict gatekeeping system from Nintendo that kept a very consistant output from 3rd parties through Nintendo. I recall this was done because of the video game crash of 1983 which largely did not affect the rest of the world, particularly Japan. If you wanted an NES, you had to buy it from Nintendo, there was nobody else making any such compatible units. Now, I've been binging Jontron lately and I'm not sure what New York or some other more urban parts of the country were like in the 80's - maybe they did have these Chinese knokc-offs turn up in their bodegas. As for me, I lived in the middle of bumf*** Alabama at the time, so if you wanted a Nintendo, you bought a Nintendo, there was no other choice in town. Not even the creepy Piggly Wiggly in the projects still stuck in 1965 had these for sale there, if you lived in the ghetto, you probably had an Atari 2600 still.

I can only imagine in Japan it was much the same. You want a Famicom, you bought the regulatory red and white, hard-wired controller unit that they released there in 1983. If you lived in Russia, you got a Dendy, if you lived in Brazil, they had their own Famiclones, and if you lived in China, you probably were bombarded with choice. Almost funny how the communist countries

But China, it seems there is a SEA of these crazy knockoffs of everything from the original NES all the way to the Playstation 2 at least, and even multicarts and standalone carts, most of the systems running on a NOC (NES On a Chip), stockpiled with games with poorly translated titles, that repeat ad nauseum, sometimes the same game under 3-different names. Some people condemn them for being basically pirated hardware filled with unauthorized hacks - which is true - but see, guys like me find total hilarity in this. It's like a new combo form of entertainment....absurd games with absurd music and plots to speculate on why they exist. Why am I doing puzzles with pigs and oranges? Why does thtis look like it was written for a IMSAI 8080 with some home-brow black/orange/blue/white video card from 1975? What is going on here? I'm chasing cats around a maze with cars on the medians of it like some kind of demented parking-lot based version of Pac-Man! Why is Mario now a pole vaulting Ninja in a land full of trees unlike any from the regular Mario Games, and the music sounds like "Slipped on a Banana Peel" music? It's just like how I used to collect those goofey old Wisdom Tree bible thumper NES carts, and Game Genie Krazy Kodez experiments. It's functional comedy I guess. And why am I beating up an eggplant with a bamboo pole with a lantern on the end of it while listening to a digital rendition of PJ Harvey in some kind of Beam Software-esque programmed warehouse?

So imagine my surprise when February 9th 2022 comes around and this slightly smaller than normal "Game Boy" shows up in a package from some friends in Seattle. No kidding I'm enthralled, no kidding I'm all in, and no kidding I'm going to play the heck out of this thing. I turned it on, I mean, it even has a menu to choose between English and Chinese - so it's obvious what markets this was aimed at. I was already curious what I was going to find insisde this little red facsimile.

The Hardware
Externally, the device resembles a 3/4 scale "Red Brick" "Play It Loud" Series Game Boy circa 1993. However, of course there's no cartridge port, the Motorola W375 style flip-phone battery is charged via a micro-USB port on top, there's a smaller than 1/8" A/V out on the top thhat splits off into 2 RCA Connectors so you can play on your TV (turns off the internal screen), and on the lower left is a roller for volume. Of course you're given the usual D-Pad, select, start, B and A buttons, but there are also B and A turbo buttons without adjustable speed. Once I have some time to do it (after I do the screenshots), we'll take a look at the INSIDE of this thing.
The Games
Look, nobody's being fooled here, there's no way there are 400 games inside this thing. I know the trick from the day I downloaded "Contra-400-in-1" from some ROM site back in 2001. Basically you'll have either multiples of the same game with different titles, multiple games of the same name starting at different levels, or the same name with another number added tied to different unreleated games, and likely, somewhere in there, the list repeats. It could have had only 50 and I'd still be impressed - as any good ROM hoarder knows - it's easy to accumulate more games than you can possibly play (hence why a lot of us went back to the more fun and completley provably legal activity of collecting physical copies, myself included).

That said, it takes a special kind of person to appreciate the kind of lunacy such a product brings. Most people see this stuff and rage like AVGN on his worst days, me, I play, for the sole purpose of making fun of it's rampant "moronicness". It's called "Surreal humor" - and George Carlin, Gallagher, Bill Hicks, and many other comedians I like did a dang good job of it. It's further enjoyed from the fact that I DO enjoy seeing messed up video games - that was the whole basis of my "Game Genie Krazy Code" videos. Except this, I don't need to tap in a bunch of seemingly random letters from a 16 letter alphabet to invoke the chaos, it's already there, and does not need any help.
Games Guide
And here's where we will look at this system as a whole. Starting with each game - a feat that nobody on the internet has EVER Before attempted with one of these consoles to my knowledge (for obvious, and very intelligent reasons), Let's see how easily we can break Neocitie's HTML Editor, lol. There's over 400 games and as I started making this list I did not realize how long things would go before they repeat! It's insane. Update 7/21/2022 - Let's see how it does with my newly learned Table capabilities!! Let's see if we can break Table functionality....looks possible.

# Title + Screenshot Description
001 Super Mario
Super Mario Bros. 1, the original, complete with title screen. It runs way to darned fast and the audio sounds like some earlier versions of NESticle, making me wonder if this is really a NOAC (NES-on-a-chip) or some kind of ARM/Emulator setup of some kind. I'm kind of surprised it has the original title screen while others like Super Mario Bros. 3 has no title screen, and Mario Bros. is renamed "Mr. Mary". Despite being oversped, it's still quite playable. While shooting the footage for YouTube/Odysee I noticed that this is one of the games with a blue background that has weird interference/movement while being played. It seems whoever built this thing did not do an adequate enough job of sending interference to ground, and this becomes very apparent when playing these games through a TV set via composite.
002 Mario 14
Mario runs around in Ninja-esque garb with a bamboo pole attacking enemies in what looks like some kind of Japanese folklore tale, obviously, it's some kind of hack...Kid Nikki perhaps? Also, I think the Troopa's are fucking like rabbits and drank way too much coffee this morning! Not a horrific game, it plays alright, but definatley not up to Nintendo-Seal-Of-Quality standards that much is for sure, considering it has physics much better than Action 52, but far worse than Mario. Overall, not that bad and I actually had a pretty decent playthrough of the first few levels when I first ran through it. This one seems to be a staple of most of these 99999-in-1 Chinese thingies. The surreal-ness of this kind of reminds me of finding out there are more than 2 "The Gods Must be Crazy" movies, and then watching "Yankee Zulu" - where like Mario in Kid Nikki, Xiao (pronounced Nikau) - a Kalahari Bushman from Africa, is now seen riding a bike around in China. Not much different than seeing Mario as a Ninja in some kind of Mario-warped version of "Old Japan".
003 Mario 3
Super Mario Bros 3, the Japanese release, no title screen, some background graphics are a little different, again NOaC in full swing with a different timbre to some of the noises. Also missing the title screen, as if anyone would see this in the world and NOT know this is just a pirate of the Japanese Famicom release of Super Mario Bros. 3. Played it a little bit, but you know I played this game so much I know it by heart now, especially after all the Game Genie Krazy Kodez videos I did for this game back in the day. That said, it's pretty well playable and still just as fun. However it still beats me why there's no "Super Mario Bros." on theh title screen for this, but there IS a title screen on the first one. Also, where's Doki Doki Panic or SMB2/SMB USA? Or how about the Japanese Mario 2.
00 Dr. Mario
Guess...yep, Dr. Mario. Another official release. It mean, what more can I say, it's Dr. Mario with zero alterations. Even the emulation/NOAC does this one justice. So I'm not really sure what more to tell you about this one other than's Dr. Mario. It's apparently an English release of some sort, not in Chinese or Japanese ow whatever the language is (Look, I'm still as of yet on my journey to learn any foreign language that does not require me to spill my archive of minimal spanish over Tequila shots). But other than that, this is one of the much better games on this system, and to me, puzzle games make the most sense on a portable system, because you bring it with you to KILL TIME - kill time in the waiting room, kill time waiting for your oil change or tire rotation, kill time waiting for the pizza guy. Honestly, that's all video games are about to me, killing time when getting your hands into something actually productive is a BAD idea.
005 Mario Bros.
What it is, but someone changed the title to "Mr. Mary" for some crazy reason, but otherwise, same as the NES port of the Arcade original. Kind of hilarious that they chose to change the title to "Mr. Mary" though, and call it what it really is on the menu (Mario Bros). I'm guessing at some point the ROM file or data or whatever was pilfered for another illegal clone console and rebranded. Anyway, premise is the same as the Super Mario Bros. 3 minigames this one inspired, knock turtles, crabs, and bugs from underneath, then kick them over for points, alal the while avoiding a fireball, and with a "lifeline" in the form of hte "POW" block. Falls not too ofar from the Arcade version to be honest, and another good "time waster" added to this device. See, it's not entireley useless of comic relief. I just with they'd thrown Dragon Quest on here somewhere.
006 Turtles 1
You guessed it, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Japanese release I believe. Same horrid gameplay, same horrid controls. I managed to make it to the boss fight on my first actual try where I put in any effort. BUt really, another common one without much to say about it because, I mean, seriously what kid that was a mainstreamer did NOT Have this game in the 90's? While soting screenshots of course, I got to listen to Master Splinter yell at me in some *nese language for gettiing run over by Bebop and Rocksteady in some kind of fancy version of the Tanks from "Combat" for the Atari 2600 (maybe they stole a tank from Tank 1990 - later in this list). Anyway, can't really follow the dialogue properly anyway, and to make fun of that would be so un-PC I'd get myself canceled before I could finish the "tuba" in "Futuba". Anyway, I never really was a big fan of TMNT, I was more into COPS and Wowser (known as "Dommel" in the Netherlands) around that time (now there's two shows that deserved a killer NES title). Or if we really wanted to get wacky, let's make a Barbapappa NES about nightmare fuel for days.
007 Turtles 4
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighter. I think this was a legit game, it's just a beat-em-up ala Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, a genre I'm not that big into at all. The controls are pretty bad, I kept getting my arse kicked, and just generally not an enjoyable experience. Not quite sure if this is an official release or not, I was not a big TMNT fan as a kid, I watched the show, I made fun of that "Turtle Taxi Toilet Hauler" thing that Kenner released for the action figures, but that's about it. That said, beat em' ups are not my territory, that's my Wife's place to shine, that woman has so much energy if she learned how to play Eruption she'd be 30 seconds ahead of Eddie Van-Halen himself. She always kicks my butt at Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, or Battle of the"Boxing" for the Atari 2600.
008 Contra 1

Hoo boy...this gets hit this thinking it's going to be the original NES Contra.....and's Contra 12-in-1 multicart. Yep, that's right, another bootleg, except with 12 Flavors of Contra for all your Contra gaming needs. So 412-in-1 (or really 212-in-1). Has original Contra, Contra 30P, Asuit Gun, Loop Gun, Shot Gun, and Contras 2-8. Okay, so really what this is is Contra 1, but with various Konami cheat code add-ons enabled, and level skips. That's really all it is, though it has it's own menu for options. I'm guessing Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start is just not playing nice with the NOAC on this thing. Again, Contra was noto one of those titles I grew up with, so I've been slowly learning it since getting to play the VS port at Nintendo of America in the break room all those years ago.
009 Contra Forc
Yep, Contra Force, minus the E on the menu. Not sure if this is an acutal legit release or not. All I know is that it's quite alright and I did pretty good at my first try at it.
010 Contra 7
Super Contra 7, I have my doubts about this being an official release, or at least a US release. Basically run around a city shooting at bad guys while getting your butt kicked. Very unforgiving. Japanese or maybe Chinese text? A bit more "neon" than the original Contra, almost like this was some other game intended to hit that retrowave/vaporwave vibe 20-30 years before that became a thing. I'm willing to bet this was one of those Polystation or Super Pretendo Famdibomb Chinese rip-off releases though.
011 Kage
The Legend of Kage I believe, for the Famicom. Text is in some Asian Format (I can hardly tell Chinese from Taiwanese from Kanji, from whatever else).
012 Jackal
It is what it says, it's Jackal. Drive around in Military Vehicles, blow stuff up.
013 Rush N Attack
Also as it presents. It's Rush'N'Attack for the NES, not really much more to say. Another run-n-gun side-scroller with Military styling.
014 Adventure Island
The Original "Hudson's Adventure Island" in Japanese? Not much different than the American Release really. Is it just me or does that title screen music make anyone feel like we're contestants on a Japanese game show? Sort of reminds me a little bit of Ken Chan and Kato Chan for the PC Engine - minus the potty humor. Basicaclly in Adventure Island, ffor probably the 2 people here who don't know, you play as a guy in a baseball cap named Higgins who runs around eating fruit for energy while throwing primitive hammers, riding skateboards, and fighting various cartooney snakes, bugs, and other stuff while avoiding rocks and random campfires all over the place. It has a similar vibe to Mickey Mousecapade (who I think programmed this too as I recenly learned). Overall a pretty good game and a nice time-killer on this mini-handheld.
015 Adven Island 2
Adventure Island 2 - same old deal, go to islands looking for your girlfriend who was abducted by aliens, ride on dinosaurs, eat fruit for sustainance, and play an Egg Chance game at the end of every level. Not a whole lot to see here. I remember renting this one from Blockbuster as a kid and enjoying it, so it's not a bad game. However, like mario titles, you have to dedicate some time to it. This time it takes on a little more of a primitive/caveman theme. Not too turprising though since this came out in the era of Encino Man, The Jetsons Mett hte Flintstones, and the Flintstone's movie with the B-52's.
016 Chip Dale 1
Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers in some Asian release. Same old stuff, throw boxes at robotic dogs, climb power lines, and so on. I never got to play this that much but I do rather well like this particular game, not love, but I do like it.
017 Chip Dale 2
Okay, now here's when things start to get weird a bit more wacky. You're playing either Chip or Dale, in some military game hack (N.A.R.C.?), shooting at Helicopters or whatever. This is the one in my YouTube video of this handheld where I was joking about a black market cheese mob or the cult of Kooka Kola (complete with clip from the cartoon). Either way, it's hilarious, also why is Chip or Dale not wearing clothes - WTF, put some clothes on you guys! I don't wanna see that!
018 Bubble Bobble 2
Bubble Bobble part 2 for the NES/Famicom
019 Snow Bros.
Snow Bros for the NES/Famicom. Basically, 2 sentient snowmen fighting Mr. NoseyBonk's dismembered head(s) in various levels. I actually did pretty good the first go out, making it to Level 7 with a fairly high score. I've heard a lot about this game but never played it till I got this .
020 Mitsume
You are a boy...or a some kind of old-world scuba outfit throwing baseballs at girls, dogs, and spiders. You get to ride in the back of a moving tractor trailer while fighting said jumping dogs. Not sure what's going on but this the kind of craziness I'm talking about that I love about these wacky Chinese bootleg things. It's like a cross between River City Ransom and The Three Stooges. But that semi part is where it all ends for me because the controls are terrible, the dogs spawn right above you, and it's sporadic so you don't know were it's going.
021 Ninja Gaiden 2 Just what it says, Ninja Gaiden 2: The Swords of Chaos.
022 Double Dragon 2
023 Double Dragon 3
024 Hot High School
MOOOOOOOOOM! THE WACKINESS IS BACK! This is high school volleyball?!?!? Looks like 50 Uncle Pulltabs got together to play Volleyball. Should have been called "Creepy Uncle Volleyball". It's time to put on Kenny Loggins "Playin' With the Boys" because that's what's going on here. Either that or it's River City Ransom volleyball, but RCR is less as creepy than this is. Basically, a buncha chibi anime guys beat the shit out of each other with a volley ball in what looks like a desert field in the middle east. Maybe this is Desert Storm Volleyball? Maybe we really SHOULD cue the Kenny Loggins music!
025 Hot Wrestle
So now the Pulltabs are at it again, this time in what's not really wrestling, but some kind of obnoxious 2 on 2 brawl of some kind. It looks more like River City Bar Brawler to me. I spent about 20 minutes beating up 2 punks that look like me dressed like some kind of 90's kid straight outta a Smash Mouth concert.....why the hell am "I" the one wering the stinkin' cargo pants?!?!? I'm supposed to be the badass lookin m******** in the white sleeveless and jeans. This is ridiculous!
026 Robocop
Ah yes, the NES DataEast title, where you play up till level 2, and then get stuck in a room with an invincible mobile spike wall and some C-suite jerkoff trying to kill you with it until you get bored and decide to turn the game off. Seriously, Robocop moves slower than my Tandy 8088 trying to process a 40 page spreadsheet! And you have these damn dogs again - like more realistic versions of the ones from Mitsume - and they act just the same. of course, I just get my ass handed to me again and again, till I just shrug and go, "that was a waste". I had this on cart as a kid, it sucked then, still sucks now.
027 Mortal Kombat 4
Another one of those Chinese IP theft creations. I'm terrible at fighthing games but this one is pretty awful. More like Mortal Kombat IV: Fever Dream Edition. Someone got rather ambitious and tried to make a SNES+ style fighter for the old Famicom. That said, the horridness of it is quite hilarious at times though, not Pro-Wrestling NES hilarious, but trainwreck, Loose Screws level ridivulous.
028 Spider Man
Did Froggo start pilfering NES games from Chinese companies like they did the 2600? I mean, we have Spider Man with a sprite in danger of being obsconded with by a fly! And all you do is run around shooting at the same one bad guy on multiple levels again. Friggin PARKER BROS for the friggin ATARI 2600 is deeper and more complex than this one is. Basically, I call this one tiny man on string shooting psychotic clowns.
029 10 Yard Fight
"Oh mah gawrsh it's frickin' footbawl!" I hate football, I don't know what I'm doing, and I'm having horrible flashbacks to those Opelika/Auburn games as a kid when I had to literally play my own game of Summertime Antarctic Adventure to get to the friggin Guitar Shoppe. Either that or Mr. Stough yelling at us to blow him off the football, no football!!
030 90 Tank
Aka, Combat for the NES. Basically, you drive two poorly programmed tanks around a brick maze shooting each other. It almost looks like a Action 52 title, it's that bad. It alaso, however, has a level editor. So it's like a strange combo of Combat for the 2600 and something like Wrecking Crew, now I like Wrecking Crew, and I kinda-sorta like Combat, but this is a bit too unpolished for my taste. The controls are stiff, the enemy tanks keep coming like hornets out of a freshly kicked nest, and why the hell does it need a YEAR on it. If this is what these devs could do in 1990, someone in H.R. was not doing their job. Seriously, I would not be surprised if Active enterprises made this.
031 Kage Legends I used to have the sequel for my NES - Demon Sword - which I just bought because it containted two words from Metallica's "Four Horsemen" (Killing scores with a Demon Sword), but it's really kind of like if the Japanese bistro you went to had allt he artwork on the napkins suddenly come to life and tell a tale of the Ninja life. I'm not very good at it but a fun game nontheless.
032 Aladdin 3 Aka. 1001 tales, Arabian Nights (which is later on here as a different game). That is not Aladdin for sure! That's some kind of Eastern stereotype on a flying carpet shooting witches and flying snakes with only god knows what across an Arabian landscape, and the kind of background music we would have been making lewd lyrics to as pubescent kids (there's a hole in france, where nobody wears no pants, theres a hole in china, where the wom.....(record needle scrapes)) ~ KNOCK THAT OFF!!! ~ yeah, it's also a game I saw before. Not bad, but not great either, but I like it for it's unspoken hilarity.
033 Antarctic Adven Antarctic Adventure for the NES. Basically, you play as a penguin roaming the north pole while avoiding obstacles. Basically a FPR (First Person Runner) game. I love this game. The Friend's Network made an awesome port for DOS, but this is actually one of the better games on the system.
034 Arabian I was expecting repeats by this point, with this being the Magic Carpet Ride game again (Cue up The Guess Who)! Now instead, we are microscopic little sprites runninig around what looks like a pirate ship. How does this have anything to do with Arabian anything? They could have ecalled this "Monkey Island" and it would have been more relevant. I've seen this on other compilations. Maybe the Sup people were pulling game titles out of a hat. Who knows?
035 Balloon Fight The classic for the NES. Basically Joust but made cuter and more pallatable to a wider audience.
036 Base Ball Pretty rudmentary Baseball game for the Famicom/NES.
037 Binary Land This is a commonly provided title on these multi game China-things. Basically, you play 2 birds in a maze, a male and a female, and they mirror each other's movements on each side of the screen. The point is to get BOTH to the goal without getting hit by enemies. For some reason this seemed trickier and closer to impossible in my teens and 20's, but now I actually kind of like this one.
038 Bird Week Sounds like a magazine for bird watchers. It looks like this is a "self published" title where you play a bird that flies around from home to home feeding it's kids and collecting bugs. Not a bad game, but I think a better title is in order, such as "Momma' Bird". You have only one nemesis, some bigger bird that flies around and kills you. I also found you can snag up mushrooms from the ground and feed your kids those too. Eventually, the kids grow up and fly away. One of the neater chinese releases I kind of like.
039 Bomber Man What can I say, it's Bomberman. Basically, you run around the maze placing bombs to blow up sentient balloons and the walls to get through it to the end. I believe I rented this at Blockbuster at some point as a kid because I saw a commercial for the SNES version. Either that or I rented the SNES version, but this one seems rather familiar, so it was probably the NES release.
040 Bomb Sweeper The fun is back. I was expecting a Famicom/NES port of Minesweeper, lol. NOPE. This is one of those wacky Chinese originals, sort of like an LCD handheld adapted to a NES, LOL. Basically you play as some goofball clown guy in a maze made up of walls, some of whichc can be moved, and you have to make it to the exit on time or the room explodes - at least thats what I can make of it without a manual. And when the room explodes when the timer runs out, it plays the most drawn-out, and dramatic death theme in video game history "dat dweedle dweelde dat dat..........dweedle dweedle dat dat" - I don't even think Koichi Sugyama's overworld music for Dragon Quest is as long as the death music in Bomb Sweeper.
041 Brush Roller LOL! I might have to include the title screen for this things get REALLY Weird. IT's title screen is of a creepy smiling monkey with a Pompadour haircut! In brush roller, you play as some little fuzzy with a paint roller, painting what is supposed to be a street, or the most demented house ever designed (Was the Purple Guy their Architect? WTH!?!?). Basically a screen with a looping path like Pac-Man with random flowers, cars, and cats on it. Just what the heck is going on? I believe iit works like Amidar for the are supposed to paint the streets entirely, and then you move onto the next round, but people step in your paint and I think there's a paint eating dog somewhere? Then what is the bonus round? Avoiding theh dog's inevitable nuclear diarrhea poo?
042 Burger Time Good ole' Burgertime. For those that don't know, this is an arcade classic released sometime about 1983 or so, and follows a similar feel/theme to DOnkey Kong and Popeye. Basically, run around a structuree (in this case some kind of weird life-size fast food resturant), get chased by things (burger ingredients & condiments), fend them moff with some other thing (pepper), and fulfill a goal while running around said weirdo maze (assebling hamburgers).
043 Chack and Pop Basically, it looks like you are a little cartoon character that shits bombs, just don't get caught in the stink of you own explosive poo though, or you'll be zonked out by it. Oddly you can wander around on the ceiling, or on the floor, and it seems your bomb-turds are there to help you by blowing up obstacles and bad guys (which has as of yet never worked for me). Not too terribly fun, or all that interesting TBH.
044 Chess Looks to be Othello or Reversi, not Chess. But like I can confirm, the text is in Chinese or some form of Japanese I think.
045 Circus Charlie Seems like something they would have come up with early on, probably PRE-NES. Basically, you play as a circus lion tamer making his lion jump through hoops of fire, and if you fail to, you die. Oh yes, the olden days, when the fear of certain death or heavy injuries did not deter people from doing stupid things.
046 Clu Clu Land I've seen this one around, but man, what is it. It's like Pac-Man, Lock N' Chase, and some other thing all rolled into one. Basically, you run around a maze, blocking off enemies, and then the's a big whirlpool in the middle of the screen.
047 Combat I opened this expecting a repeat of Tank 1990 but instead ended up with what looks more like a broken Action 52 shooter game, LOL. Basically, you're a soldier with a gun, and I think you're stuck in one spot...not sure. IF so, what is thtis "Five NIghts at Bunker's", that'd be a slumber party at Archie Bunker's house while having to turn the stereo down every time he comes upstairs with the belt to whoop ya'.
048 Defender Aka. Defender II: Stargate. I guess another way to milk the "repeat" later on by calling it "Stargate". Basically it's an NES/Famicom port of the Arcade game of the time in t he typical Atari 2600 vein. You fly around, saving people on the planet below from Alien abduction, all the while blowing alien spacecraft out of the skies. Honestly, with the movie "Nope" out, I think we're due for a redux - Defender III: Nope!
049 Devil World Ah yes, Shigeru Miyamoto's "Lost" game from right before Super Mario Bros. - his smash hit. Actually not that bad of a title, but I can see why in the mid 80's they did not bring it overseas to America, all those 700 Club morons would be thumping King James so hard his ghost would come back to slap them back into the pews for pestilence! Basically, in Nintendo's version of hell, you are caught into a auto-scroll maze filled with crosses and the "good book" while the devil watches like a angry supervisor whose team has low stats for the month. "C'mon creepingnet, we need to get our NSAT and RSAT up for the TTR and RRSTs! We need those TPS reports! GET ON IT! STAT! OR MY DEMONS WILL PULL YOUR BONES APART AND INCARNATE YOU AS A GOOMBA IN THE MINUS WORLD!"
050 Dig Dug 1 And if fighting Auto Scroll in Hell, getting a clown out of a Tiger Electronic Games maze, or Animal Cruelty does not suit you. We can always go around blowing up animals with a bicycle pump! Yep, it's Dig Dug, the classic Arcade game as ported to the Nintendo. This one is actually pretty good, and kind of a fun one to play anyway.
051 Donkey Kong 1 Well, what did you expect? It's the Miymoto Classic, Donkey Kong in all of it's Famicom/NES black-label glory. Not really too much to say. The sound effects are a little "off" for some reason but at least this one runs a the correct speed.
052 Donkey Kong 2 Donkey Kong Jr. basically - which oddly gets the first repeat of a game on the same page as it's proper name. Not sure who manages the ROMs that go on this thing, but they're a bit lackluster when it comes to duplicates it seems.
053 Donkey Kong 3 This was one of the first titles on this device that does not always work for some reason (I've had that problem with 5 titles on here). To get it working, you have to turn the darned thing off and then on again. So not sure what's going on here. It's like the world's most buggy multicart. Anyway, you play as Stan the Bug Man shooting at bees, or wasps, or hornets, or whatever that Donkey Kong keeps stirring up.
054 Donkey Kong Jr. Same as 052, thhough strangely the sound on this one works just fine. So maybe there's a series of very bad Chinese ROM Dumps? I dunno, this was about the point that this thing was starting to show it's "jankiness" because it was basically starting to get a a little glitchy and weird.
055 Door Door Some wacky game where you are a Penguin I believe (Japan loves penguins I guess), and you have to lure various monsters into doors and lock them in those doors. What is this, an insane asylum for unused Nintendo mascots or something?....

(update, 1/9/2024) - Well lo and behold...this actually ties to Dragon Quest. Turns out this is KOICHI NAKAMURA'S game he entered the contest that lead to Nakamura and Yuji Horii working together! Yes, before Dragon Quest, before whatever it was that got Koichi Sugiyama to send in a card and get a job as composer on Dragon Quest - this was the game that got Nakamura some kind of award in a games contest for Enix - so one of Enix's first games! Mad respect then. And to be honest, a lot of che comedy on here is in good nature. I actually liked this one, but the HTML on this page is ripping my computer apart!

056 Excite Bike We all know what this one is, it's the classic Excitebike where you ride around on a BMX Motorcycle, try not to overheat your engine, and can construct your own sadistic tracks for your friend's to play, or yourself. Another good one on the system, and it works consistantly.
057 Exerion A strange Schmup that does not work properly. The whole time I Was playing it, the playfield was filling in portions with "0s" and other numbers and letters periodically. I'm thinking this is using a mapper or MMC chip that the device does not support.
058 F1 Race Basically Pole Position for the Famicom/NES. It plays a lot like it and sounds a lot like it as well. A good fun racing game, what more can you ask for. No issues.
059 Formation Z You play some dude marooned in the middle of the desert fighting single aliens? Where he is, nobody knows. Could be the Outback, could be Egypt, could be he's a straggler gone lost from Burning Man? What's he doing out there, that's anyone's guess as well. Kind of hard to make your formation "Z" when it's only you in the game.
060 Front Line This one kind of reminds me of that funky Sombrero game from Action 52 - actually, a lot of things about this unit remind me of ACtion 52, and the funny part is I've never actually PLAYED Action 52. I've just watched Octav1us King and AVGN play it on YouTube.
061 Galaga What can I tell you, it's Galaga, one of my go-tos at the Arcade, and it's a good port, which means the NES/Famicom port is a good port. It seems odd to me that these early Arcade releases were not that common for the NES considering that the Arcade was still holding on back in those days. I would not mind being able to play Galaga at home on my NES.
062 Galaxian Galaga's predecessor, another Schmup, rows of aliens/ships above you, you down at the bottom blowing them to smithereens for high score. That's what's it's all about. In the days before Super Mario Bros. and Nintendo Power, that's what we did, blew things up to get a higher number, and we liked it, because it was fun, and easy to figure out (but hard to master).
063 Golf Basically that NES Golf game that makes Super Mario look like your fat uncle who likes to go to the country club when the fish aren't biting. Not very fun, I tend to prefer Links 386 on PC personally, or Microsoft Golf Simulator 3.0 for Windows 95. Golf is just not a good game to emulate on a NIntendo, and something seems wrong about it. Unless you come up with a hilarious and ridicule worthy title like "Lee Travino's Fighting Golf" - even if you hate the game, that title will STILL put a smile on your face. Because the last thing you think of when you think of golfers, is an aggressive male - that's a part of what made the whole Bob Barker scene in Happy Gilmore so hilarious!
064 Raid O Bungelinghy Bucky O' Hare commands a Dinghy in the middle of a tsunami. Nope, actually it's just Raid on Bungling Bay. I knew the real title because Bithead1000 covered it on his channel just a week before I got this thing. Basically, fun little helicopter game. Much better than the other on on here, that's for sure.
065 Hyper Olympic Aka. let's put Track and field aka Activision Decathlon for the NES on here. Basically all you do is jam the A and B buttons over and over to make your little man run across the screen. Another classic button masher. The thing that sucks is the A/B buttons don't have a fulcrum to pivot on. Bigfoot was a far better game because it at least used the D-pad, even though you needed to make a 5-fret stretch like Edward Van-Halen to shift the gears or use the nitrous!
066 Hyper Sports A shooting game that does not use the Zapper. I'm guessing this is to have a "little something for everybody" on the device so you can buy it for your nostalgic grand xer hunter gun guy father, then he can basically spend all his time on this playing Golf and Hyper Sports. I prefer Duck Hunt, there's just something about shooting at a TV that's satisfying, even if it's really the gun recieving signals from the TV that registers a hit.
067 Ice Climber Basically the engine that later gave us Wrecking Crew (which is also on here but under a different name with modified sprites). Basically, you run around knocking out ice sections trying to get to the top of the mountain. Seriously, a remake with Dio or Rainbow doing "Man on he Silver Mountain" for the background music would be great for this.
068 Joust Another arcade classic. Joust is the game where you fly around on ostriches trying to kill each other with jousting lances, and then steal your ostricges next of kin by taking their eggs. There's also a pool of lava there. I remember this one most for the Atari 2600 but I've played the Arcade version as well. Not a bad little port.
069 Karateka Basically a really crappy game that feels more like my NES is trying to be an Atari 2600 VCS trying to be a NES. Flat graphics, crappy sound, and some of the worst controls. They are so bad I hear the voice of Armake21 in my head the whole time I'm playing this wreck.
070 Lode Runner I believe this is another classic but it plays more like Mappy to me for some reason.
071 Lunar Ball Aka. Imagic change their name and this is really the sequel to Trick Shot for the ATari 2600. They should have named it "Trick Shot II: We Got all the Balls Now" because that's basically what it plays like. I liked Trick Shot, but this is way better.
072 Macross Another side scrolling shmup, this time in rather well animated outer-space. I need to explore this one a little more.
073 Magic Jewelry When I first saw this I thought I'd hit the "Girl section" of the device, but it's basically one of the puke colored China originals that looks like they ported some cut-rate BASIC programmer's project from 1981 on his IBM PC 5150 to the NES. Basically, just another puzzle game. You can kind of expect that on devices like this - 1001 variations of Tetris and other random shite.
074 Majong 4P Now we get into the old Asian dude territory with games I can't even figure out what the heck I'm doing with because it's in some Asian dialect that I have yet to learn (maybe I should start). These were the early titles on the Famicom that helped it appeal to everyone, but if they were released in the USA, they would have bombed worse than Dragon Warrior did.
075 Majong 3P Take the game above, change the color pallet, and remove one player presumably, and then you get this one. Not sure what's going on here either, for all I know this is just "Cards Against Humanity" in another country. But hey, what do you expect from a console that starts with a menu that gives you the option between Chinese and English and defaults to Chinese? I have to say, a bit impressive how much this thing had to really try and appeal to almost everyone in some way.
076 Mappy Mouse running around the house stealing stuff, arcade classic, one I'm not as well versed with. Quite frankly, I really suck at this one, but I did not get to play it anyway because it's heyday predates me knowing what a toilet is.
077 Milk N Nuts Milk N' Nuts sounds either really digusting, or really really dirty. Funny enough, the title has me cringing because those were my two least favorite things growing up (odd since I liked Reeses and Chocolate milk). I'll write more about the gameplay once I remember.
078 Millipede It's Millipede, in what looks like someones Visual BASIC Project, if Microsoft tried to monopolize a Nintendo product. Not to terribly impressed, but it's an alright port I guess.
079 Musice Actually it's M.U.S.C.L.E, and actually a pretty hilarious wrestling game for the NES. It's amazing how much people have forgotten how huge Wrestling was in the 80's, it's almost more forgotten than Monster Trucks. I was not really a fan of it but it's fun when I have a game where I can just mash buttons like a moron and beat the ever loving shitstink out of the other guy.
080 Maitou Another cryptic Asian title that I'm not sure what is going on. I imagine this is where I'd end up just walking around a neighborhood somewhere in the east. Now I'm sitting with people I can hardly understand, trying to figure out a game that makes zero sense to me, and getting a Game Over in a few minutes because I don't know what even this whole thing is actually all about.
081 Nibbles Another original from the land of Ramen and this console's orgin. Basically it's just hte "Snake" game from Motorola Cell phones circa 2003. Not a bad port, though I have to laugh at how many NES games are on here that play like Mr. Game and Watch programmed it after a bender!
082 Ninja 1 It's called Ninja but plays like if Super Mario Bros. 2 took place in the middle east somewhere. ( a voice calls out "uhh, it DID take place in the Middle East originally - Doko Dokoi Panic Dream FActory ring a bell?) - yeah but this is like if someone just washed out the Super Mario Bros. 2 pallet with yellow and sky blue and then let loose a Ninji that needs his refridgerator chained up for the lone bad guy.
083 Ninja 2 So apparently in the sequel to NInja 1 - the Sandstorm Controversy, in Ninja 2, Gardening Techniques of the Black Belt and beyond - I'm not sure what's going on, a bunch of angry people are in your garden, and they are out to kick your butt straight to Shenzen. Another one of those situations that left me flailing around trying to figure out what's up.
084 Road Fighter If Spy Hunter was Porky's, this would be Screwballs. Basically like a budget spyhunter that would open with some 80's happy pop rock soundstrack with a wild guitar solo in the middle "I'm goin down the road with the wind in my hair and I got my guns loaded (he's got his guns loaded)" (wild guitar break) "I got a chick by my side in this rental Porsche with 2 glocks where the fog lights go (whoahoa!!!). Seriously, tne movie of Road Fighter would be the one where everyone breaks the 4th wall and takes nothing seriously, like a Troma Film version of Spy Hunter would. And of course, gratuitous t and a for days fo no good reason, at all.
085 Othello Another game I've never played either on a console or a board on the kitchen table and not quite sure how it goes. Seriously, do they also have Backgammon, Parchisi, PInochle, FArkle, and a multitude of other funny sounding tabletop games on here?
086 Pacman And after a dip into dime store Bootcamp land, now we are getting back to the stars of the show, Pac-Man. YOu can't go wrong with Pac-Man, especially this NES port of it, which was actually quite good but underratted, but hey, if a Brooklyn Plumber had not pulled the rug out from under him, maybe he would have gotten more attention on his 2A03 w/PPU based outing.
087 Pin Ball And of course, the last game on the console - no, I'm serious, go look it up, game 400 is PInball (and game 399 is Pac-Man). The real repeat is **spoiler alert* when Super Mario Bros. re-appears again at number 314. No new levels, nothing different, just the same game as 400. Not much else to say, it's Pinball, with Mario, and I like this Pinball game, so I don't mind that it's here twice, just makes it easier to get to from the 1st 10 games.
088 Pooyan Another arcade classic with a funny name involving funny animals doing funny things. I think in this one you're a ferret, or a dog, or abeaver, in a very janky elevator hanging off of a cliff side, and you have to shoot at flying wolf archers before they shoot you.
089 Popeye The game that Donkey Kong originally was going to be. ANdo not that much different from DOnkey Kong. Basically you run around collecting things Olive Oyil is tossing off the top of the screen while avoiding BLuto till you can gets yer cans o' spinach.
090 Sky Destroyer A plane game that signals me to the time that it's time to start talking about the screen quality of this thing. It seems, when playing games on it, especially through a TV, the LCD controller circuitry interferes with the TV signal somewhat, leading to a strange, diagonal raster-like pattern and washed out colors that make it look like this thing was built by the millions, then stored in a warehouse for 20 years in the middle of Abhu Dahbi before they could finally ship them out. So it just feels like I"m flying around in a prop plane while being attacked by the Invisible man. Snoopy might fly on a Doghouse but at least the Red Baron is visible in his game!
091 Space Jet Space Jet! No, this is Space Invaders, never though anyone ported this to the NES. Somehow I feel like this is a Chinese original of some kind, maybe someone's beginner project like Nolan Bushnell and Al Alcorn with Pong in 1971? "if you can make this work on Famicom, then you are hired! You're first project! Magic Jewelry! But first, you must make a row of flying toilet seats, toasters, and kurby vacuum cleaners with no handle, and make a little ding dong at the bottom of the screen spunk at them! Oh yeah, and give him some of those bed sit-up pillows for sheidls!".
092 Star Forrce You're flying over remnants of the Death Star's tile bathroom while shooting at various monsters that have spawned from the more isolated remnants. Weird little schmup.
093 Star Gate Gee, I wonder what this could be, it couldn't be Defender II now could it? Oh, it is, it's Defender II" Stargate, same as the arcade game and same as the NES port, because it is. Good little port of this game, and nice to know I now have the sequel, since I have the original for the Atari 2600.
094 Tennis Basically it's Wii Sports Tennis 30 years beforehand, and without the benfit of a motion sensor controller for your throwing hand. Follow that Shadow!
095 Urban Champion F*** yeah! This is an underrated NES title if I ever knew one. Urban Champion is every post-gig fistfight ever re-enacted by two stooges in "New Yalk". Basically, all you do is beat the shit out of each other in front of random buildings, while onlookers throw things at you, and the cops swing by periodically to arrest you two if you don't break it up. I like playing this with a "Joisey" accent while yelling things like Bithead1000 would say like "Outta' ere'!" "Knock em' righ tin the bawls!"
096 Warpman Not sure what this one is about, it looks more like some kind of Hurricane Simulator. I''ll have to give it a second look.
097 Yie Ar Kung Fu Basically it looks like if An American programmed a DOS Kung Fu game in 1983, sold it as shareware, a CHinese developer got it, and ported it to the Famicom, leaving all the poor American stereotypes in the game. I mean, we jhave what looks like 3 contestants and a gong in the screenshot. IS John Bonham hiding off camera?
098 Zippy Race Basically Bill Gate's Jackass/Mule, whatever that CGA DOS car game was, but for the NES. Slightly better, better controls, but not by much. You'd think after Street Racer for the 2600, and Indy 500, the whole "changing lanes" racing genre would be dead by now.
099 Warehouse Boy Now This is a chinese original. And it appears it uses chunks of the Bomb Brigade engine or whatever that overly dramatic stick figure bomb guy game is called. No music, no help, just some boy in a blue warehouse shoving orange crates around, presumably to fill up a corner. I had an old boss named Perveen...used to make me move the crates around at Nintendo....maybe this is based on that sort of thing. It's actually kind of fun so a bit surprising for a post 1997 NES original programmed in a sweat shop somewhere.
100 1942 The Capcom classic and one of my favorite Schmups. Fly around in a plane blowing other planes out of the air. I lvoe this particular genre, don't even care what the bad or good guys are called. IIRC, this was the one the Japanese had to make a different design choice for the US vs the Japan ports since it revolved around PEarl Harbor. I think this might be the US port though.
101 Arkanoid Basically Breakout III: We finally got a Plot. Not like it ever needed one, basically you just beat a bunch of balls around knocking bricks out of the room. It kind of sucks with a D-pad, I prefer paddle controllers ala the Atari 2600 for this sort of thing, or at least a trackball - something analog. That's probably why this is a hacked version with 5 lives instead of three. I honestly prefer the DOS Port on my Tandy 1000 A.
102 Astro Robo Sasa I love funky overseas releases like this one. In Astro Robo Sasa you're a cute littel Chibi guy in a space suit who uses his gun to shoot himself around the area while collecting objects from balloons and avoiding what appear to be cows. THis is the kind of craziness I look for on these consoles. This is what made me fall in love with these weird Chinese multicart FAmiclone things.
103 B Wings A strange little schmup where you fly around abstract landscapes that look like they were drawn by the guy who did King Crimson's album covers.
104 Badmington ER, Badminton - so I guess it's toime to go to Ottowa to play some Badminton badly spelt by the guy overseas who programmed this compilation. That said, I suck at this game, but I did figure out, you need to follow the shadow, but kind of hard to do when the shadow is so tiny you need a magnifying glass - I looked like TIm Allen watching the big game on that Sony Watchman on an old Home Improvement episode circa 1994- which looks like the giant nose guy from the decongestant commercials, also from 1994.
105 Baltron Sort of like a Defender Deluxe, nice animation, cool sprites, cool space effect, I really like this one. I need to play it more to get to know it more before I say more about it.
106 Bosuka Wars This thing plays like a Scott Cawthon alpha of FNaF World. I mean serious, what the heck is going on. You're this little knight guy who moves around like he's in a Tiger LCD Handheld game, in a land that looks like today's horrid attempts to simulate Atari graphics. Was this the lost sequel to Adventure we never heard about? In the end you get chased by some giant Motherbrain looking thing with your invisible team of merry men.
107 Bom Jack Mighty Bomb Jack. Nuff said. That's what it is. It's a game I've heard about, and a game I could hear a certian actor using in his jokes in the 80's, but I'm not sure what else. I did not find it all that fun to be honest. Just not my kind of thing, either that or I was getting burned out on these crazy platformer games.
108 Porter I guess his name is Boy Porter - as in Warehouse Boy Porter, and now he needs to shove around boxes in poor architecture to excape or some such. I'm guessing this is like some kind of remake of "Chip's Challenge" for the PC, but for the NES. Not sure, I have not figured it out yet.
109 Chubby Cherub Except it's the 7/11 video game rental version from America where you're not a Cherub, but you're some kind of anthropomorphic pickle dressed as a ghost being chased around by dogs.
110 Destroy Aka. Wrecking Crew, except you are now Demolition Man Bob, and it's your job to break into the banks and telephone pole insulators placed randomly about these strange abandoned steel silos, while bing chased around by zombie contractors.
111 Dig Dug 2 Ah yes, I remember this one. This was one of my BLockbuster regrets. I got this because Dig Dug was a big name title for the Atari, and I wanted to try his NES game. I was not bad at it, but I Did not really enjoy it as much as the original where you blow up baddies with a tire pump!
112 Dough Boy What does this have to do with bakers? YOu're a soldier who is on a obstacle and trench filled battlefield, battling other soldiers for domination of the land. That's about it. I read somewhere this was a Japan only Famicom release. I actually kind alike this one, it's really growing on me.
113 Dragon Basically "Snake" aka "Nibbles" again, but now we are a festive and flamboyant Dragon instead who needs to chase around his tennis ball. And of course it plays like Acllaim made this game and ported their LCD Handheld to the NES with the same animation quality as an LCD handheld game.
114 Druaga Kind of reminds me of Bomberman.
115 Duck Some sort of strange game where you play a duck shoving around an egg in what looks like if Super Mario World was the first Super Mario game for the NES. Not quite sure what's going on around here, or even what the point of it is since you can select any level - or *ahem* SCENE from the get-go.
116 Elevator Action ANother Arcade Classic that I never knew was ported to the Famicom/NES. THis was a pretty good port and I played it for quite a bit before putting it down.
117 Exed Exes Looks more like One Flew over the Hornet's Nest to me. Weird Schmup that seems to take place in a Bee Hive.
118 Flappy I thought this was going to be a Flappy Birds port for NES but I was surely mistaken.
119 Fruit Pig Hoo boy, this is a kiddish game where you play as a dancing pig that has to eat fruit that falls from the skies. Seems the pig is doing the hula, though it's movements are more sporadic looking than trying to run a animatronic off a Tractor's PTO driveshaft.
120 Galg A sort of dull top down overhead shooter that seems to take place on a lake - sort of like a SciFi version of River Raid or something. Not particularly impressive TBH.
121 Beimos It's sort of like that Atari game where you land on planets and save people and then fly into space and go into battles - minus the whole saving people and going into space bit.
122 Gyrodine Basically Battle on Bungling' Bay's budget 80's cheese teen sex comedy flick cousin. Poor controls, poor gameplay, I can see some actor we've never jheard of but probably should have cheekily laughing as the whole helicopter goes down in flames.
123 Hexa Another puzzle game, similar to Magic Jewelry, but a little bit better. Obviously some kind of Asian Famicom game of some kind. Not bad.
124 Ice Hocky This is like an Episode of Red Greene where the whole of Possum Lodge go playing Ice Hockey in a oddly color "Adventures with Bill" Segment - and everyone's had a little too much Kokanee beer. The chaos that ensues is just missing a bow and arrow, a hornet's nest, and a guest appearance of a canadian rock group to play "straight man" when Bill gets his stick OFF the ice and onto a microphone stand before careening into the electrical box and causing the scoreboard to sequentially rack up for no good reason at all.
125 Lot Lot Welcome to the Ghetto Wizard lotto? What is the Ghetto Wizard Lotto? Nobody knows except the two Wizards who roam around the playfield, trying to guide softballs into PVC pipe containers provided by our sponsor Sanford & Son's Garbage to Go. The rules have to change every other round so nobody knows what's going on or whose winning the lotto, and in the end, nobody wins anyway.
126 Mag Max Another side scrolling schmup, that takes place in a isometric playfield part of the time, and side view for another part of the time. Kind of reminds me of Venture for the Atari 2600.
127 Pika Chu I was expecting that horrid Pokemon/Pika Chu game with the slip-on-banana-peel background music, what did we get here though? Some kind of super slow Tetris port for small children who like PIka Chu I guess. Basically just tetris with a creepy yellow fuzzy staring at you the whole time.
128 Ninja 2 What if Adventure Island took place with a short and fat Ninja (was there ever such a thing). Basically he runs around the forest collecting hearts while his friends try to knock him around. Seems to have unlimited hitpoints, I played this one quite a bit but I can't see what the appeal is yet.
129 Q Bake Basically it's just the same CHubby Cherub game. It seems on this unit we get some repeats before the whole list starts to do so. Whosever's manging the ROMS is doing a sloppy job, oh well.
130 Onyanko Town I'm not sure what's going on here. It seems the city is filled with black holes while various teal witches chase you around town and you need to avoid them. Plays a bit like a version of Devil world for old people - sort of like those telephones from the 80's with the big number pads on them.
131 Pac Land Another broken one on here. This one will always run, but what it won't do is CONTROL. I swear to dear god, I think I know what happened to Pac-Man and his career. See, Pac-Man - between Jr Pac-MAn and Pac-Land, got an addiction to hardcore drugs and/or alcohol. This was during the worst part of his addiction when he decided he'd just do whatever he wanted and "f*** the player".
132 Pachi Com Hoooooooookay!?!? Not sure what's going on here, I just sit and hold the A or B button for minutes at a time, and then a bunch of balls start pouring out in this thing that looks like a GTO Judge air filter with a Kewpie doll inside of it and some other various cultural stuff tossed in like a cassarole. Is this a game? A fortune teller? Does it work like a Magic 8 ball? Someone help me out here! After awhile it starts to make noises reminiscent of a malfunctioning dish washer and a smoke alarm? WTF?
133 Pro Wrestling AT first I thought this was the old NES black label game with the Starman and Amazon in it (whod chomp your head off). TUrns out it's another great Wrestling game with SAMPLED SPEECH. It's hilarious, basically mash the buttons like mindless idiot, and win!
134 Pyramid IF the Telley Monster from Sesame Street designed a Tetris game. It's all TRIANGLES. And good god, that does not make it any easier. I think I'm the only one of three people in my life I could trust to play this and actually get ONE line cleared ( Ig to 2). The graphics and music are great, but good lord, if you thought having a 90 square deep gap waiting for a 4-straight in tetris was bad, this is worse, now you don't even know what you need, as you put together something that looks like it's made for chopping human cadavers in half or unbolting tractor tires!
135 Route-16 This is like Venture for the Atari 2600 and the driving sequences from POlice Quest (DOS) had a baby. Basically, you're in a parking garage with a layout kind of like "Driver" - but you leave the building and now you're in a city that looks an awful lot like the one from Ghostbusters - the video game. Except it seems in this town, we just planed in a bunch of brits and a bunch of Americans, and did not tell them on which side of the road to drive, so everyone just does their own thing I guess - except when you die in a head on with a Brit because you're sticking to the right side of the reoad.
136 Seicross I think I found the inspiration to that SCSIcide game that some indie 2600 developer made.
137 Slalom At first I was thinking this would be some dunmpy port of Activisions "Skiing" for the 2600, seeing how much 2600 is in this thing in NES Format.
138 Soccer It's soccer, I suck at sports.
139 Son Son Some weird game that's a cross between Mountain King and Taz. You run on various platforms, collecting treasure, and blowing up enemies along the way. Are oyu a NOrse God? A Viking? A Scottsman? A Druid? Nobody knows what the heck is going on
140 Spartan X Isn't this just Kung-Fu for the NES? Basically you run around an endless Dojo punching and kicking the crap out of various old Japan stereotypes, with what appears to be more wrestling moves or dime store Chuck Norris moves rather than Karate. I can see Mr Miyagi's 8-bit countenance cross-armed in the corner about to tell us to "wax off" - or something similar to that!
141 Spelunker I think saw I saw something like this for 2600 and PC before. Basically you play a really tiny sprite, spelunking in a cave, and you only have one life to live, otherwise, you die. A little too true to life for a video game for my taste.
142 Spy Vs. Spy I've played this before. Basically 2 spies fighting each other
143 Squoon I think this is supposed to be like Sea Battle for the 2600, but it's more like "get your submarine blown up by Dolphins and the rest of the breakdown from "Rock Lobster"".
144 Star Luster When I saw this, I pictured Barry Manilow's 8-bit mug singing a ballad while an 8-bit Liberache plays piano! Either that or you're polishing stars. Nope, this is actually a excellent Space simulator in the vein of Star Raiders or Starmaster for the Atari 2600, but better, kind of in between those excellent games and X-Wing for the PC. It plays really well. I'll be revisiting this one.
145 Tetris 2 I was expecting a bootleg copy of Tetris 2 for the NES, isntead this this just TEngen Tetris, which appears all over the place on these compilations.
146 Thexder I have this on my Tandy 1000A DOS PC and I prefer the version ORigin System sdid for DOS way better than this version. The controls just are not that great with a D-pad for some reason.
147 Volguard II I could not get this one working. I"ll try again later. Here's the label screen to help me keep my numbers here from getting all messed up like they have been.
148 Volley Ball Basically an older Volleyball game, nothing too special, Chibi anime like characters. That's about all I have to say about it at this point.
149 Wars It looks like the cast from Hellow Kitty having some kind of balloon fight using a giant Shuffleboard, or the San Rio Town communal table saw.
150 Xevious An overhead Schmup I'm famliar with. I like the aesthetic on this game a lot, though the game is not quite my cup-o-tea so much.
151 Chinese Chess Let's confuse me some more with odd (to me) Asian games I don't quite understand or am not quite able to read.
152 Challeng Apparently the "Challenge" is to jump on a moving Japanese bullet train and shoot birds with your six shooter. Why do I have a feeling this would be a great subject for an early P-model song? IF you get hit, you fall off the train, and the sound effects on this are rather convincing. I love this one for it's great grapjhics, sound, and hilarious and absurd plot.
153 Mach Rider Ah yes, the old track-designer capable black-label NES release that only a handful of people my age have heard of but will probably find it's way onto Bithead's show at some point.
154 Argus Hey guys? Want to just blow something up without any recourse or punishment for playing like a total asshole? Well look no further than ARgus, the overhead Shoot-0em-ujp you don't even have to have any skill to play, I just kept hammering B and A on Turbo on the 400-in-1 and blew the entire level to smithereens and went on to the next board like I'd been plauying this all my life.
155 Goonies The fabled Goonies game we did not get in the USA (we got Goonies II). This one includes Cyndi Lauper's soundtrack song "Good Enough" on repeat, rather well done in 8-bit form, and it seems not half bad. So I might actually give this one a good "Let's Play" someday if I feel like it.
156 Super Chinese WTF IS THIS!?!? So I Start the game and it looks like a Cribbage Game made out of old Lumber from some rednecks' back yard. Then out walks all these Sumo Wrestler looking dudes kung-fu fighting each other. What the heck is going on on here? And just like the Wrestling Games, I just mash buttons and win. How is this Super Chinese? Is this what they do over there for fun? Try to make a life sized cribbage board out of old junk and then have a Kung Fu contest? What does this have to do with being chinese, just redesign the sprites and it can be "Redneck Backyard Brawl".
157 Twin Bee Another overhead schmup where you can blow paper airplanes out of the clouds for a bonus, and your bombs don't do jack.
158 Star Soldier This was another time the unit malfunctioned and I Could not get the space ship out of the corner of the screen. Remember kids, if your 400-in-1 suddenly gets a mind of it's own, it's probably time to do a hard reboot to bring it back to it's senses.
159 Track Field This is basically hyper sports? WTF? I found out though, you can cheat by pressing B and A Turbo at the same time on the 400-in-1- and your character will almost run max speed.
160 Friday The 13th And the last one for tonight, Friday the 13th, basically you are at the camp at the lake trying to save everyone from JAson Voorhees. It's the same game AVGN had his big ole rant about.
161 Arkista's Ring This one is broken as can be. The status bar moves around on screen about halfway down. Whatever VT-series processor they used on this thing is not cutting the mustard as far as Arkista's Ring's graphics are concerned, totally unplayable, lol.
162 Aso
Another broken one regarding scrolling. IS this an MMC2 or MMC3 title? Did they use the mapper for Mike Tyson's Punch out on this thing. Anyway, at least this one is playable in it's broken state. It's basically a Schmup but it looks like you're flying a taco chip over your auntie's Afgan while someone tosses staples and fidget spinners at you.
163 Alpha Mission And then I played this and realized it's roughly the same game above but with slightly different graphics. So Aso and Alpha mission are the same game apparently, though this one breaks up in a different way, kind of like the way a germanium fuzz pedal by the same make but another build date breaks up differently with the same guitar and amp. I guess we can call this one Data Distortion II: Darker but Better.
164 Bowling I recognized this one as soon as I played it as the Bowling Game Bithead1000 played on his channel. So it was the one that had one girel and three guys. Plays alright, fairly good game, kinda fun, better than Atari's Bowling by far, but still not my top choice for games.
165 Flipull This puzzle game surprized me. It's actually quite good once you figure it out. Judging by the graphics it looks to maybe be one of those Chinatown originals. don't knock those funny recent imports, they can be good - sometimes. Basically, you match up shapes, and on the upper levels you have a little helper who stands on the blocks and sends the matching block where you want it to go.
166 Back to Future I had a feeling, this is LJN (shudder's) Back to the Future game. Basically the one where Marty has to sprint down the street running from hula girls and guys throwing tic tacts at him while he collects clocks. Though it looks more like the graphics have been altered from clocks to something resembling Moses's stone tablet. So someone tried to make this inso a religious game perhaps. "And on the 7th day, Doc said "Let my People Go!".
167 Gradius Now this was a lovely discovery, finding out that Gradius was on here, and I had forgotten what the name of this game was. I used to play this a lot when I worked at NOA (Yep, the big N, NIntendo of America - back in 2007). I would go into the breakroom and play this on an arcade cabinet they hade in there. Usually I played this, Donkey Kong Jr. and Super R-Type the most. This is probably one of my faovrite finds on this whole system.
168 Hokuto No Ken Weird Ninja/Tai Kwan Do/Judo/Kung-Fu game with a bunch of other flat-like looking sprites throwing stars at you and sliding on their legs at speeds so fast they should be disintegrating into Skeletons. Kind of boring, the background repeats, and what the hell is that wall made out of - parts from the Pyramid Game? Is that how they pack these goofey Famiclones? Snag the sprite tables off of other games? Is that why the graphics are messed up on some of these?
169 King Knight Oh lord, basically it's that horrid schmup RPG thing I borrowed from my ol' buddy William back around 1997 or so. I thought it would be like Dragon Warrior, turns out it was more like a Ikari Warriors with dime store Dragon Quest rip-off characters. Not one of my faovite games, that's for sure. King's Knight was one of the games that almost tanked Square IIRC before they made Final Fantasy - which basically saved the company.
170 Kickey Mouse Aka. Mickey Mousecapade. I remember this one, I borrowed it from my bro-in-law Andrew and played it quite a bit. THis game is weird, and kind of creepy TBH. Everything is so goofily animated that it looks like you're being attacked by something from a lost Five Nights at Freddy's minigame. Seriously, that crocodile is Jumpscare worthy enough, not to mention that Cat Miniboss. I actually played a lot of this one, almost as much as Super Mario Bros. when I was capturing the screenshot - I think about 12 minutes in total. So it's not a bad game, actually, I kind of like it for it's spook factor and the oddly captive music.
171 New Man Another one of those odd ones I've not quite figured out yet. Another Schmup.
172 Paperboy Good Ole' Paperboy. I suck at this game, but that does not mean I don't enjoy it, actually, my round on the Sup 400-in-1 was a bit better than average considreing how hard I was trying to deliver the papers this go around. Still reminds me of that Captain N episode where the kid Julius had to use mind control ink with help of the N-Team to free up the neighborhood. So this is another one of the good ones.
173 Power Soccer Not a bad little soccer game, the goalies were getting pissed off with me after awhile for my shennanigans and poor controller habits it seems. Basically feels a little like a port of PEle's Soccer for the ATari 2600. You know what would be an awesome soccer game for the NES though? Rudy Rudeboy's Soccer, wioth a soundtrack from The Clash, and a 8-bit Rasta Dub soundtrack. Id' be up for that. And there's a random punk that will headbutt your opponents if you collect a powerup! Now that's the soccer game I want for NES.
174 Quarth Hookay, this is a new one on me. This is like if 1942 and Tetris had a baby. Basically, instead of shooting to blow things up, you are shooting to BUILD things, and then clear lines across the screen so that you can pass on by. Interesting, I'll need to explore this one a little more later when I get somewhat of a better clue to play it.
175 Solomon Aka, Solomon's Key. Now I know why Armake21 raged at this on his channel way back in the day. THis game was frickin' annoying, and getting off that first screen feels like it's impossible. This seems to be another one of the 7/11 game rendals from the 80's that your parents rented because they thought it "looked neat", and then they get mad because you're playing your old NES carts instead of this one all night, because it sucks.
176 Sky Hunter Wow, what a typo. This is, of course, Spy Hunter. Except I think it's running a little too fast ala Super Mario Bros. (game 001 and 314). Kind of hits close to home for me to play this since I had a pretty viral comment on Instagram when some guy drove his Tesla literally into the container on the back of a box truck - like a real life Spy Hunter. Was Elon Musk in there attaching cannons to his Model S?
177 Tiger Heli Basically the 80's late night T&A sex comedy version of Raid on Bungling Bay. "Cooo dude, helicopter, kick ass women, cheesy 80's song (ripps cheesy 80's shred lick)" Yeah, there's probably a dime store Tom Cruise hanging around in there with a cut-rate clone of Callahan from Police Academy as his "partner" (and i mean in more ways than one). HOwever, the helicopter sucks, it's a bad day when your helicopter is getting shot down by Dustbusters that blow golfballs for ammo.
178 Transformers This is the kind of game they only sold in Japan and had an advertisement with a baritone guy in a robot-like voice saying things like 為・蒸委にのわシーユぁ媛のイッニ イ 内若 ェほ逸スグ加ボぇぱ化何 - and then out comes the most impressive robot model you'e ever seen, flying around over an 80's tech grid background, and then.........THIS appears. I played this for about 3 minutes. It's basically pure murder. And by the way, if anyone has an issue with the above, I just put the Monkees Theme song Lyrics into a Japanese Text generator. I don't know it. Maybe someday, I will learn.
179 Wisdom Ladies and gentlemen, and everyone else too - I now present to you a block of pure Chinese original games from Nice Code Software - or NCS as I like to call them. They were based in Xi'an China, may even still be. And they made this game that's basically an educational game for kids. Basically you match blocks into the open spaces on screen (when you finally figure out the controls, took me most of the time on the first puzzle to figure them out. Wisdom is one such game.
180 Moai-Kun This seems more like a legitimate Famicom release from sometime toward the end of the 1980's, around that time where they were probably trying to match up to the NEC PC engine (or TurboGrafix 16 on my turf). I was stupiod and screwed up my entire round of the game playing this, but I'll give it another shot later. It has nice graphics, and it seems farly decent, though your player character can't jump for crap.
181 Castle Excellent Ah yes, I remember playing this on that little B&W Orion TV when I was like, 20ish. THis game was calso called Castlequest. You play some Chibi Poet looking dude with a feather cap, running around a crazy castle looking for keys. I actually to quite like this one, and forgot how good it was to play. Its sort of a Puzzle/Platformer crossover.
182 Bump n Jump Horrid Port of Bump 'n Jump (the best one I ever played was for Intellivision). Basically, the NPCs outright beat the crap out of you within the first couple miles before tearing off into the the sidelines to crach themselves. Not a fan.
183 Angry Bird Another Nice Code Software original. This time they are trying to bring the magic and ecitement of Angry Birds to the Famicom. Seriously, it's not half bad. Could have done better with a more advanced gamengine, better physics, and more sprite tables. But they actually did alright with what they had. It lacks sound other than the same music that plays over and over, but hey, what do you expect with this piece of "sell this to kids younger than age 40" fodder?
184 Aquarium AKA the Tetra Fish Food offical game Chase the CHunk Lagoon, with Creepy Bear and his super boring squarium that features just one fish. Seriously, my EGA Screensaver aquairum for my Compaq Deskpro is more exciting than this is.
185 Arena I'm guessing this is what all the Rogue Knights and Axe Knights from Dragon Warrior are doing when they're at Charlock Castle, beating each other up while one of them drinks too much coffee and gets the jitters before the one on 20 Jousting Tournament. Off-Screen, the Dragonlord is hurling Coconuts and Tubers at the poor caffinated whose forced to suffer this toture of a game.
186 Air Alert Oh, I know what this is, a poor but good looking port of Astroblast for the Atari 2600, better known as AstroSmash for the Intellivisoin. Honestly, Astroblast is the best version of this, go play that instead. However, if someone could optimize the code on this, and do something better than that warping feature that's only good at getting you killed to compensate for a lack of analog controls, then this might actually be a bit less harrowing to play.
187 Awful Rushing (ROFL) - the Title alone is comic gold. It only gets worse once you open it and suddenly you realize that title ain't lying. I mean it's literally a motorcyclist the size of a flea on a street littered with the droppings of a broken Amazon Truck. Awful Rushing indeed, he goes so fast you can hardly control him, but it seems like you have infinite lives because you can just keep going and going and going. Was this an Action 52 Reject?
188 Aimless Like I say in my review of this device, the screen is a little too bright at times for games like this - literally giving some truth to the name. I'm not quite sure what's going on in what looks like some kind of endless and easily lost version of 3D World RUnner meets a Commodore Amiga Demoscene work in progress. Seriously, what's going on, I have a barely visible turret to shoot seagulls with. Maybe they should change the irritating background music that keeps endlessly looping with something by a Flock of Seagulls.
189 Burbles Endless and easily winnable schmup where all you do is drag around a oil bottle that shoots softballs at paratroopers coming out of the sky, some of them are white, some of them are green, who knows what the hell is going on here, all I know is I could have easily kept going for fifteen minutes with my finger on the B turbo button. It's sort of like if there was a game of your grandpa using his Musket to shoot gremlins off the roof.
190 Burrow Explorer Now this one is dumb. It's basically a maze game with enemies you can't do a thing about. You're a little boy with a lanter wearing a yellow scuba suit while you are being chased around a pitch dark maze inhabited by sentient bars of soap.
191 Bugs War I have a feeling this is a Famiclone bootleg version of a game called "Stake YOur Claim" we used to play at school. It just alternates between 2 screens, putting littlturd curls on the other screen when I drop an ant on the grass. So that's where I'm getting the idea. Maybe they are ant-hills, though they also look a bit like apple fritter danishes that stayed in the oven too long.
192 Bomb King Bomb King, where's Leslie Nielsen to do the narration when you need him? Basically it's a thermoglobal nuclear war versoion of Battleship. You just drag your missles on their map and they do the same on yours, unfrly with three cursors on their side I might add. When you drop one on their side, you see a house in a cartooney nuclear wasteland and it shows how close you are to hitting their house. All the fear and terror of the cold war with the Minesweeper-lioke strategy of Battleship, only on your 400-in-1 Surpreme.
193 Baseball New Looks like they tried to port another Intellivison game over to the NES, this time probably the Baseball game. I suck at baseball so I have not a clue what's going on, it just looks like a bunch of little blue and white guys running around on the screen randomly depending on what I do while mashing all of the buttons to make something exciting happen.
194 Bubbles Oooooooooooooooh, who drives in a toilet under the sea? TJHe guy in this game apparently. Seriously, that's what it looks like, you're in a mobile commode on the bottom of the ocean blowing bubles at stuff that's dropping down above you.
195 Cabbonade Basically the Astroblast clone again but this time with more 80's neon REtrowave party looking graphics. It even has the same warp feature to make up fot his console's lack of some kind of analog control to get the right speed of getting to your opponent.
196 Close Quarters Basically a Pallet Swap of Aimless.
197 Coast Guard Basically a port of Canyon Bomber for the Atari 2600 redone for the NES, but minus the Tank Wars like disintegrating ground at the bottom, exchanged for a gradiated sky.
198 Cub Adventure You're a defenseless cub running around a maze made of ice blocks stranged in the middle of the ocean.
199 Depth Bomb Pallet and sprite swap of Bomb King, this time now being the actual Battleship clone game it is intended to be.
200 Devildom Doom You only have two softballs to defend yourself on some weird level of hell build out of legos from Satan's toybox.
201 Diamond War This looks like some kind of crazy hack version of Arkanoid, probably because it is. I read somewhere "Nice Code Software - or NCS as I'm calling them all over this page, hacked a lot of commercial releases to make their own games, usually with repetitive music, limited pallets, performance issues, and the same generic level screens. It's like "Action 52 Part 2 - the CHina Development Chronicles"
202 Dune War Seems like it should be called "dredging across the desert - mile after mile". Because that's most of what you'll be doing until one gun turret turns up to try and ruin your day (and it does a poor job of it I'll add).
203 Firebase Something like a cyberpunk version of Astroblast. ACtually, that's what it seems like the NCS guys came up with making these games - the same four or five game engines, maybe nine at most, and then make multiple games based on them. Now I have to wonder if this is what every famiclone has on it.
204 First Defender Noooo, it's SPACE INVADERS. Literally, it's just regular ole Space Invaders with some kind of generic placeholder sprites that are large, colorful, but not particularly detailed. Sort of lik ea "Fisher Price My First Space Invaders".
205 Five Days You are a soldier on a mission - for five days? Anyway, you are a sniper with some kined of "Toggle" version of a gun turret. For some reason, it only shoots a short distance to the right and all the way across the screen to the left...okay, what genius came up with the sniper rilfe with selective firing distance, I want to know, so I can stove em' in the head if this was not developed as a trojan horse for our enemies.
206 Frantic Mouse You are a paralyzed mouse in a body cast trying to hop on clouds in some kind of acid warped acid trip in a bean garden. I'm not sure how you can call the little guy frantic - he can't even jump left or right, just UP. Who thought this was fun, I've seen LCD KEychain games with more freddom of movement, WTF?
207 Fruit Dish Fruit, ok, dish? Where is this dish? IT looks to me like 2 reject Super Mario pipes sending each other fruit like an RX and TX line on a bloody serial port! They shoulda called this game Fruit Serial! Basically all you do is mash the A button to change to the fuit that matches the one at the bottom to add to the score, and that's about it. But hey, this is a late era game. This falls into the category of "prettier than it is"
208 Gallagant Aka, Firebase II: Firebase goes to the beach, or "Beach Blanket Bombing" - I'm not surewhat else to call this. Gallagant, it's not even in outer space!? Anyway, basically all you do is shoot stuff at sea, are you on a pirate ship, or the wooden nickel docks - nobody knows.
209 Garden War Astroblast if now instead of a asteroid shower apocalypse, now instead you're a giant garden of orange tulips shooting at other bugs.
210 Gate Well, it has gates, gates to move through a maze of multiple enemy thingies that move back and fourth like someone with a bad case of the shits waiting for a open toilet stall. Seriosly, that's all you do. Honestly, I gave up before finding any point or goal to the maze.
211 Hallihoo It looks like Geno the Wizard from Super Mario RPG is on one of the COral Cola islands from STartropics trying to exit a maze full of those yellow construction robots from Mega Man 3. Seriously, what is this? Arizona Maze Wizard?
212 Hexipod New Surprise, yet another Astroblast clone, this time I have to wonder if it's a more recent cash-in on the "Hexbugs" kid's toy robot fad of the last few years. Not sure what the deal is, other than that it's another Astroblast clone, and that's about it. And not a very interesting or impressive one.
213 Hexapod War Not sure what this has to do with Hexapods, just another schmup, like all the other 222 on this little handheld. IT's oThebvious, were on a long dirge of quickly thrown together chinese titles here that probably never made it to a cartridge.
214 Labyrinth Jim Henson & George Lucas' 1987 movie with David Bowie and Jennifer Connely this is not. This is another one of those goofey LCD-Game like titles where I'm not quite sure what's going on. Kind of reminds me of playing Total Recall Acclaim LCD without consulting the instructions on the back of the package.
215 Lunarian Just how many variations of AstroSmash or Astroblast are they going to put on here? Actually, does anyone else find it funny that there is a lot of Famiclone China exclusives from Nice Code on here that seem to be trying to be some kind of Intellivision Game circa 1982?
216 Mad Xmas I've seen this one on one of Jontron's videos. Basically, Santa Claus, your god, is angry and now will toss toys and presents and bolts from the heavens at you from his pending and somewhat omninous blizzard. So how do you catch these things? You pull your pants open in front and drop them in? IS this some kind of sicko thing? Seriously. I'm not letting random objects fall in my pants where my biological power tools are.
217 Motoboat Another straight track game with more speed than manueverability. It's like the top down view levels from Bigfoot on crack, or some kind of Troma version of Micro Machines. This time you're in a speedboat (piloted by a couple of Wackos mind you), flying down a river, River Raid style, avoiding obstacles for only who knows what reason (on a mission from god?).
218 Panzer Attackv Basically you're a tank in a room with three gargantuan Monoliths with guns, and you have to blow the turrets off all three to progress to the next level. Is it just me or does it seem these "exclusives" seem to have some pretty simple premise.
219 Penta Base Continuing with the wackiness, here's one called Penta Base? So apparently you have a turret with 5 positions in the shape of a pentagram (though I'd rather call it 5-lug pattern being a car guy myself), so crappy aiming to begin with. The turret can only shoot a short distance from the 1 o' clock position, but just fine from all of the others. And what in the temple of set and all that's witchcraft are you aiming for? PIGS! Seriously, this thing needs a Black Sabbath soundtrack anda darker pallet than that mid-desert oasis ice cream shop look!
220 Pobble Seeing this I thought we'd have have an actual retro title revolving around those little furry stuffed animals from the 80's that could fold up into a ball (Pop goes the Pobble? Anyone remember that?). Nope, just another overhead driving/boating/flying game of some kind, if you can even call it a game. Heck, Pen and Teller's Desert Bus has more of a premise than this does! Even CRAZY BUS has more of a premise.
221 Polar Bat Not sure what this has to do with bats. From hat I can make out you're a Bear? in a gothic mansion, with a room with multiple fireplaces that spawn creatures to shoot at with a bow and arrow!?!? What is this, Five Nights at Freddy's the Urbex Robot Chronicles (shhh...don't give Scott any new ideas!!). Maybe that's a bat that flies across the room randomly and tries to poop on you? I dunno, and lookout because there's more reskins of this game on here - just like the top down pointless "driving" reskins.
222 Ruralgoblin Well, it looks Rural, sort of in that Easter Bunny Lattice basket style. But a goblin - this is just whack-a-mole with what looks like a stuffed animal from a Bob's Burgers episode. Seriously, all they need is the melted toilet goblin and that singing spider and Louise in here and you'd basically have a Bob's Burgers episode. Maybe this is something you could play at Mr. Fishoder's Wharf. All in all though, it's just a NES game of Whack-A-Mole and not much else. Still pretty fun though.
223 Robot Basically another "what the heck am I doing" reskin of Labyrinth. This time you're a robot. I'm starting to be convinced these guys just have a in-house "E-Z Famicom Game Creator" software where you just draw some pixel art and out it spits a "new" game using a pre-programmed engine and that's about it. This one sucks, as there's no obvious direction to it. I just found myself randomly mashing buttons - like I do when I play Street Fighter - but I have a better chance of winning Street Fighter than this.
224 Season Garden What does this have to do with gardening? Unless it's unethically dealing with a mole problem (hint hint). Yep, another whack-a-mole game. By this point it was starting to come back to me that I have seen screenshots for some of this stuff on the back of other famiclone hardware of various types - including those random plug'n'play controllers with a cartridge slot for famicom carts on the bottom. Basically, smack moles, jewels, and other random stuff, for high score. Basic stuff.
225 Shrew Mouse And now the third or fourth version of "Snake" on this handheld. I think from about 240 onward they were running out of ideas. Basically, it's yoou against 2 computer controlled snakes on screen, which basically you die, then the computer just spins it's snakes in neat little loops until one runs out of space. So it seems more the point is you'll most likely not win, but you will screw it up for one of the Computer's 2 players.
226 Snowball This is basically Warehouse Boy but now you're a snowman shoving around snowballs in a icy labyrinth. A good way to lazily kill time. One of the better "exclusives" on this handheld.
227 Star Fighter Surprise, surprise, an another Astrosmash/AstroBlast clone for the Famicom on this thing. Not much unlike a bunch of the others on this list of pretty much every title on the system.
228 Strafe Basically a re-skinned "Penta Base" where you shoot at Dragon quest Slimes with all sorts of creepy deformations and genetic mishaps with again, another crappy turret that works on rotary switch logic, and has selective velocity for it's projectiles based upon direction. Basically a re-skinned "Penta Base" where you shoot at Dragon quest Slimes with all sorts of creepy deformations and genetic mishaps with again, another crappy turret that works on rotary switch logic, and has selective velocity for it's projectiles based upon direction.
229 Small Dinosaur Another one of those games like Fruit Pig or Mad Santa where something is throwing things down from the sky, and only a few of them can do any harm. Basically, you have a baby in a backhoe bucket at the top of the screen throwing food at you down below, and I think some of this fruit contains explosives that blow your small dinosaur up. However, there's a bit of a interesting twist to this one, as he eats, he gets FATTER. That's right, the dinosaur gains weight the more food he eats. I did not see this happen in the other games. So I guess it makes more sense than Briggs & Stratton Pig or Santa's Temper Tantrum does!
230 Silent Hunter I'm guessing this is Nice Code attempting something similar to 688 Attack Sub or Silent Service? Basically, you look around with your periscope, find the enemy, navigate to them, and then attack. I have to hand it to them, they have the ability to make good games, but like your teenage son on a math test, you know he's just phoning it in to call it done so he can waste more time on his Sup 400-in-1 playing this trash.
231 The Archer A Ren. Fair reskin of Polar Bat, except now you're some kind of medevil archer in a room with bats that poo on you while your main goal is to avoid and kill of Lakitu's creepy Easter Island faced cousin who keeps throwing spiny snowballs at you. If you blow up all three fireplaces, you can exit to the next level.
232 Twin Cards Card matching game....not much else to say here. Basically all you do is match cards before the timer runs out and then go to the next round....I really have to wonder why they did not just add more c-list NES titles here that should have been AAA, like, I dunno, Krazy Kreatures, or heck, is there even a way to get Dragon Quest on this thing? Even in Chinese?
233 Undersea Arena Surprise, another Battleship reskin where you basically choose a tile, then it shows some kind of stereotype background of a war, then you choose another tile. I'm surprised how much they milked this particular engine, especially since it plays as twice the speed as a regular Battleship tabletop boardgame does!
234 Warrior Now we're just running out of titles AND games. The oh-so-creatively named "Warrior" is actually just Night Stalker for the Intellivision! Seriously - I used to OWN an Intellivision (2002-2017), with a copy of Night Stalker CIB. The only difference is this looks more like the Troma Films version of Night Stalker, some man in a foam suit with a cap gun, and probably some nuclear Waste shy of "Nukem HIgh: The Video Game".
235 Abscondee This looks like if Sierra's "The Incredible Machine" had a few too many. Basically, you're some guy running around a maze with some situational doors and some random propellers that spin up at random. Seriously, WHO puts a frigin propeller in the middle of a room for no reason? Is this guy trying to traverse the company HVAC or something? And the title is hilarious, Abscondee, I get it, he wants to "get something" - but what is the protagonist Absconding with? His sanity? All of his limbs in tact (bloody propellers)? My sanity?
236 Aether Cruiser Another one of the "We copied an old Atari game and tried to make it our own" - this time would be Outer Space for the Atari 2600, the third game for the 2600, meaning a 1977 title, meaning, this was probably cool to someone in 1978 with "MOving in Stereo" on on the turntable for background music, and blocky graphics, but not something that was made in, oh say, 2004, for a platform already 2 decades old.
237 Aim Cruise Aim Cruise is another Schmup that looks like something designed for little kids - bright colors, simple sprites, am I playing a NES/Famicom game, or some kind of weirdo late Atari 2600 release. Not a bad game, but it gets boring quickly.
238 Animal Contest Now this one is plain dumb! I admit to having seen this one on one of Jontron's videos. Basically you have to guess which animal is the heavier animal, but it seems moree like your braindead alcoholic uncle rattling off baseball statistics for no good reason while everyone else tries to have a family conversation (probably about his impending trip to Hospice or the funny farm). Anyway, stupid game, stupid premise, and not fun at all.
239 Blocks World This is like "Tetris for Nitwits", basically you take the deformed Tetris pieces in the right hand pane, and put the shapes together on the left hand pane until the timer runs out. We already had this on this unit once or twice before.
240 Bug Catcher What in Castlevania is going on here!?!? You're some kind of tentacl sasquatch monster in the woods at night, shooting at bugs at the top of the screen. Ah yes, another Space Invaders/Astrosmash variant. Seriously, schmups must be some of the easiest games to make given there are so many of them. The sad part though is it takes some REAL effort to make a GOOD one.
241 Busy Bar Aka, Tapper III: Slow Night. Basically, you're a barkeeper who has to throw one of four beverages at your two lone customers (how are you staying in business pal!?!?), Honestly, I don't even think it matters what you send since the indication on WHAT to send is nont as clear as the screenshot may communicate. Most of the time the patrons just sit there, looking at you weird, while the BARKEEP HIMSELF starts getting thought balloons for his own drinks? Maybe a good title for this should have been Alcholic Barkeep? I dunno.
242 Candy Workshop Who can take Atari Games? And Make Them Really Poor? Put them on some hardware from the eighties on a single chip to make entertainment for the poor and bored? The famiclone....the famicone can....the famiclone can cause it steals real old ideas and makes them all seem cheap! Basically this is Pressure Cooker by Activision (a great 2600 game), ported to the NES, and turned into a Candy Factory. Basically a poor port of "Pressure Cooker" for the NES/Famicom.
243 Contest Basically Space War for the Famicom. Though it's a little hard to make out any further than this.
244 Cookie Labyrinth So another Maze game with minor hazards, except now you hav to collect all the cookies to exit. At least it makes more sense than some of the other ones I've seen on there, and does not contain any randomally triggered propellers.
245 Crystal Blast Basically Canyon Bomber for the 2600, for the famicom, for little kids. Basically a cartoon plane bombs golden orbs and diamonds at the bottom of the screen.
246 Deformable Looks like Bill Gates "Donkey.BAS" ported to the Famicom, or like 2600 Street Racer ported (badly) to the Famicom. Either way, not fun, another one of those straight track games with obstacles put in cheap spots to make the game artificially "harder"
247 Dejiectile This one is surprisingly a good little Bomberman clone, in some ways it may even be BETTER than Bomberman. I had some fun playing this one, so it goes to show you not all of these Nice Code games are bad, some of them can be quite good.
248 Egg Contest Basically another 2600 game ported to Famicom, in this case, Eggomania. In Eggomania, you played a bear with a bedpan on his head to catch eggs dropped by a bird above. In Egg Contest, a bird drops eggs onto conveyor belts,s and some of those eggs make it to the left side of the screen where you can and need to catch them so as not to lose, and get a high score.
249 Escapeway What were they on when they created this? You're a stack of robotic heads that runs through Kirby's Dreamland with wreckless abandon, where random parts of the scenery try to harm you. No weapons, no power ups, that's all you do is run as a set of disembodied robot heads, just wandering the world at warp speed.
250 Fairs Treasure Fairy's Treasure is a game you can play by just sitting there and holding the Turbo A button the whole time, and never lose. Basically, it's one of those "let's look busy (without actually being so)" Famiclone exclusives. Basically, Pit's deformed cousin flies down to grab rocks, gems, anything else not nailed down,and bring them up to the top of the screen for a score.
251 Falling Blocks Aka. Deformed Tetris. A game of tetris that puts you at an unfair advantage by giving you two more shapes - one horrid THREE block variant that alternates the blocks, and another FOUR block variant that you can't help but leave a nice 2 block gap with. Seriously, someone here was really reaching for something, anything, even remotely CLOSE to original - I know, let's f*** up the shapes tables for Tetris and call it "Falling Blocks" - it'll be the smash-hit of the Bodega Hut Famiclone scene!
252 Fated Pirate Aka "Pirate Battleship (Gone Stupid)" you are in a boat with un-obvious movement shooting at other ships while other ships shoot at you. It's sort of like if they took the Battle Ship game and decided to make it a one-screen action RPG instead, like a one-screen Zelda (Zelda Escape Rooms?).
253 Final Blood Final Blood - Aka Glitched Battlezone Rip-Off is a game where you pilot a tank, and finding your enemies is not all that hard, because they break the ether and the space time continuum by having giant black boxes around them taking up about 65.27513259% of the screen space - so it's easy to tell when the enemy is nearby, because the background is not there with you!
254 Fish Story Aka. Aquarium the Video Game - basically, you run around as a fish, eating other fish that someone has poorly selected to live in your aquarium, while avoiding other fish that some moron also put in your aquarium. I think this one should have been called "Pretty Scenery" because that's pretty much all it is, some nice 8-bit Aquarium Graphics and not much else.
255 Fling Ball Okay, we've seen some weird stuff Aquarium with it's own fish-eat-fish ecosystem, a Battlezone clone where we must save the planet from a reality destroying Military, feeding a dinosaur till he's too fat to eat, Santa having a temper tantrum and appearing in the skies like the "Jaws Guy" in the Monkee Movie...but THIS takes the cake. I'm honestly speechless...what the heck is going on? It says to attack by clicking on the tiles in back, then you click on a tile, and the robot on screen spazzes out like he's got some serious health problems. What is going on here? Some kind of wacky Chinese game show where you attack a robot (and he attacks you) using pictograms? And why does the robot freak out like he's about to crap himself? Is that where the bolts in Mad Santa come from? Robot excrement?
256 Forest Adventuref Ever wondered where the music for The Sup 400-in-1 language selection screen came from? Well look no further because here it is, and it just loops it, over an over. As for the game, you play one of those overweight ferrets from some children's book trying to traverse a swamp. I'm guessing this is Bayou Billy's day off and Amos Moses got rid of all the aligators. A bit of a jovial soundtrack for someone basically (and shadily) jumping platforms over the swamp.
257 Fruit Gift When I first saw this I thought "A Fruit Slot Machine, how lame", but no, it's worse! You have to sit there and WAIT for one of the two rollers on this demented slot machine from hell to match up with the fruit you've been given, and then put it into the matching slow. I'm guessing this is like sweat shop training for Chinese kids? I dunno, stupid game.
258 Ghost Castle This looks like a re-skin of Spiderman (because it is), basically you just run around fighting ghosts as some other character. Not much else to say, we already covered Spiderman. That was lame, so is this.
259 Golden Bird This is like a creepy version of Mappy where you have to open all the windows to free all the golden birds while the cast from Splatterhouse or the Horks from the Hork PIt from Dragon Warrior II chase you around. Not too shabby.
260 Greeds Another snake clone. At least they did not try to clone "Pursuit of Greed" from DOS thankfully. Seriously, how many variations of Snake can you make? Mario Snake? The Longest Turd? Drawn Out With a Pencil? Seriously, I think we have enough Snake games on here. What's next, Nokia 1100 simulator?
261 Hammer and Nail Okay, I kind of like this one because of how demented it is. Basically, you are a hammer, and you have a battlefield full of nails, and the nails sometimes like to wander over holes in the ground, and it's your job to hammer those nails into the holes in the ground when they walk over them. This looks like a Tim Allen fever Dream! WTH!?!? And the Spastic Animations make it all the more hilarious.
262 Happy Match Happy match? More like BORING MATCH! Another memory match card game. Christ, they could have just setup a Stack pointer to the Super Mario Bros. 3 ROM and we would have had a better card game (not to mention a way to learn the card patterns to get all the sweet power-ups in one go). Basically, you match cards, and then you win. Okay, anything else - nope - booooooring!
263 Ice Ocean Basically, Ariel on a freezing cold winter day wants to break the ice - literally - in a game that is part Space Invaders, part Breakout, and part....I dunno what the heck it is. I'm sure it appears elsewhere on some kind of pink and purple seashell shaped game console aimed at little girls by chance.
264 IQ Champion IQ Champion? With a title like this, I at least expected a digital form of the Olsat Achievement Test we had when I was in school. Nope, this is worse - it's basically the most boring Space Invaders. They should have called it IQ=3 - because you're just some dumb kid in an empty field pretending to be blowing up what look like lightning bugs in the daytime.
265 Island Aka, what I call the "Evil Impatient Egg People of Cross Island". Basically, you are Pac-Man's bipedal cousin, and you're stranded on an island where alien eggs are dropped for disposal - kind of like British PRisonoers prior to OZ's founding - except British prisoners can create a society, these guys cannot. Instead, they drop down, and you're supposed to knock em' off into the ocean before they all spawn, but they spawn before you can even get more than maybe TWO off the island.
266 Jump Jump Aka, Garfield goes to Super Mario Bros 2. Level 3-1 - over and over and over again. Garfield must scale a waterfall for reasons unknown? Maybe this is a multiverse where Mount Hana Newie Louie Blah went off and John didn't rent the 57' Chevy so the ghost of the Cruiser could take his survivor car back into the volcano? I dunno. Pretty silly platformer.
267 Jumping Kid All I can make out is you are a kid at a circus. This game is like an Action 52 Reject! Seriously, it's just an inch from Ooze or the Cheetahmen. Not fun, skip this one.
268 Lighting So they took "Deformable" and turned it into a Grease themed game. Drive your 1950's hot rod down a road against another 1950's hot rod with some of the cheapest-laid-out obstacles in video game history.
269 Little Witch Basically, you're a witch on a broom, in some kind of wacko Defender Clone. Looks like you're flying over the surf of California. Seriously, sas Surfin' Witch a Trashmen song or something?
270 Magic Egg It's Contra's FPS sections, but instead of FPS, you're really just an attendant for the Wonkavator for Chicken Eggs, and some goon straight out of a kid's Japanese cartoon show steals the eggs if you don't shoot em' first. What's the point? Nobody knows! Is it Fun, nope! Is it seriously f***ed up? Yep!
271 Man in Red When I saw the title I was expecting Santa Claus not some poor bored soldier in the middle of the Desert shooting at the rock band Journey in their magic Scarabs. What did they do? E534P3? Got to stop their Departure? Did they make an Evolution mistake? Raised too much hell on the Radio? Or maybe this is that new Frontier that Steve Perry sang about?
272 Meccano And just when I thought this handheld could not dish out anything more immature than matching up blocks with shapes - then we get THIS. Seriously, YOu just match up basic shapes to shapes on the screen. Someone really has sa hilariously bad ROM Horde in china. Just sayin!
273 Mirroe Frank Zappa's golden ghost has brought the great penguin to the hall of calamity to have an epic losing Boss Battle. And BTW, Frank stole Alice Cooper's makeup.
274 Mouse Snare They should have just called it Minesweeper - because that's ALL this is. Not a bad game, just false advertising. With a title like Mouse Snare, I was expecting something more like Mouse Trap or at least Crystal Castles. Nope, we got MINESWEEPER, the Windows 3.1 smash hit productivity waster of the late 80's and early 1990's if your company even had a computer that had Windows on it (most did not).
275 Mouse Hero I'm guessing this was made the same week as Mouse Snare, known as "Week of the Mouse" or something like that. So now you're 2 mice carrying one of those suicide jumper trempolines, and you're bouncing cats, other mice, and bombs tossed off the roof by what looks like a billy goat? I think someone should check the Nice Code coffee machines because I think they need a SERIOUS descaling. I think there are some real uh "secret ingredients" being added by someone at the office for them to come up with something this insane!
276 Mowing Oh, I know this game, it's also known as "Lawn Mower Simulator" by Christopher D. Orr, for DOS, in 1987. Basically, mow the whole lawn and then ?? I's like a broken version of Orr's game with better graphics. I shoved that rear bag Monkey Wards all over the yard looking for the toolshed, and never found it, maybe We'll explore this one on video a little more in depth someday.
277 Nut Cracky You're a Nut Cracker set out to rescue a dollie from mice. You also have ammunition boxes all over the screen to get ammp from to shoot the mice with. I guess I got to hand it to them for a cohesive plot, and playing just bbarely better than a Tiger LCD game.
278 Crystal Ball Basically you're a ball, in a maze full of balls, avoiding statically running balls with single plane paths. I would love to joke that this looks like a Tommy Shaw fever dream, but naw, this looks more like a Tommy The Who Fever Dream.
279 Police Dog Lasy First off, there's no police in the game, the police is IMPLIED, secondly, that's NOT how you spell "LASSIE" - maybe Police Dog "Lazy" considering this dog wanders the screen at the speed of a slug on valium. Basically, some Hanna Barbara criminal hides a bunch of random s*** on screen, and then you have to guide "Lasy" to them to dig up for points. Seriously, you can play this game in real life with a real dog, it's called "sniffin for shit" and then the dog digs up a dead squirrel!
280 Police vs. Thief Aka, a slightly more understandable version of Brush Roller. Basically, your a cop, and the other guy is the bad guy, and then you just chase him around endlessly till you get bored and hit the reset button.
281 PongPong I seriously thought this was going to be some kind of f***ed up Pong clone. Nope, it's worse, 2 tanks on screen that can fall down an HVAC pipe in each ocorner to respon. This is more like "Chidlrens Toy Day" or "HVAC Combat". Nice grahics, I think it actually played alright so it could be fun. This was about the time I started really rushing the production of this page because my wife was getting sick of me spending 20 minutes capturing game footage to capture screenshots to put on this browser breaking webpage!
282 Power Robot Power Robot? How about the "$1 Man" or "Dollar Store Man". I mean, here we have a robot that can't walk at all, but it can bounce UPWARD, and LEAN. To make it worse the platforms are all rando, and nothing does what it should. Highly unplayable.
283 Pulveration Fun if you want to destroy stuff and don't want the mind-disturbing carnage that comes with it. I actually had fun tearing the crap out ofall of the scenery. Not sure what the plot or point is, but oone of the better ones. Quite colorful as well.
284 Rabbit Village Puyo Puyo except now you're saving scared rabbits from a flaming....uh....ground, using one of those 1970's Egg Chairs attached to a rope n' pully setup. To add to it, you have to pull em' up when the wolf is away, or he runs off with the bunny.
285 River Jump Horrible horrible it's hilarious. Apparently, we are adult Elmo, and he has to jump across a stream of random characters. As if Elmo was not disturbing enough on his own, now they had to create this, and he just waves the whole time. And there's no way you can lose because if you jump at the wrong time, he just jumps back. "Emmo help! Emmo hep git play'r cross da screen!"
286 Seaport Guarl Seaport Guarl.....uh, Guarl?Girl?Guard. I think the English Language has officially crashed and needs to be restarted! Basically, you're a tank on a sea port shooting at gun turrets on a shop. Blow em' all out and win. Not much else to say about this one.
287 Seawolf Sea Wolf is basically Battlezone on the high seas. That's about it.
288 Space Base Oh look, another static turning turret with selective velocity, and this time it looks more messed up. Apparently you are shooting at traffic cones in a black void. Okay, I guess the Planet Pylon had an evacuation to survive an Exthinction Event
289 Spiderman 2 At first, I got excited because it looked like a really nice NES port of Spider Man for the 2600, a game I quite well like. Then I played it and it's a buggy, crappy game where Spider Man fights a giant Spider. I'm guessing a black widow was ticked off at ol' Spidey for getting all the fame?
290 Spiderman 1 I swear this was a repeat. Probably should look through this list again and delete this screenshot (done 2/4/2024). Basically, you jump up and down the screen throwing your webbing at enemies.
291 Springworld Basically a world filled with projectiles and springs, it's like that ball game I did my best not to make any STYX jokes about, just reskinned and made slightly less as crappy looking.
292 Star
Aka, fight on the background from Super Mario RPG Demade into a NES title. Seriously though, what the heck am I doing, a falling star consuming other stars (dies), should I try and touch this thing (dies), touch another ting (dies) - I know, let's call this one Star Death and move on ~ NEXT GAME!!
293 Submarine Basically, it's Depth Charge for BASIC for the NES, drop missiles on Submarines below, and that's it. Except Depth Charge was far more entertaining and hilarious as it looked like something really absurd - WordPerfect 5.1 decided to go on break and do it's own thing for awhile - but this is just sad.
294 Throughman Through Man!?!? Those of you with dirty minds are working over time. Basically, this cut-rate superman in his own Barnstorming clone, with poor controls, pukey pallet, and no premise whatsoever. I'd call it Shiloh's Skyward Slalom
295 Toy Factory Toy Factory? Basically random toys fall onto the conveyor, which you can control, and then I suppose you do something with the buckets below, something you need a MANUAL for - no, not a kid named Manuel, a frickin Manual, as in RTFM! That's one of the biggest problem with some of these games is just the basic fact there's no manual for them.
296 Utmost Warfare Utmost Warfare? For sure, the warfare is so utmost I died in 15 seconds because I did not know what was going on.
297 Vigilant A fairly decent little Gradius clone, so there are some diamonds in this very very very rough part of the list.
298 War Zone Basically, you fly a helicopter, and deploy soldiers who blow the bases up at the top of the screen up. Another one of those "just press A (Turbo) and let the game do the rest" titles.
299 Water Pipe Aka Pipe Dream, aka Water Works. Basically, you're given a water source, and a drain, and you use randomly generated pipes to complete the plumbing before the timer runs out. It's a bit easier than Pipe Dream, but still, I think Water Works - the card game - was the best for having a storage case that looks like a chopped up bathtub, and little copper wrenches!
300 Wild Worm You're a worm roaming around a field, with the Fun Fruit creepo tree watching over eeverything. You have to look out though because those godd**n murder hornets like to fly by and sting you every few rounds, and they are bloody ruthless! Does not help your worm moves like a 73 year old diabetic on Morphine and a bad ankle!
301 Wonderball Does anyone have a clue what is going on here? Seriously, this is like that weird voodoo doll game earlier in the list where I just press B and win! Were some of the games on this thing from the "Worlds Worst (for the owners) Casino Games Collection"?
302 Lumination What does racing down a boring straightaway with cheaply placed obstacles have to do with "lumination"? Seriously, I see no lighting, it's not night time. If at least they 'd added HEADLIGHTS to the mix we'd have something slightly different from oh say...the five or seven other games on this list that use this same engine and same play style!
303 Climbing Okay, this is one of the better ones, though the clouds hilarirously glitch out, LOL. In Climbing, you are some kid climbing a structure with doorways and windows that catch on fire. It's actually got some challenge to it, and is fun-ish.
304 SeaMaid Sea Maid is a totally broken game that is totally unplayable. You're apparently a female scuba diver in a sea that shows what's below above you until you reach the bottom. As such, the clipping rectangles and obstacles are largely invisible or in places they should not be. Totally unplayable. Shows that they just threw these ROMs on here without testing them.
305 Strong Pill Really funny when the game is named after the thing the creator created it after taking! In Strong Pill, it's yet another port of Warehouse eBoy aka Snowball aka "shove things around and win" games.
306 Apple Chess It's Freakin' Reversie from Windows 1.0-3.0! That's, there's not even an Apple. I'm guessing they put a bunch of random words in a hat and then pulled em out till they got a sentence that just barely resembles a title?
307 Fishwar Okay, here's one that's actually pretty good, not as good as the source material, but good enough. It's basically Bubble Bobble, Joust, or SASA Astro Robo as a fish game. Pretty good actually considering the tremendous amount of dung in this section of the games list.
308 Puzzle Need a New Screenshot for this one - this is Shot Put
309 Shot Put Horrible Shot Put Game that's really hard to control. They did a fairly good job on this one, except the control are weird.
310 Orchard You are some kind of boogerbear redneck in the woods shooting at bugs above what I suppose is an orchard, but just looks like a clearing in the forest. Maybe it's some moron from the city who partook in "something" and went to the woods, now he thinks there are beetles made of vacuum tubes trying to attack him? I dunno.
311 Move Box Looks like Warehouse Boy got a second job working the Scales. This game has a really weird interface, like something from Windows. I'm guessing this is more minor sweatshop training games?
312 Trooper This game reminds me of that hilariously bad 'juana farmer game for DOS from a million years ago, minus the hilariously bad reggae dub music that sounds like a cross between The Clash accidentially drinking the spiked punch at a Punk Rock gathering till they can hardly play, or some guy just randomly chanting over a malfunctioning leaf blower.
313 Goblet Tower Basically Move Box with a different pallet and different sprites. You shuffle wine glasses between platters - why? Who knows. Someone's wife is getting angry, and mine is getting annoyed at this point with all this insanity of creating a browser destroying webpage for what mostly is a bunch of atrocities.
314 Super Mario
(REPEAT)And here is where the repeats really begin. Obviously, we're back to square 1, about 314 games in, and we're getting the same titles over again, this being Super Mario Bros. But I guess it's better than the 999999-in-1 Famicom cartridge (which I may also begin writing about after the new year if it turns up in any lots of Famicom games I'm going to dig through, as that's my next funtime mess-around is likely going to be Famicom carts). Again, same game, 36 Levels of Mushroom Kingdom madness to save the princess. I will expand if anything turns up different, but sometimes, repeats are not any different from the previous - likely just a pointer in the code points to the same place in memory to make it APPEAR there are 400 games, but there probably is not.
315 Mario 14
(REPEAT)Again, it's just Kid Nikki with Mario sprites hacked into it. I have to wonder if this started off as a regular NES ROM Hack that somehow got uploaded to the internet (like my misguided attempt to update Dragon Warrior I to use Dragon Warrior II's Sprite Set, which I see turn up occasionally on various YouTube Let's Plays - yeah, I lay claim to that accident that people think is the official ROM, either that or I did indeed get hacked when I had Windows 98 and someone released it as the "official" ROM - who knows). Either way, it's kind of hilarious, almost makes me think of an alternate universe where Mario was a tie-in with a Sushi or some kind of rice brand in Japan, and he's really fighting off turtles with his oversized chopstick. Sort of like the whole Homer Simpson/Mr. Sparkles thing.
316 Mario 3
(REPEAT)Super Mario Bros. 3, the Japanese release, missing title screen and with blanked out trees in straight green again. If I find any differences, I'll tell you, but it seems all of these repeats just go back to the original spot in memory 1-xx go to. I sometimes have to wonder if this was a legitimate thing they did - not as a "rip off" - but as an actual "service" for the player to get to these games again from another spot in the menu. I.E., you want a game further up in pages 300-312, so it's easier to get to the other popular games ie Pac-Man, and Pinball, by going back one page to 391-400, or if it's just them being lazy, and forgetting to put a different ROM set on here. The sad part is they could have filled this space with some RPG's, I would have loved to put DRagon Quest on there, even if it was in Japanese or Chinese, it would have be hilariously fun to try and beat the game without being able to read, or heck, YouTube it without understandg what's being said, and then daftly making up my own story for it - maybe I'll start doing that now here. I need something to write to fill in the 225 pixels of space next to the picture!
317 Dr Mario
318 Mario Bros
319 Turtles 1
320 Turtles 4
321 Contra 1
322 Contra Forc
323 Contra 7
324 Kage
325 Jackal
326 Rush N attack
327 Adventure Island
328 Adven Island 2
329 Chip Dale 1
330 Chip Dale 3
331 Bubble Bobble 2
332 Snow Bros
333 Mitsume
334 Ninja Gaiden 2
335 Double Dragon 2
336 Double Dragon 3
337 Hot High School
338 Hot Wrestle
339 Robocop
340 Mortal Kombat 4
341 Spider Man
342 10 Yard Fight
343 90 Tank
344 Kage Legend
345 Aladdin 3
346 Antarctic Adven
347 Arabian
348 Balloon Fight
349 Base Ball
350 Binary Land
351 Bird Week
352 Bomber Man
353 Bomb Sweeper
354 Brush Roller
355 Burger Time
356 Chack and Pop
357 Chess
358 Circus Charlie
359 Clu Clu Land
360 Combat
361 Defender
362 Devil World
363 Dig Dug 1
364 Donkey Kong 1 (REPEAT)
365 Donkey Kong 2 (REPEAT)
366 Donkey Kong 3 (REPEAT)
367 Donkey Kong Jr (REPEAT)
368 Door Door (REPEAT)
369 Excite Bike (REPEAT)
370 Exerion (REPEAT)
371 F1 Race (REPEAT)
372 Formazion Z (REPEAT)
373 Front Line (REPEAT)
374 Galaga (REPEAT)
375 Galaxian (REPEAT)
376 Golf (REPEAT)
377 Raid O Bungelingh (REPEAT)
378 Hyper Olympic (REPEAT)
379 Hyper Sports (REPEAT)
380 Ice Climber (REPEAT)
381 Joust (REPEAT)
382 Karateka (REPEAT)
383 Lode Runner (REPEAT)
384 Lunar Ball (REPEAT)
385 Macross (REPEAT)
386 Magic Jewelry (REPEAT)
387 Majong 4P (REPEAT)
388 Mahjong 2P (REPEAT)
389 Mappy (REPEAT)
390 Milk N' Nuts (REPEAT)
391 Millipede (REPEAT)
392 MusicE (REPEAT)
393 Naitou (REPEAT)
394 Nibbles (REPEAT)
395 Ninja 1 (REPEAT)
396 Ninja 3 (REPEAT)
397 Road Fighter (REPEAT)
398 Othello (REPEAT)
399 PacMan (REPEAT)
400 Pin Ball (REPEAT)
As you can see, it repeats at 314 onward starting with Super Mario Bros. and ending with Pinball at 400 (#87 originally). This seems to be a regular practice for these chinese clone consoles. Actually, the real question here, is I have not been able to find the exact same games list for my unit anywhere online, which meant I had to take the extended period of time to compile this entire list of 400 games. That said, a saving grace was I could use the same screenshots for the "repeats" in the list (as well as the same assessments). The inability to find an accurate games list has also made me uestion whether the places making these thinks know what's actually going on the devices they are selling, LOL. Someone here on Neocities commented on how these kooky Famiclones don't have consistant game lists - that's been the nightmare of creating this one, the sheer fact that I would find a list that **mostly** matches that which the console has on it, then find some kind of total trip up like finding Back To the future where Gradius is in the list, or the numbers being off by one or two - this lead me to only being able to do the website on the device itself - so your lists may vary with these Sup 400-in-1 Devices.

It also appears they have avoided anything with a savegame (IE Dragon Quest/Warrior I-IV, Kirby's Adventure, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasay) which would make good titles for their devices but likely run into a tehcnical limitation either by mappers, or having apropriate savegame storage.

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